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"Takes time to answer questions" Thomas Merrick Billing Las Vegas NV 


."You really made it fun - very worthwhile - absolutely recommend it" Gaye Hancock Ofc Mgr Las Vegas NV 


"Very Informative" Romulo D. Malimban CPC Coding Auditor Las Vegas  NV


"Presentation covered many areas with a great sense of humor" Karen Fowler OFC MGR Allergy Las Vegas NV 


"Very Informative" Joey Hilario Billing Service Las Vegas NV


"Enjoyed the fun atmosphere & knowledge attained" Gaye Hancock OFC MGR Family Practice Las Vegas NV 


"Very informative" Tamy Lenhart Coder Internal Morehead City NV 


"Given practical tools that you can use in your practice" Linda B. Meyer RN Family Practice Silver City NV 


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"Good seminar" Julie Masonbrink CPC FP Bellevue . 


"It covered "It contained very useful information on ERISA and working with denied claims." Mary Tyson Altmar NY 


"I most definitely would recommend this workshop" K.V. Mattessich CM Oncology Astoria NY 


"Very informative.  Very inspirational"  Elina Sabilova  Brooklyn NY 


"Very informational"   Gail Saderson  Buffalo NY


."I would recommend this seminar"   Kimberly Carline  Buffalo NY 


​"Very informative and easy to follow along. "  Tricia Sweeney    Buffalo NY 


"I am deeply appreciative of his free email listserv" Dawn Breithaupt CPC Camillus NY

.  "Excellent!!"   Rick Ramcharin  Flushing NY 


"Excellent seminar" at the FOMA convention, Mickel Khlat, D.O., IM, Geriatrics, Hempstead NY


​"It was really informative"  Kelly Frederick  Herkimer NY 


"I definitely recommend this workshop" Barbara Granata CMM Internal Mt Vernon NY

"Very dynamic speaker very informative. I would love to send my entire staff to hear Don!"  Anna Caputo Cardiology Great Neck NY 


"We had an out of network surgery with innovative services on a small child done by a pediatric surgeon. Many unlisted codes, all told 132,000$ surgery. Originally they paid $648.00, Medicare rate. After ERISA appeal, they paid 64,000$, the 50% of billed charges as the plan spec outlined.    It works. I had to share.  Thanks Don "

Zia Rivera-Clarkson MBA MDiv CPC  BCS EHR MAA CBCS 
Adjunct Professor, American Business and Technology University
Director of Coding, Auditing and Compliance, The Patriot Group            Long Island, NY


"It was valuable information" Doris Villanigro CMM Diag. Radiology New York NY


"I learned quite a bit and will recommend it to others" Celeste Rosa Otolaryngology NYC NY 


" it was good to understand what ERISA can di to possibly help individual doctors"  Donielle Kelly  Rochester 


"Very informative"   Catherine Suja  Rochester NY 


"It was insightful .  Gave me a better understanding of ERISA.   Mary Ann Piacelli  Rochester NY


"Great webinar!  Very informative and humorous :)"   Deborah DeStefano,  Medi-Pro Practice Solutions,     Ronkonkoma, NY


"I tell people about Don Self all the time. Michael DiFrancesca Smithtown NY 


"It was fantastic!"   Pola Wendt COC CPC  Star Lake NY 



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 "Very informative"  Sarah Dolan  Avon Lake 

"Important topic.  I recommend it"   Wendy Carson  Avon Lake 

"Great speaker" Cindy DeHart FP Beavercreek 

"I liked his candor & knowledge of current issues" Alyce Kalb Multi. Bellefontaine 

"It was a great presentation.  I learned so much!"   Amanda Marshall  Berea 

"Wonderful seminar speaker" Susan Vogelberger CPC CPC-H CMBS CCP Boardman  

"My favorite speaker at the conference was Don Self" J. Wm Wiand D.O. Radiology Blacklick 

"Seminar was so refreshing - the best speaker" Shelly Hosey Director Revenue Cuyahoga Phys. Network Brecksville 


"Interesting informative - well worth it" Donna Burns Brunswick  

"I would like to hear him again!" Anna Lee Duffie CMA CMM Medical Coding Management Camden 

"Very educational - excellent speaker" Beverly Randles CPC Tri County Family Canal Winchester

"The best seminar - don't miss it" Nena Forsman Manager Radiology Canfield 

"Great speaker - great advice - worth the money" Sherri Strait Aultman Hospital Canton 

