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" I liked everything about the seminar" Larry L. Carr, D.O. , Endocrinology,   Bay City, MI 


"I liked the new ideas to increase revenues" Linda L. Satterlee, D.O., Family Physician,   Belding


"Very Informative and taught so that it was easy to understand"  Candi Nicholson,   Detroit, MI

"Very infomrative"   Raeann Kelemen,   Kalamoo, MI

"I enjoyed it and came way with specific things to implement"  LuAnn Jenkins,  Lapeer, MI

"It was great!  I feel like I learned alot"  Heather Aldridge,  Madison Heights, MI

"Info given with humor" Ruth Thibeault, Neurosurgery, Marquette


"Humor injected - picked up some good pointers" Sharon Ely, Gastro., Marquette, MI

"Information presented with humor" Sue Hogg, Urology,  Marquette, MI

"No info for DME except to get the hell outta that business - liked his openness - humor" Anita Devine, DME,  Marquette, MI

"Kept my interest every moment. " Laura Sassenrath, OB-GYN, Marquette, MI

"This should be mandatory for physicians" Lisa Bean, CMM, Cardiovascular Surgery, Marquette

"Straightforward info, great humor" Robin Aho, Home Infusion, Marquette, MI

"I recommend the webinar"   Mary Beth Phillips,  Petoskey, MI

"I thought it was very informative"  Kathy Moores,   Plymouth, MI

"Good lecture" Bradley Bastow, D.O.,  Cardiologist,   South Haven, MI


"Very informative, fast speaker, but able to keep up"  Michele Bergstrom,   Shelby Twp, MI

"I would recommend this seminar"   Lee Ann Pabst,   Shelby Twp, MI

"Good webinar"  Wendy Mahan, Taylor, MI

"Outstanding"   Barb Bertoldi,   Traverse City, MI


"Excellent in every way-content, presentation, handouts"  Cheryl George,   Troy, MI

​"Informative"   Karla Jackson, Washington, MI 


Sorted By City

"This was excellent and useful"  Michael Merriam,   Hopkins, MN 


"Very good, I learned a lot"   Tim Nentl    Minnetonka, MN

"very informative, Thank you!"  Bobbi Scheller,    Mounds View, MN

"Excellent - an amazing world of information"   Cathy Stewart, CPC, CMRS,   Prior Lake, MN

​"​​very informational, thank you for having it"  Melissa Boron,   Sauk Rapids

"Don, your advice in your webinar and book was right on the money! I received a request for a refund due to policy termination and responded on 06/30/15 with your letter from your book addressed to the CEO. I was delighted to receive a call on 07/07/15 indicating the request had been made in error and to disregard it. How refreshing to have something work the first time and immediately. Please feel free to share this on your list serve to encourage them to get on the ERISA band wagon.  Thank you,"  Mary Bergstrom, St. Cloud Ear, Nose & Throat Clinic, St Cloud, MN 


Sorted By City

"Good information given with humor" Carol Swope, Manager, FP, Clinton

"He held your attention - very informative" Mary Emerson, FP, Clinton 


"An amazing webinar. I have used the Don Self website for years for information, templates etc." Marilyn Elliott, Hospital Business Office Manager, Garden City

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"Entertaining, informative" Debra Cobb, Coder, Harrisonville

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"Good energy, very knowledgeable" Sherri Davis, FP, Hume 

"Informative & entertaining, straightforward speaker" Alexis Brockett, CMM, Pulm/CC, Independence

"My physicians needed to attend" Rosalind Ross, Coder, Ortho, Independence

"Speaker was the best" Denise DiNapoli, Coder, FP, Independence

"Good content" Robyn Hayes, CPC, Physician Coding Educator, Independence

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"Best part was content with explanations" Mary C. Hagen, CPC, Independence

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"Very upbeat - very informative" Antoinette Cross, Coder, Independence

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"He was enjoyable & worth your time" Karen Lozano, CPC, Coder, Independence

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"I liked the networking ideas" Lori Miles, CPC, Sectional Mgr, Neonatal, Kansas City 

"I liked the interaction between speaker, audience" Irene P. Sy, FP, Kansas City 

"The modifier refresher was best part" Crystal McIntosh, Bus. Ofc Coord., Kansas City 

"fair speaker" Patricia Messing, Manager, Pulmonary, Kansas City 

"All of it was great" Raenell Rohlfs, PRN, MA, Kansas City 

"I left with new/more info that will be very helpful" Julie Katzfe, OB/GYN, Kansas City 

"Had some good info" Becky Merys, Ofc Mgr, OB/GYN, Kansas City ."Information was best" Debra Paredes, Billing, Kansas City 

"Interesting, applied to areas used everyday" Barbara Immenschuh, Mgr, Ortho, Kansas City 

"Excellent speaker" Linda Beagle, Ins. Coord, OB/GYN, Kansas City 

"Don's sense of humor was refreshing" Marlene DeCuir, Ins. Coord., OB/GYN, Kansas City 

