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$20,000 Guarantee on Our Consult

Your Billing History

Until I talk to you, ask some questions and get some answers, I'm not sure I CAN help you.   Normally, I like to schedule a one hour Zoom call with any new prospect.   During that hour, I'm going to show you what Medicare shows YOUR billing patterns are (which is public information and I have this on every doctor in the country that was billing Medicare Part B in 2016).  I will ask the manager some questions about office policies and I'll ask the doctor medical questions about the type of patients they see, mix of insurance, mix of diagnosis, etc.    During the call, I may pull up the Medicare LCDs or Carrier Policies, depending on the type of services, specialty of practice, etc.    At the end of the call, I'll make specific suggestions (**which follow all regulations, rules and laws)  for YOUR practice.  If YOU believe my advice helps you to the tune of at least $20,000 per year - you pay me $500.  If not - you don't owe me - but you make that decision.   We've done this for hundreds of physicians in the past, and 92% of them have seen increases over $80,000 per year.   You have nothing to lose, but a lot to gain.

(** Note:  To keep our attorneys from going pee pee all over themselves, we notify all that we're only making suggestions that are legal, lawful and within regulations)



$20,000 Guarantee on Our Consult

Your Billing History

Effective Jan 1, 2019, Medicare started paying for telemonitoring (totally different than telemedicine) and they pay REALLY well.

In fact, the average is $118 per month and it only takes your MA about 20 minutes a month to get that.    That is almost 3 times what they pay for Chronic Care Management and every hypertensive or diabetic patient in your practice qualifies for it.

This is why we opened TELECARE-USA in January of 2019 and started renting combination glucose-blood pressure monitors to clinics.  One of the requirements for the new codes is that the physician must PROVIDE the monitor.    So - by using our monitors, the physicians are still averaging almost $70 per month, per patient in net profit.

Call us today at 903 871-1172 and let's talk about this and see why so many physicians from coast to coast are helping their patients while increasing their clinic income substantially.


$20,000 Guarantee on Our Consult

$20,000 Guarantee on Our Consult

$20,000 Guarantee on Our Consult

Don is a medical reimbursement consultant who cares about his clients and will do almost anything to help the client achieve better medical outcomes and increase their practice income.  He will help keep his client profitable and compliant with billing and coding regulations through his medical consulting.  Don has helped thousands of physicians for more than 30 years. 

Most primary care practices (family, internal and geriatric) will easily increase their monthly income by more than $4,000 per month - which many will see more than $7,000 per month after a one hour conference call with Don.

Most physicians are NOT billing for everything they should be.   Don has the CMS data on more than 900,000 physicians in the country and if you schedule a one hour analysis with him, he'll probably point out several things you are doing and not billing, several areas where you may be flagging audits or several ways to find out exactly what Medicare wants you to do - that you're NOT doing now.   Give us a phone call today & schedule it at 903 871-1172

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