"Charisma brought topic across well" Lois Ketay Surgery Cincinnati 


"Very informative easy to understand" Traci Westerkamp OB-GYN Cincinnati 

​"Don Self is a  motivated speaker.  I feel more in control with the  information I learned today!" Geri Murphy  Cincinnati 


"Loved it....great info"   Paige Fulton  Cincinnati 

"One of the best I have attended"   Vicki Smith  Cincinnati 

"I thought it was very informative on a subject I did not know alot about"   Dawne Bretnitz  Cincinnati 


"Very Informative"   Angela Schubert   Cincinnati 


"It was actually entertaining  & informative" Jean Pryor CPC CCP Cincinnati 

"Very informative"    Doreen Jenkins  Cleveland 

"Enjoyable!" Sharon Collis Central Ohio Cardiovascular Columbus 

"Don's was the best seminar" Terri Ohert OSU Internal Med Columbus 

"Great webinar and book!    I had sent an appeal to Anthem 3 times without a response and then tried to contact our Provider Rep by email fax and by phone and couldn't get a response from her either.  You said to deal only with the CEO so I followed your advice and typed up a letter to the CEO explaining how this lack of response was "In my opinion' a violation of the Fair Claims Act and said if I recvd no response within 5 days we would look into a potential law suit with punitive damages. Low and behold I got a call from our Rep THE NEXT DAY!  The apologies were abundant so I could tell she must have had the hammer dropped on her. I've also had the UHC rep practically beg me to come to her first to which I replied "I'm sorry but when I feel illegal activity has been done ( the discussion was regarding take-backs in bulk checks) I feel the need to let the CEO be accountable". Let's just say I don't think I'll be invited out to dinner any time soon :-)"   Lori Braidic Billing Manager   Womens Care Center of Columbus Inc.   Columbus 

"Good speaker" Robyn Blankenship Reimbursement Analyst Columbus 

"very informative"  Jennifer Jones  Columbus 

"Excellent"   Melinda Moreland  Columbus 


"Great - very informative - action packed" Kathy Rooker Director Mount Carmel Health Columbus 

"Excellent medical coding seminar" Lisa Roener OSU Anesthesia Columbus 

"The most entertaining informative seminar I've attended in 10 years" Barbara Johnson OSU Orthopaedics Columbus 

"Extremely informative" Scott Strager Practice Management Columbus 

"Very informative" Pamela Morgan Riverside Health Center Internal Columbus 

"Absolutely the best seminar" Mary Ann Lawrence CPC Mid Ohio Oncology Columbus 

"Excellent seminar" Tracy Rutan Mid Ohio Oncology Columbus 

"Highly energetic guy who is very educational" Michelle Davidson Ortho Trauma Columbus 

"Mr. Self is a great speaker" Pamela Bishop Ohio Health Practice Management Columbus 

"Excellent seminar" Ken McIntosh  .PMS Columbus

"Great seminar" Inge Pearch Ohio Health Practice Mgmnt Columbus 

"Very informative fun - great way to learn" Dytha Lynn Poole Anesth. Ohio State University Med Ctr Columbus 

"Great speaker" Barbara Robinson CPC Ohio Health Practice Management Columbus 

"Very straight forward - wonderful seminar" Liz Vinion MA CPC OB/GYN Ohio Health Columbus 

"Excellent speaker content" Belinda Spence CPC  .PMS Columbus 

"Great - very knowledgeable - very funny" Linda Brown-Selhorst CPC Columbus 

"Entertaining educational in one setting - who could ask for more?" Kimberly Floyd Waldman CPC CPC-H Columbus 

"Wonderful speaker" Amy Watson Ofc Mgr FP Richard Brandes MD Columbus 

"Attend his seminar/workshop" Jennifer Jones Manager Daystart Billing Columbus 

"You should attend Don's course" Julie Chicoine Compliance Director OSU Med Ctr Columbus 

"Was prepared to be bored but was pleasantly surprised" Angela Hart CPC Core Management Columbus 

"I liked the content it was entertaining. I learned alot." Ann Herrick Dept of Surgery Columbus 

"You'll be able to find lost revenue" Sheri Whalen Practice Administrator Pulmonary Columbus 

"I was very impressed" Erica K. Lee Riverside Family Practice Columbus 

"He had interesting analogies & Texas phrases" Diane Plumly Ohio State U. Colu

mbus  . 

