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FEB 12, 2020 - - - - Schedule

Wow - this month has been crazy with all of the clinics signing up for our Telecare-USA remote physiologic monitoring.   We also have a trip to Florida & Kentucky planned for the Fort Myers one day Job Fair-Seminars on March 28 and then we'll head up to Orlando and visit Disney and the  AAPC Convention & The National Assn of IPAs in Orlando before heading  to Kentucky.   In Kentucky, we'll be in Paducah for a few days (annual quilt show) and then head back home around the end of April.

In the meantime, you can still schedule a one hour visit with me by clicking on this link:

We are  staying super busy doing our one hour Zoom analysis with clients all over the country.  We spend an hour on these calls with the doctor, manager and biller and at the end of the call - we ask them if that call helped them to increase their annual clinic income by at least $20,000.00 per year.  If they say yes - they pay us for that hour.  If not - they don't owe us a penny.  

In fact, if you want to schedule a one hour Zoom call with us, here is a link to my scheduler, so you can pick a time best for you:



Here is what we normally do when working with an AAPC or PAHCOM chapter.   

1. Your members will publicize the event via email to offices in  your area

2. I  need volunteers to help check people in as they arrive.

3. Your folks publicize the vendor flyer to the local prospective vendors.   I do quite a few breaks during the day for people to visit with the vendors

4. I find a local venue (with your suggestions - preferably a hospital) and I contract to pay the rental if there is one.   I  I guarantee and pay for the venue costs and meals and after all is done, then I mail your chapter a check for 20% of the net profit.   We also arrange for national speakers to present for your group, such as Barbara Cobuzzi CPC, Merrilee Severino CPC, Cyndee Weston CPC, Alicia Scott CPC, Deepa Patel CPC, Leslie Johnson CPC, Pam Kulczar CPC, Marie Popkin CPC, Darcy Roy CPC and others that will be part of the full day seminar in your area.

5. I  create a flyer you email out to members AND non members in your area.   Do NOT make the mistake of thinking this seminar is only for your members or only for coders, as billers, managers and physicians all attend and like it.

6. Folks will register for the event at 

7. We already have the CEUs - so your chapter doesn't have to handle that.


Files coming soon.