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"I liked the whole seminar - very informative" Julie Dillow, CPC, Multi-specialty, Chanute


"Speaker very knowledgeable - provided alot of helpful info" Staci Page, Coder, Chanute  


"Very informative, interesting & well presented" Cindy Hutton, Director, Multi-spec., Chanute 


"Good seminar" Karen King, Clinic Director, Multi., Chanute 


"Something applied to everyone" Jennifer Stinnett, Coder, Radiology, Edwardsville 


"It goes without saying your website has helped thousands of in house billers, billing companies, consultants, auditor’s, and providers. So many places on the internet are NOT the best source and NOT very reliable. BUT, DON SELF only speaks (writes) the most on truth and can be verified to be so. It is verified with the additional MONEY coming to the provider!    Thank you Don for the hours you and your family do put in to provide all this!  

- - PEOPLE, Don't go by my opinion - call him - ask what he can do for your practice and you will be amazed!  Marilyn Ollarzabal, Garden City


"Good humor factor" Regina Nicolay, CPC, Compliance, Multi., Kansas City

"Good info for new coders/managers" Barbara McCollum, Clinic Mgr, OB/GYN, Kansas City 

"Good ideas" Donata Ettinger, Recept., Orthopedics, Kansas City 

"Never once got sleepy - definitely good" Maureen Grigsby, Compliance, Multi., Kansas City 

"Great variety in subject matter" Sarah B. Daniel, Auditor, Kansas City 

"I liked the speaker the best" Linda S. Wood, Compliance, Multi., Kansas City

"Very informative" Desire' Eisman, Compliance, Multi., Kansas City 

"I love the way in which it was presented" Marie J. Davis, CPC, Auditor, OB/GYN, Kansas City 

"It covered all areas so each specialty received info" Mary Knigge, CPC, OB/GYN, Kansas City 

"Good speaker" Sharon Black, CPC, Coding, Radiology, Kansas City

"Speaker was very informative, humorous" Melissa Abernathy, CPC, FP/Peds, Kansas City 

"Learned alot" Ruth Cornwall, CPC, Director Health Care Finance, Multi., Lawrence

"Good content" Anne Aytes, CPC, Gastro, Linwood 


"I like the way he explained situations, examples" Alisa Dinneen, Newton 

"I enjoyed the workshop" Brenda J. Burris, Billing, Olathe 


"The humor was the best part" Carol Skidjel, RN, Manager, Cardiology, Olathe 

"Lively speaker" Joyce Comes, Ofc Coordinator, Physical Medicine, Olathe 

"Good content, speaker" Dianne Oelger, CPC, FP, Olathe 

"Workshop kept moving" Mary M. Smith, CPC, Radiology, Overland Park 

"I liked all of the seminar" Linda Winters, Practice Mgr, Oncology, Overland Park 

"I recommend the seminar" Tammy Shahandeh, CPC, Overland Park 

"Covered alot of info in a one day seminar" Peggy Oxler, Coding/Compliance, Overland Park 

"Excellent seminar" Debra Meyers, Primary Care, Overland Park 

"Entertaining/common sense coding!" Dixie L. Bollinger, Ofc Spvsr, FP, Overland Park 

"Excellent subject matter, handbook & especially the stories" Joanne M. Torrence, Coder, Overland Park 

"Fun seminar - very enlightening" Tammia Ketron, Radiology Billing, Overland Park 

"Humor, networking" Renee Negrete, Ops Mgr, OB/GYN, Overland Park 

"Everyone should attend a seminar Don Self is teaching" Vickie Shackelford, Coder, OB/GYN, Overland Park 

"I liked the Response to refund requests" Charlaine Milliken, Administrator, OB/GYN, Overland Park

"Well worth the time, money" Mary Yocum-Sweetser, CPC, Ofc Mgr, OB/GYN, Overland Park 

"Casualness & relaxed" Sandy Watson, CPC, FP, Peck 

"Excellent Speaker" Janice Alexander, Ofc Mgr, Pediatrics, Prairie Village 


"Entertaining speaker" B. Carol Hensley, Dir. of Pt Accts, ENT, Raytown

"Kept up interest, Use of Humor to get point across" Martha Gerart, CPC, Cardiology, Shawnee Mission

"Excellent material with presentation that kept audience attention" Jane Benson, Billing, Neurology, Shawnee Mission 


"I learned alot" Helen Quilty, Ofc Supervisor, FP, Shawnee Mission 

"Well worth attending" Paula Fussell, CPC, FP, Shawnee Mission 

"Good speaker" Alice Sanders, Mgr, Ortho., Shawnee Mission 

"Good seminar" Joanne L. Hall, Practice Admin., Oncology, Shawnee Mission 

"Make sure you go to Don's seminars" Dorothy Drury, CPC, Ofc Mgr, OB/GYN, Shawnee Mission 

"Good information" Tara Reed, CPC, FP, Shawnee Mission 


"Presentation style was entertaining" Cheryl Kurth, Quality Outcomes, Shawnee Mission 

"I liked your humor!" Pamela Lindstrom, CPC, CCS-P, Compliance, Shawnee Mission 

"Information was good - speaker was good" Mary Johansen, Biller, Neurology, Shawnee Mission 

"All very informative - It was all good" Angel Montgomery, Ins. Clerk, Neurology, Shawnee Mission 

"Good workshop" Diane Flynn, Auditor, Topeka . 