"Don is very funny - keeps you interested" Maureen L. Latta, OB/GYN, Kansas City 

"Excellent workshop" Mimi Paffenroth, Administrator, OB/GYN, Kansas City 

"Covered alot of topics" Santa Mary Galate, Ofc Mgr, Pediatrics, Kansas City 

"Don is personable & full of info, assistance", Karen A. Corum, Mgr, Gen Surg., Kansas City 

"Info covered overall was best" Karen Kelton, Claims Specialist, Cardiology, Kansas City 

"Humor & related scenarios to each coding area" Christina Stowers, Coder, Cardiology, Kansas City 

"Speaker kept it interesting, was very good" Stephanie Fischer, Kansas City 

"Speaker provided a wide variety of info" Angelia Burt, Kansas City 

"Entertaining - informative" Patricia York, CPC, Cardiology, Kansas City 

"Info regarding managed care was helpful" Bonnie Tharp, CPC, Cardiology, Kansas City 

"Humor intwined makes it easier to remember" Pamela Shannon, Biller, Kidney, Kansas City 

"Outstanding Presentation" Virginia R. Duffy, Billing, Nephrology, Kansas City 

"Excellent seminar" Glinda Mallott, Coder, OB/GYN, Kansas City 

"Speaker kept the attention of the audience" Elaine Parker, Kansas City 

"Great information for office coders" Sharon Traylor, Ops Mgr, Kansas City 

"Excellent speaker" Dawn Johnson, CPC, Managing Asst., FP/IM, Kansas City 

"good workshop" Tricia Schell, Practice Manager, Pumonary, Kansas City 

"Fair speaker" Donna Barker, CPC, Kansas City 

"Don Self is great - excellent speaker" Gwen Pallott-Holt, Coder, Kansas City 

"Entertaining workshop" LaDonna Williams, Accts Manager, FP, Kansas City 

"Kept it interesting - didn't stay on one subject too long" Liz Justus, CPC, FP/Peds, Kansas City 

"Speaker was entertaining" Dorrie Ewing, Orthopedic, Kansas City 

"Information presented was helpful" LaDonna K. Johnson, CPC, Oncology/Hematology, Kansas City 

"Good content" Sheri Layless, Healthcare Admin, Kansas City 

"Very educational" Sheryl Thomas, Billing Ofc Supervisor, Pulmonary, Kansas City 

"Very entertaining - made the seminar fun" Karen S. Lowry, Coder, ER, Kansas City 

"Humor mixed with facts made quick to learn" Sarah Reed, CPC, Coding/Reimb, Kansas City 

"This guy is a riot"  Pame Dye, CPC,  Neurosurgery, Kansas City 

"Don is awesome" Paula Brooks, CPC, Cardiology, Kansas City ."Good speaker" Diane Adrian, Ofc Mgr, Neurosurgery, Kansas City

"Very good basic workshop" Syd Stevens, Asst Administrator, Nephrology, Kansas City 

"good workshop" Irene Dannar, Billing & Insurance, ENT/Derm., Kansas City

"I would recommend this workshop to anyone" Debbie Stein, ENT/Derm., Kansas City 

"Interesting/funny - all informational" Sandi Clemmons, Administrator, ENT/Derm., Kansas City 

"The humor was my favorite part" Kim Reger, Coding, Primary Care, Kansas City 

"Good content, good speaker" Nancy Hines, Insurance, Kansas City 

"Good information with humor" Cheryl Hart, OB/GYN, Kansas City 

"The instructor was the best" Judity A. Reinsel, Coding, OB/GYN, Kansas City 

"Well worth it - very informative, fun" Rebecca Money, Coding, Ortho, Kansas City 

"Knowledgable workshop" Debra Kay Stokes, FP, Kansas City 

"I recommend it highly to anyone" Elizabeth Gunderson, CPC, Coding, Nephrology, Lee's Summit . 

"Very informative. I learned about things I've never heard of since being in this business for over 20+ years."  Dawn Huber,  Monroe City

"Very helpful - learned something new" Lori Brown, CPC, Coder, Anesthesia, Peculiar 

"Entertaining Speaker" Brenda McCush, Billing Service, Plattsburg ."Received some useful information" Bonita L. Dunwoodie, Asst Mgr, FP, Richmond 

"It was informative" Kelly Phillips, Coding, FP, Richmond 

"It was a wonderful workshop & I learned alot" Jennifer Deering, CPC, FP/IM, Smithville 

"Great presentation on the good, bad and ugly of the 2019 CMS final changes.    Your clarity is insightful and welcomed.  John Freeborn, Legacy, St Louis


"Very compressed in content & realistic" Chris Ketcherside, CMM, Neuro, St Louis

"Very informational and thank you for the slide-rule"   Stephanie Cook,    St Louis

"Make sure you go to a Don Self seminar if you get a chance" Michelle R. Williams, Turney 

"Speaker was great!" Linda Donovan, Coder, FP, Warrensburg 

"It was informative" Darles White, Coder, FP, Warrensburg 

"Interesting, informative" Christy Crockett, Coder, FP, Weston 

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