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​"We are preparing our annual reviews and I plan to give raises to my staff and have given raises the past 14 years. Because 14 years ago I finally listened to Don and took his advice and implemented his recommendations as such I have been blessed.   Praise the Lord! What's the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing the same way but expecting a different outcome. You all need to encourage your docs to visit with Don and implement his recommendations. Look at his ANS testing. Let him perform an analysis of your practice and you will be shocked at the potential revenues walking out of your offices. Don can confirm this! I am simply telling you as a FP in Texas I did this 14 years ago and it works!"

~ Michael Benavides, D.O. - Dallas, TX 

"Thank you Don. We have a patient who retired a while ago partly because her memory was failing somewhat. She became Toni's patient about a year ago and came to see her recently because the memory loss had worsened. Toni put her right on the Cognitive test that you started us using and it showed a very poor score, but with executive function and memory function remarkably different. Toni sent the patient for a scan which showed a history of multiple small strokes over many years, none of which had produced other symptoms. Now she is chasing down what is causing the strokes--but it was the test you gave us that revealed the nature of the problem!"

~ David Parmelee

"Don, I want to give you a little feedback on the breath hydrogen unit that you sold me several years ago. This has been a great piece of equipment. From the financial aspect it is relatively inexpensive, not expensive to run and good reimbursement. Bloating and heartburn patients are plentiful in my practice and it is amazing to see patients who have had ct scans, ultrasounds, EGD's along with the GI consultation and still they are miserable and told to live with it. A simple test with the breath hydrogen and you identify the underlying problem, usually meaning a short course of antibiotics or more likely avoidance of certain foods. Patients come back crying with joy and relief that they finally have their problem solved(their spouses are even more happy!) I have had multiple scenarios played out in my office and when it comes to the bloating/burping indigestion patient, I have not found a patient yet that we could not solve their problem. If anyone treats these Patients I strongly recommend this unit as it is very cost-effective and you will have patients that think you are a genius for solving their problem." 

Orrin McLeod D.O. McLeod Medical Centers, New Mexico

Economic survival and effective, timely, and affordable healthcare delivery in an increasingly complex and tumultuous healthcare market necessitates that Osteopathic Physicians continuously implement proactive rather than reactive clinical and practice management systems. For more than 20 years Don Self & Associates has helped pave Community Medical Clinic's roadmap to success through informative state and national workshops, monthly newsletters, timely legislative and coding alerts, practice site and management systems evaluations and solutions. Don's recommendations on implementing new diagnostic technologies, laboratory testing methodologies and invaluable advice on dealing with onerous insurance policies have enabled our family practice clinic not only to survive, but thrive in its operational, financial and clinical health outcomes and most importantly in improved doctor-patient outcomes."

~ Hector Lopez DO, TOMA Past President - El Paso, Texas 

"I was very impressed when I first heard Don speak at the AOA convention in Anaheim, and I subsequently purchased the ANS machine from him.   He took good care of me and I am providing even better care for my patients because of him, not to mention the satisfaction of increased reimbursements."

~ Ernesto Quinto, D.O. - Sacramento, CA 

"You have helped me in so many ways. You introduced me to autonomic nervous system testing with your device. This machine allows me to diagnose and treat my patients for autonomic conditions that would otherwise have gone undetected. I just diagnosed 2 patients last week with atrial fibrillation. You also have helped me with billing and coding. I have learned the correct way to get reimbursed for all that I do with my patients.  I have increased revenue and I have been able to sustain a fully staffed office as a solo practitioner even in these tough economic times.  So you have helped me in many ways. But even more, you have helped me help others get the medical intervention they need to be healthy and well. And that is why I do what I do. I love what I do. And thanks to you I will continue to make a difference in my patient's lives" 

~ Tasha Wallace, D.O. - Lehigh Acres, FL 

"Having known you for many years and thinking I never "needed" your services I attended a lecture you gave and what heard made me feel like I was falling behind in my approach to managing my office. After a visit to my office and implementation of a few suggestions, within 6 months I had realized over a 30% increase in office revenue which has allowed me to add new employees and more diagnostic equipment which will continue to increase my office bottom line

~ Jeffrey Lindenbaum, D.O. - Yardley, PA 

"After 17 years of practice I felt I had a reasonably efficient well-run practice. I still at times found myself discouraged by cash flow issues, which I found to be a fairly common problem among primary care practices in today's medical climate. Over the years I have heard many promises from many consultants, and I was more than a little skeptical when you were recommended to me.  Don, I must tell you that it was very refreshing when I quickly realized that you were not just another salesman with pie in the sky ideas. Your analysis of my practice was thorough and extremely accurate. Incorporation of some of your most basic suggestions immediately impacted my bottom line, but what was most impressive was the fact that you focused your recommendations not on money but on enhanced patient care. As I have continued to incorporate your ideas, I have seen a substantial improvement in the overall financial health of my practice. Your core belief that by doing the right thing for the patient will result in the money taking care of itself has proven to be quite true. Thanks for your continued concern for me and my practice and I look forward to a long and fruitful relationship. A.H." 

