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"Good seminar" Julie Masonbrink CPC FP Bellevue . 


"It covered alot of areas that were useful" Lynne Ogden Coder Cardiology Bellevue 

"The speaker was very knowledgable entertaining" Diane K. Wilken Coder Columbus 

"Good workshop" Diane Hoegren Out-pt Coding Grand Island 

"Very good common sense language" Cindy L. Burkhart CPC Ortho. Grand Island 

"I thought it was very helpful. I learned things I never knew we could do."  Becky Schernikau   Hastings 

"Awesome"    Sally Elley  Hastings 


"Interactive Q&A was great" Regina Saltzman CPC FP Lincoln 

"Excellent Speaker" Melissa Beck CPC Internal Lincoln 


"I've been saying positive things about Don Self for years and will continue to do so" Dori Roth Lincoln 

"It was excellent" Kimberly Quimby Coder ED Lincoln 

"Speaker information - all wonderful info" Jenny Christensen FP Lincoln 

"Modifier information helped" Cheryl Grell Ofc Mgr Dermatology Omaha 

"I liked the modifier appealing claims info" Nadine Palmer Ins. Specialist Derm. Omaha 

"The information presentation was excellent" Patricia Lema Bus. Ofc Coord. Derm. Omaha 

"I learned about rules that were never really rules" William McGuire CPC Cardiology Omaha 

"Excellent seminar and neat visit code sliderule" Gloria Garber Ins. Administrator Cardiothoracic Omaha 

"informative entertaining" Jeanie Swan Billing Specialist Pediatrics Omaha 

"Good information - good advise to increase reimbursement" Joan Thalken Biller Primary Omaha 

"Humor & Knowledge of speaker was excellent" Miriam Chapman Coding In-pt Omaha 


"Good speaker - kept my attention" Kathleen Kibat CPC Neurology Omaha 

"Excellent workshop" Diane B. Davis Billing Gastroenterology Omaha 

"Speaker was excellent" Jodie Hanover Billing Endocrine Omaha 

"I liked the seminar" Rosalie Waymire Billing Rep Oral/Maxillofacial Omaha 

"Humor incorporated into dry subject made it fun" Lisa Dohmen Compliance Psych Omaha 

"The most informational & humerous seminar I've been to" Janet Hedegaard Billing Omaha 

"I loved the humor" Micki Creswell Billing Mgr OB/GYN Omaha 

"How to resource/resolve issues was the best" Janet Smith Ofc Mgr Peds Omaha 

"Don's candor committment was excellent" Grace Harada Administrator Endo/Neph Omaha 

"Knowledgable entertaining" Kathy DeWitt Billing Auditor Pathology Omaha 

"Cleared up misconceptions" Debbie Baker CPC Hospitalist Coding Omaha 

"The humor really helps you listen!" Tricia Verby CPC Multi-specialt Omaha 

"Speaker was very dynamic & made presentation interesting" Kathy Evanoff Coding Anesth. Omaha 

"Seminar was excellent" Terri Timm Billing Rep. Orthopedic Omaha 

"Enjoyed the seminar" Mary Brown CPC Orthopedics Omaha ."Good humor - very resourceful" Amy Prochaska A/R Cardiology Omaha 

"Don told funny stories - made it fun educational" Julie Miller-Kline CPC Pediatric Card. Omaha 

"The humor was my favorite part" Rita Anne Haverman CPC Pediatric-Orthopedic Omaha 

"The speaker was excellent" Sandy Rubio Coding Multi-specialty Omaha 

"Content was great speaker was excellent" Kathy Turco Ofc Mgr CV Surgery Omaha 

"Information easily useful in the office" Suzanne Kahnk RHIT Ins/Billing Mgr Omaha 

"Good workshop" Joyce McCafferty RN Coord. Medical Review Omaha 

"Comprehensive review of many topics" Jennifer Novacek CPC Ambulatory Services Omaha 

"Don made learning fun!" Susan Gunia Medical Ins. Clerk Oncology Omaha 

"Speaker kept your attention interest in information" Cathy Kelley Billing Omaha 

"Enjoyed the seminar" Jacci George CPC Ortho Omaha 


"Kept it lighthearted - great presentation" Jennifer Rieb Billing FP Omaha 

"The workshop was excellent" Judy Wood Financial Coord. Surgery Omaha 

"The whole seminar was great" Joann Paulsen CPC Financial Coord Spinal Omaha 

"The info was great" Heather Colton CPC FP IM Omaha 

"I enjoyed listening to him" Tracy Michel Omaha 

"My brain is fried" Colleen Johnson Coding Hospital Omaha 

"Good seminar" Tammy Ray Coder Onc/Hemo/Pulm/Endo Omaha 

"He is the best speaker" Diana Hoagland Coder Internal Omaha 

"Very Informative" Denise Grady Coder Gastroenterology Omaha 

"Don kept it interesting on everything" Kim Bussell Biller/Coder Internal Omaha 

"I recommend this seminar" Lisa M. Edet Billing/Auditor ENT Omaha ."Good seminar!!!" Irene B. Simon Surg. Billing Omaha 

