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Dec 16, 2019 - - - - Schedule

Today, I had  my Ortho doctor replace the Knee (TKA) that he put in my left leg in March of 2017, so I'm writing this from the hospital.      Hopefully, this one will do better than the last one.  IN the meantime, you can still schedule a one hour visit with me by clicking on this link:

We are  staying super busy doing our one hour Zoom analysis with clients all over the country.  We spend an hour on these calls with the doctor, manager and biller and at the end of the call - we ask them if that call helped them to increase their annual clinic income by at least $20,000.00 per year.  If they say yes - they pay us for that hour.  If not - they don't owe us a penny.  

In fact, if you want to schedule a one hour Zoom call with us, here is a link to my scheduler, so you can pick a time best for you:



Here is what we normally do when working with an AAPC or PAHCOM chapter.   

1. Your members will publicize the event via email to offices in  your area

2. I  need volunteers to help check people in as they arrive.

3. Your folks publicize the vendor flyer to the local prospective vendors.   I do quite a few breaks during the day for people to visit with the vendors

4. I find a local venue (with your suggestions - preferably a hospital) and I contract to pay the rental if there is one.   I  I guarantee and pay for the venue costs and meals and after all is done, then I mail your chapter a check for 20% of the net profit.   We also arrange for national speakers to present for your group, such as Barbara Cobuzzi CPC, Merrilee Severino CPC, Cyndee Weston CPC, Alicia Scott CPC, Deepa Patel CPC, Leslie Johnson CPC, Pam Kulczar CPC, Marie Popkin CPC, Darcy Roy CPC and others that will be part of the full day seminar in your area.

5. I  create a flyer you email out to members AND non members in your area.   Do NOT make the mistake of thinking this seminar is only for your members or only for coders, as billers, managers and physicians all attend and like it.

6. Folks will register for the event at 

7. We already have the CEUs - so your chapter doesn't have to handle that.


This is the first of many Tuesday Night Live webinars we're doing with the JFAMC to bring affordable CEUs to folks.

E&M CODING IS SIMPLER THAN YOU THOUGHT.     Too many people make the coding of E&M services complicated or they toss in incorrect information that they want doctors and providers to adhere to.    It really is easy when you teach it the right way.   

This one hour webinar will not only go over the 3 primary components of the E&M visit (history, exam and mdm), but will dispel myths about who can document, what is counted, why it is so important to include rule-out dx in the notes, and more.   We'll also be discussing when TIME makes a huge difference and when it doesn't.  There are instances when time is REQUIRED in the progress note and other times - not required - but helpful.

Don't forget that we have a discount code called STUDENT for those not yet working in this field but studying to become certified, so use it to save 20% on these TNL webinars.



This FREE one hour webinar will be discussing the NCCI edits (used by Medicare and any reputable carrier - in our opinion) and which ones are not using NCCI.  It goes into detail of how important it is that you know what is included in the procedure and what isn't.

We also get a little into MUE and then Global Fee Periods and how the rules for GFP are different from Medicare to commercial carriers.

This free one hour webinar is part of the TUESDAY NIGHT LIVE series we are doing and to help folks obtain the CEUs they need, we will be (from time to time) teaching free sessions on TNL as well as having other speakers on other subjects - such as ASL for the medical office, Professional Development, Modifiers and more.



This one hour (with CEU) on ERISA will teach you what 95% of billers, hospital administrators, office managers, coders, physicians and attorneys do NOT know about ERISA and medical claims. Too often, even attorneys have no clue how  ERISA can stop a carrier from recouping or how ERISA can make a carrier pay when they do not want to.

Most managers, billers and coders do not realize that more than 80% of the commercial insurance claims they file every day ARE claims subject to the federal ERISA law.  They also do not realize that when it is an ERISA claim, the contract or agreement the medical provider or hospital has with the insurance carrier is NOT applicable.   This means the filing period may not be the 90 days you think it is - as the only filing period applicable on an ERISA claim is what is in the patient's policy itself (which is usually 180 days, 1 year or 2 years).    It also means the carrier CANNOT legally come back and take money back from the provider when they later decide they shouldn't have paid on the claim.   

See our ERISA page and you'll see why every person that has attended has had their eyes opened



Folks will be driving from hours away to be at the December 7th seminar sponsored by the Fort Walton Beach AAPC Chapter.  This full day seminar with 8 CEUs from the AAPC and AMBA will be dynamite and includes phenomenal speakers on subjects that everyone is requesting.   You are guaranteed that you WILL learn things that you have NEVER heard before.  This seminar is not designed just for coders or just for billers or even just for office managers - but it's designed for ALL!   CODERS will find things they did not know about coding.    Office Managers WILL find out that what they thought they couldn't bill - they can!  They'll also find out how to stop insurance carriers from recouping and that they do not have to capitulate to the refund demands.   They will find out that the timely filing limits they THINK they have are not applicable on 80% of their commercial insurance claims - in spite of lies told to them by others.   

Billers will learn additional ways they can serve their own clients and ways to pick up new billing clients.   (You're starting to see why these seminars taught this day  are applicable to everyone.

Scroll down and download the flyer for this day so you can see and hear Alicia Scott CPC, Barbara Cobuzzi CPC, Leslie Johnson (AskLeslie) CPC,Pam Kulczar CPC from the JFAMC fame,  Merilee Severino CPC, Marie Popkin CPC, and more.  Oh yeah, Don Self will be teaching as well - and you can ask the speakers questions and get the answers on the spot!