January 21st- - - - Schedule

On February 8th, we are teaching a live 5 hour seminar in Tyler, Texas at Portofino's Restaurant.   This 5 hour live webinar, starting at 10am central, will help managers, billers and coders learn what most do not know about.   Too many things are being done incorrectly simply because they've always been done that way.   For instance, doctors let carriers recoup when they don't need to.  They write refund checks when they don't need to.  They let insurance carriers deny services ILLEGALLY, yet they do it out of ignorance.   Too many are not aware of the differences in Medicare's rules and commercial insurance cand think they are parallel - but they are not and this costs the average physician between $40,000 to $60,000 a year.  It costs primary care family physicians between $110,000 to $140,000 a year and that is only a little of what this live seminar will teach.

On February 16th - we're doing a live 5 hour WEBINAR and you can access that on our WEBINARS page.

In March, we will be in Middlebury Indiana to get our RV worked on.

We are talking to the Jasper, Alabama AAPC chapter about a full day seminar the last weekend of April as we are headed towards Florida.

In May, we're doing live full day seminars in NAPLES, MELBOURNE & ORLANDO before heading to GREENVILLE, SC for one there on May 31st.

We are kicking around an idea of going to Napa, California the first week of AUGUST.   



Saturday, May 11, 2019 at NCH Telford Building- Telford Auditorium at 318 7th Street North in Naples  -  Tuition is $150 per person prior if registered in 2018 and $165 per person if registering in 2019.   A Flyer you can print or email is below in the Downloads area - or you can register at our shopping page. 


ON May 31st  (Friday), we'll be teaching a full day seminar at NEXT Innovation Center in Greenville SC on E&M Coding, ERISA, Practice Analytics, 2019 Medicare Changes & More.   Below  is a flyer you can print or email in the Downloads area 


Here is what we normally do when working with an AAPC or PAHCOM chapter.   

1. Your members will publicize the event via email to offices in  your area

2. I  need volunteers to help check people in as they arrive.

3. Your folks publicize the vendor flyer to the local prospective vendors.   I do quite a few breaks during the day for people to visit with the vendors

4. I find a local venue (with your suggestions - preferably a hospital) and I contract to pay the rental if there is one.   I  I guarantee and pay for the venue costs and meals and after all is done, then I mail your chapter a check for 40% of the net profit.

5. I  create a flyer you email out to members.

6. Folks will register for the event at shop.donself.com 

7. It will be your chapter's responsibility to get CEUs from the AAPC.