"All good - thank you" Karen Arkfeld CPC FP/Gen Surg. Omaha 

"Excellent presentation" Casandra Carroll CPC FP Omaha 

"Good workshop" Marty Wathier Coding/Reimbursement Cardiology Omaha 

"I enjoyed the entire seminar" Paulette Butts Coder Cardiology Omaha 

"Workshop has been very helpful" Dena J. Christensen Coder Cardiology Omaha 

"My favorite part was mangled care issues!" Teresa Tierney Administrator Infec. Dis Omaha 


"Good speaker" Mary Phillips CPC RNC Multi-specialty Omaha 

"Excellent speaker" Jyl Dinville Coder - Orthopedics Omaha 

"Good content - good speaker" Pat Anderson Coder Plastics Omaha 

"I liked the info about ERISA" Nancy Powers Coder General Surgery Omaha 

"I learned about rules regulations subject to billing" Lauri Dahir Coder Omaha 

"Please come back to Omaha again" Terry Shevchenko Coder Omaha 

"I enjoyed the workshop and coding tool " Judith Leahy Coder Neurosurgery Omaha 

"Time documentation was my favorite part" Linda Renander Coder Cardio-Thoracic Omaha 

"Content and speaker was the best" Ann Allen Ofc Mgr ER Omaha 


"Speaker was excellent" Mary Miller Asst Professor Omaha 

"Humor info on ERISA dispelling common misconceptions" Omaha 

"Speaker kept it moving" Gail Christensen Coding Out-patient Omaha 

"Good speaker" Marci Baker Coordinator - Coding Education Omaha 

"Excellent Presentation" Theresa Thompson Coder Cardiology Omaha 

"It had a higher degree of entertainment value than I anticipated" T. Paul Tomosex CPA CPC CGFM Omaha 

"The jokes websites wer the best" Theresa Svoboda CPC FP Omaha 

"Was very educational" Marcia Barlow CPC FP Omaha ."The humor was my favorite part" Colette Colvin-Bernard Biller Family Omaha 

"Don's sense of humore made the seminar much more fun" Andrea Arsenault Coder ER Papillion 


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"I thought this was a very informative webinar. I learned a lot! I also loved Don's sense of humor! "  Tanya Malette  Manchester 


"I liked his coding suggestions" Ellen LeFarc Practice Management Nashua


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"Very informative"   Nancy Weber  Asbury  

"Informative motivating interesting" Doreen Bahlman-Brandt Summit Medical Group Berkeley Heights


"Excellent topics covered speaker was excellent" Mary Schierenbeck Summit Medical Group Berkeley Heights  

"Others need to attend this workshop" Susana Lameira Summit Medical Group Berkeley Heights



"The speaker was dynamic& entertaining" Ian Brodrick, MD, Medical Director, Priority Medical Care,      Bridgewater  


"The seminar was excellent" Kim Meehan Bridgeway Care Center Bridgewater  

"I really enjoyed the seminar - good ideas" Jackie Wengryn FP Priority Medical Care      Bridgewater  

"The speaker was dynamic entertaining" Ian Brodrick Medical Director Priority Medical Care Bridgewater  

"Wonderful very informative" Kathy Lamastro Somerset Orthopedic Bridgewater  


"worth every penny - interesting" Omayra Mena Ops Mgr FP Priority Medical Care Bridgewater  

"Good seminar" Marie Kassick Somerset Orthopedic Bridgewater  

"I would recommend his workshop to others" Darlene Schimpf Orthopedic Butler  

"It was terrific"   Theresa Wilson  Butler  

 "Great info - excellent workshop" Linda I. Greenspan, D.O., Family Physician,    Cedar Knolls 


"Very informative"   Dhaval Shah  Cherry Hill  

"Very well organized presentation great content" Gloria Miller Comprehensive HC Solutions Cherry Hill


​"It was amazing and very informational! Thank you!"  Jennifer Piskadio  Clifton  

"Wonderful info useful tools" Kate Kraemer Direct Bill Collingswood  ."Informative fun" Tanya Roberts Internal Highland Park Medical East Brunswick  

"Great learning experience" Lori Paxton Mgr Assoc. Colon & Rectal Surgery Edison  

​"It was very helpful"  Anjana Jani  Fair Lawn  

​"It was very informative both my co-worker and I learned a lot. "  Stephanie Deribin  Franklin Lakes


"This was the best speaker" Mal Hollander Practice Administrator Atlantic Hematology Oncology Galloway  


 "Don Self was one of my favorite speakers at the National Osteopathic convention"   Steven Klein, D.O.,   Family Physician,     Gloucester 


"Pretty much  my first and last "go to" site for obtaining the most comprehensive knowlesge links and medical billing related information needed. For the past ten years Don Self's website has been one of my most used bookmarked sites. Ten stars! Carol Bevilacqua Hawthorne  


"Speaker is dynamic provides supplemental info to support" Kenya Lucas Practice Mgr Alatae Medical Internal Hillsborough  

