JUNE 4, 2019 - - - - Schedule

In the past month, we've taught seminars in Naples and Cocoa Florida for the Naples and Melbourne AAPC Chapters and they were fun.  Comments like "we've never had this kind of interactive seminar with amazing speakers before" were said by attendees.   

We'll be home for a few weeks in June and then head up to Indiana to pick up the RV, hopefully on up into Michigan to teach a full day seminar there, then over to Olympia Fields Illinois for another full day seminar and work our way west doing full day seminars with JFAMC towards California

We will be in  Napa, California the first week of AUGUST and then on up the coast through Oregon and into Washington and into Vancouver for an  Alaska cruise.  The first week of September, we're looking at doing a full day seminar in Salem, Oregon - and from there - who knows?   If you're interested in us teaching in your city - let us know by sending an email to donself@donself.com  



Here is what we normally do when working with an AAPC or PAHCOM chapter.   

1. Your members will publicize the event via email to offices in  your area

2. I  need volunteers to help check people in as they arrive.

3. Your folks publicize the vendor flyer to the local prospective vendors.   I do quite a few breaks during the day for people to visit with the vendors

4. I find a local venue (with your suggestions - preferably a hospital) and I contract to pay the rental if there is one.   I  I guarantee and pay for the venue costs and meals and after all is done, then I mail your chapter a check for 20% of the net profit.   We also arrange for national speakers to present for your group, such as Barbara Cobuzzi CPC, Merrilee Severino CPC, Cyndee Weston CPC, Alicia Scott CPC, Deepa Patel CPC, Leslie Johnson CPC, Pam Kulczar CPC, Marie Popkin CPC, Darcy Roy CPC and others that will be part of the full day seminar in your area.

5. I  create a flyer you email out to members.  

6. Folks will register for the event at shop.donself.com 

7. It will be your chapter's responsibility to get CEUs from the AAPC.  


Files coming soon.