"Good seminar" Linda Gehrer, Coding, Gen/Int. Medicine, Wichita 

"Good overall review" Debra Longenecker, Coding Supervisor, Wichita 

"Good info - excellent seminar" Stacy Holtzen, CPC, Radiology, Wichita 

"The speaker was interesting" Kristy Foss, CPC, Radiology, Wichita 

"Humor, information were great" Janet Lynn May, CPC, Radiology/Oncology, Wichita 


Additional Information

"I liked the variety of topics - not boring" Stephanie Wilson, FP, Barbourville, KY

"Very informative. Enjoyed it very much!"  Jeanne Ann Carver,  Bowling Green, KY

​"I recommend this seminar"   Deepa Patel,   Corbin, KY

"Loved it.  Great refresher.  informative"    Kristine Newton,  Nicholasville, KY

"Learned so much.  Loved it!"   Debbie Embree,  Richmond, KY

"Very Informative ERISA WEBINAR"  Patti Newcomb-Wuest,   Whitley City, KY


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"Really informative"  I recommend it"  Angie Newman,  Iowa LA


."This is info I can really use"  Cathy Burke,   Slidell, LA


​"I thought it was great.  The most informative ERISA WORKSHOP  I've attended"   Ronald Davidson,  West Monroe, LA 


Sorted by City

"Fast pace but interesting"  Les Cunningham,  Baltimore MD


"I recommend this workshop to others" Beverly Tannenbaum, MD, Pediatrician, Bel Air, MD


"Good reliable information" Lee Tannenbaum, MD, Family Physician, Bel Air, MD  

"The coding issues was best" Brenda Mimic, Ofc Mgr, FP/Pediatrics Bel Air MD 


"Entertaining, Informative - not usually found together in a seminar" Stephanie Schwartz, Bel Air MD 


"Specific coding issues were explained well" Debra Tannenbaum, Billing Specialist, FP, Bel Air MD 


"I will be implementing changes after this seminar" Mary J. Vandergrift, Billing, Columbia MD 


"Don Self's knowledge and expertise is top notch!!" Deb Simmons, CPC, Cumberland, MD


"I enjoyed the webinar" Jennifer Sunday, Frederick, MD


"Comfortable, enjoyable, easy-to-understand, fun" Jill Carswell, CMM, Administrator, Surgery, Frederick MD 


"Best workshop I have ever attended" Susan Harne, Billing, Pediatrics, Frederick MD 


"Good seminar, useful tips" Susan Hatter, Ofc Mgr, Oncology, Frederick, MD

"I recommend the seminar" Jane Holt, Ofc Mgr, Mental Health Frederick MD 


"The speaker was excellent" Joy Howard, Ofc Mgr, Pediatrics Frederick MD 


"Don knows his stuff and is very good" Carol Hurley, Billing, Oncology Frederick, MD

"I liked the humor" Robin Laumann, Insurance Manager, Internal & Endocrinology Frederick MD 


"Pertinent points in a broad range of subjects" Becky Little, Mutli Specialty, Frederick, MD

"It was very interesting & I recommend this workshop" Brenda Stackhouse, Billing, Gastro, Frederick MD 


"The value was worth it - both the cost as well as the value of the information" Patricia Staley, Ofc Mgr Frederick MD 


"Valuable info presented in a humorous, attention keeping manner" Karla Trout, Ofc Manager Frederick MD 


"I liked everything about the seminar & especially Don's sense of humor" Ramona I Trout, CPC, Cardiology, Frederick MD 


"He addressed the problems that you encounter most in your practice" Patsy Vasquez, CCS-P, OB/GYN, Frederick MD 


"Excellent humor" Robin Laumann, Manager, Endocrinology, Frederick, MD

"Practical knowledge, trust worthiness of speaker" Patricia Staley, OFC MGR, Mental health, Frederick, MD


"Demonstrated the importance of proper coding, appealing" Rhonda Viola, OFC MGR, Vascular, Frederick, MD

"Useful tips, information" Susan Hatter, OFC MGR, Oncology, Frederick, MD

"It was all great" Tammy Whett, Financial Services, Ophthmology, Frederick, MD


"I recommend the workshop" Rhonda Viola, Office Manager, Vascular, Thoracic, Frederick MD 


"It was all great" Tammy Wheat, Financial Services, Ophthalmology, Frederick MD 


"Great learning experience" Kendel Wood, Billing, Ob/Gyn, Frederick MD 


"Wish my physicians could hear him" Andrea Bowers, CMM, CPC, Administrator, FP Hagerstown MD 


"Very informative with lots of good information" April Evans, CMM, Ofc Mgr, ENT Hagerstown MD 


"AWESOME  ERISA SEMINAR!  Very helpful and informative"  Pam Janney,   Monkton, MD


"Added new info I can use" Johanna Castle, CMM, CCS-P, Ofc Mgr, FP, Walkersville MD 


"Because of Don's humor, the dry subject was enjoyable" Joyce Welling, Office Manager, FP,  Williamsport MD 


"Useful information" Johanna Castle, CMM, CCS-P, FP, Walkersville, MD

"This dry subject was enjoyable" Joyce Welling, OFC MGR, Family Practice, Williamsport, MD  


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"I liked everything" Nancy Moreau, Owner, Billing Serv, Attlebord, MA

"Very informative and helpful Webinar."   Lisa Colebrook,   Colebrook Consulting.                Auburn, MA  


"Excellent content, speaker" Mary Gracia, MA, Inter, Middleton, MA

"Informative and I recommend it"  Julie Daub, North Adams, MA

"Quite informative.  I wasn't aware of the scope of ERISA"  Ken Camilleis,  Yarmouthport, MA