"Good information can add to practice" Charles Licastri Bus Mgr Garden State Womens Holmdel  

"Informative fun" Jean Parente Practice Admin. Multi Avenel Iselin Med Group Iselin  

"Very informative" Geri Koniw Billing Supervisor FP Avenel Iselin Med Group Iselin  

"Catch Don Self at his seminar" Cheryl Cilento Multi LIberty Medical Assoc. Jersey City  

"This was a great workshop - loved the Visit Sliderule " Annie Mathes Ofc Mgr Vascular Assoc. of  . Livingston  

"Good information & presentation" Kathleen Davey Multi. Long Valley   


"Great info - great speaker" Annette Carocappe AMD Medical Billing Manahawken  

"This was the best seminar" Janet Nealon President AMD Medical Billing Manahawken  

"Good information" Rosi Kniffin Administrator Internist Sports Med Mercerville  

"Good advice tips" Sandra M. Troyano Billing PCP Mercerville  

"Absolutely an enjoyable learning experience" Carol Colucmowski Bus Ofc Mgr Pediatric Assoc of Central Jersey Metuchen  

"The best seminar" Janet Spanko Ofc Mgr Pediatric Assoc of Central Jersey Metuchen  

"Very informative presented in a relaxed environment" Caroline Fitzgerald Medicheck Billing Middletown  

"Don is the best speaker" Tamaya Bhende Associates in Rehab Morristown  

"Wonderful speaker" Joan Ledzian Administrator Assoc. in Rehab Morristown  

"I recommend this workshop" Stephanie Nicastro CPC Assoc in Rehab Morristown  

"Wonderful seminar" Brenda Adell Radiation Oncology UMD . New Brunswick  

"Very informative workshop" Theresa Blekeski CPC Hem/Oncology UMD . New Brunswick  

"I definitely recommend his workshops" Anne Marie Douglas FP Oak Ridge  


"Excellent speaker" Patrica Pekrol St Joseph's Children's Hospital Patterson  


"People should attend bring their doctor" Marlene Gould Mgr Dr. Eddie Gamao Piscataway  

"This was the best seminar" Ann Marie Ferrante CMM Thoracic/Gen Surg John Ferrante MD Plainfield  

"Discussion about consults & modifiers was great" Marin Romero Plastic Surg. Princeton  

​"It was informational and really clarified many questions that I had about ERISA." Aldo Grimaldi   Saddle River  

"Most informative in all aspects" Sandra Bloom Multi. Shrewsbury  


"Interesting entertaining" Lisa Miller Billing Mgr IVF New Jersey Somerset  

"Others should attend this seminar - it's the best" Christine Hsia Somerset Urological Assoc. Somerville  

"This was great - entertaining" Kathy LaPrete Central Jersey Orthopaedic South Plainfield  

"Informative entertaining" Jayne Mott Mgr Overlook Family Practice Summit  

"Wonderful speaker seminar" Tahiry Garita Overlook Family Practice Summit  

"A great seminar - the best" Babette Basista Urgent Care Immedicenter Tenafly  

"Situation lessons Don uses helps them stick to your memory" Kim K. Stokes Mgr Med Billing Trenton  

"Great knowledgeable speaker funny" Debbie Silver Practice Mgr Women's Health Union  

"Physicians need to hear this seminar" Joan Maleckar JM Physicians Services Union  

"Seminar was very good - held my interest" Lillian Mantuano Women's Healthcare Warren  

"Definitely recommend this workshop" Diane M Fedon CMM CPC Hillcrest Physician's Washington  

"Yes - everyone should attend" Patricia M. Urban Ofc Mgr The Orthopedic Hand Westfield  

"I would recommend this seminar to others" Deborah Quinn Dr. Barmakian Westfield  

"Wonderful seminar" Natalie L. Moran Hand Care Inc. Westfield  

"Don is very motivating & informative" Barbara Wattenberg Gastro. West Patterson   

"Very informative held my attention & kept it lively" Pat Ostrander OFC MGR Gastro West Patterson 


"Gave specific info re. use of codes modifiers etc.. I recommend it" Pat Rottkamp Multi-Specialty Voorhees  


Sorted by City

"Everything was informative" Joan Browder CMM OB-GYN Alamogordo NM"


Honesty & enthusiasm" Tonja Scheihing Oncology Albuquerque NM 


"Very informative" Melinna Giannini Billing Nursing Albuquerque NM​ 


"I enjoyed his book and his seminar"  Mike Grafe, D.O.,  Family Physician, Artesia, NM

"I especially like his sliderule. Excellent speaker" Paul Bublis, D.O. Hobbs NM .

"I would recommend this seminar" Michael Murphy, D.O. Las Cruces NM


I have worked with Don for close to 20 years after meeting him at a seminar. I have purchased equipment through him, had him consult on our coding, read his books, and used his webinars. If you want to be successful, I suggest spending some time with Don. - - Orrin McLeod D.O.,  Moriarty, NM


"Excellent seminar" David Myer, D.O., FP, Silver City NM


"We were given practical tools you can use in your practice" Linda Meyer, RNC, Silver City NM