"Don kept the topics to the point & didn't drag it out. He has a good sense of humor" Grace Blanden Dept of Surgery Corp Columbus 

"Relaxed & did not get boring. Thanks for a great seminar Don!" Dorothy Bates CPC Dept of Surgery Columbus  

"I liked Don's sense of humor & honesty in presenting the information" Rebecca Dawson CPC Dept of Surgery Columbus  

"I loved the humor mixed in with all topicsa as well as his honesty above board ethics" Barbara Miller Dept of Surgery Columbus  

"Don Self you are so cool!" Almeda DeLoss Dept of Surgery Columbus  

"The slide rules were great!" Jonathan Bower GBS Computer & Communication Columbus  

"It was fun I learned" Kathleen McWilliams Holy Cross Health System Columbus 

"Moved quick & wasn't condescending" Sheri Whalen CMM Pulmonary Columbus 

"Mr. Self was very upfront honest. The information was reinforcing" A. Dianne Allen CPC GRMCFI Columbus 

"Don was too funny. I liked everything & the workshop was very informative" Stephanie Moore Cardiovascular Columbus 

"Very informative easy to follow" Monica Burnett  OSU Internal Medicine Columbus 

"Don Self is a very good public speaker he was certainly not boring." Mary Quinn Emergency Services Columbus  

"I appreciated hearing a God-fearing Christian & not afraid to acknowledge their source of strength" Shryiell Owens, Billing Columbus 

"Don Self taught an excellent seminar" Annette Ciotti D.O., Family Physician Copley 

"Presentation of excellent information" Joyce Stapleton Pulmonary Dayton 

"Definitely worth the time spent in the seminar" Sandra Hennigan Mgr Dayton Surgeons Dayton 

"Don is a wonderful speaker. He keeps the excitement going & made the workshop fun." Teresa Gable Healthworks Delaware 

"Most entertaining seminar I have ever been to as well as very informative" Jeanette Lane Mgr OSU Internal Medicine Dublin  

"It was a great seminar" Donna Blanton OB/GYN Fairfield 

"Workshop was extremely informational eye opening" Tammy Blanton OB/GYN Associates Fairfield 


"He is a great speaker and very knowledgeable " Donna Blanton Fairfield 

"Lots of good info" Michael Galloway D.O. OB/GYN Greenville 


"Very informative - kept me interested" Michele Grigorny  .PMS Grove City  

​"Extremely informative. Don did a great job of presenting in a quick point by point manner; and he kept his power point slides fun."   Sally Brown  Groveport 


​"I recommend this seminar"    Jennie Huber  Harrison


"Practical Info - Excellent Speaker" Michael Reed D.O. FP Jackson 


"Wonderful speaker" Rachel Thompson Oncology Mid Ohio Oncology/Hematology Lancaster  

"Very entertaining speaker with lots of jokes" Lori Dillon Healthworks. Lewis Center

"Kept it alive a good sense of humor" Jennifer Sloan Lima Joint Replacement Lima 

"I would recommend this workshop" Peggy Raesler Cardiology Lorain 

"Get into our office meet with our physicians.... excellent!" Charlotte Ruth Cardiology Lorain 

"Very informative clear cut - Don is the best speaker" Susan Sajdyk CPC Internal Med. Physicians Marysville  

"I liked the speaker's approach to subject matter" Cassandra Pullen University Hospitals Faculty Mayfield  

"Was alot of useful information" Bridget Blankenship MA CPC Joint Implant Surgeons New Albany

"Informative enlightening - kept my attention" Sarah Paul Joint Implant Surgeons New Albany  

"Content was great - very knowledgeable - keeps audience attention" Stacy Swartz Licking Memorial Hospital Newark  

"Good info - Don is a great presenter" Kelli S. Annis RHIT CPC CCS-P Mount Carmel Health  Picker


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Don:  I would like to thank you for your knowledge and help over the last 20 plus years.  Your help since I started in practice 25 years ago has helped me understand the business of medicine.  I had worked in business for years, but medicine has its own ups and down.  Thanks again.  R W Schafer DO,  Bristow, OK

"Don – we just wanted to let you know that we very much appreciate all the great information you share with our folks here at AMBA. We love your books and your website and really appreciate how you share so much helpful information on your website. Thank you!"   Cyndee Weston,   Davis, OK