~ Tilley, MD  Pinnacle Physicians Group - Malvern, Arkansas

"A little more than 16 years ago, we met in your seminar and since then, we have been following your advice.  Since we have been using your recommendations, we have increased our annual income by more than $200,000 a year. "

~ J Michael Holder, D.O. - Phoenix, AZ


                               ARIZONA PROVIDERS

"Good Seminar on Using Ancillary Services to Increase Profit" John Lockhart, D.O., FP, Buckeye AZ

"Great job - I learned alot from Don Self" Karen Holder, FNP, Flagstaff AZ

"Excellent speaker" Richard Nefe, Hospitalist Flagstaff AZ

"Lots of up to date information - excellent speaker" K Epstein, Rheumatology Flagstaff AZ

"Excellent info/Insightful & reassuring. I recommend this seminar" Christopher Labban, D.O., FP Mesa AZ

"A lot of useful info" Denise Gomolar, FNP, NACA, FHC Flagstaff AZ

"The Don Self seminar was well worth the time" Richard Seckenger, Family Physician, Flagstaff AZ

"I would recommend this seminar" Beth Kennedy, FNP, East Flagstaff Family Medicine, Flagstaff AZ

"Very important information" Mary Pasternacki, FNP, Agussiz Family Med. Flagstaff AZ

"Wonderful speaker & seminar" Mary L. Brubaker, PA-C, North Country, Flagstaff AZ

"Don Self taught a very good seminar - wonderful content" Andy Audridge, MD, Surgeon, Flagstaff AZ

"Excellent workshop" Jason Jameson, MD, Northern AZ Urology, Flagstaff AZ

"Good workshop" Dee Kaserer, FNP, EFFM, Flagstaff AZ

"I recommend this workshop" Neal Mogk, MD, Beaver Street Family Practice Flagstaff AZ

"Excellent speaker" Robert Berger, MD, Surgeon, Flagstaff AZ


"Don Self gave a dynamic & exciting lecture" Mark S. Betterman, D.O., FP, Camarillo CA

"Great practical ideas to implent changes & increase profit" Cheryl Geer, D.O., OB/GYN Camarillo CA

"Don has a lot of knowledge and advice that is good for practices."  Marla Hunt,  Lake Elsinore, CA

"It was not odious. Excellent workshop" Ruth Fontaine, MD, Oxnard CA


"Very good seminar on what we should be billing but we've been missing"   Steven Weinrich, D.O., Colorado Springs, CO

"The speaker was the best. Great info!" Bill Levitt, D.O., GP, Lake City CO

"Good workshop" Mike Tushla, MD, FP, Santa Paula, CO


"Excellent seminar at the FOMA convention" Stephen Shanklin, D.O., FP, Bradenton FL

"Helpful & excellent seminar" Cynthia Futral-Eason, D.O., FP Brandon FL

"Seminar was excellent" Barry Galbraith, D.O., FP, Brooksville, FL

"Useful& Excellent lecture" Mari K. Thomas, D.O., FP, Bushnell, FL

"Excellent seminar at the convention" Keith Baker, D.O., FP, SM, Cape Coral FL

"His reimbursement seminar was excellent" Kevin Hardmon, D.O., FP, Clearwater, FL

"Don was one of my two favorite speakers" Brian Hedrick, D.O., Emergency Medicine, Clearwater, FL

"Information given in concise & understandable format" Cheryl Foley, ARNP, Internal Crestview FL

"Fun, dynamic presentation with good topics" Luis F. Gomez, MD, Pediatrics, Crestview FL

"Practical content" Bayard Mzller, MD, Neurology, Crestview FL"Gave me ideas to make more money" Charles Grayson, D.O., ENT, Crestview FL

"Geat seminar - we need more like this"   Roger Demin, M.D.,   Farrel, FL

"My favorite speaker was Don Self" Vincent Azzara, D.O., Internal, Fort Myers FL

"Don was the best speaker at the state conference" William Dillon, D.O., Oph, Fort Myers FL

"The coding was the best part of the seminar" A.B. Russell, MD, FP, Fort Walton Beach, FL

"I recommend this seminar" Bill Buckelew, MD, FP, Fort Walton Beach, FL

"Good seminar!" John Sites, MD, FP, Fort Walton Beach, FL

"Useful specifics, positive approach - excellent speaker" Sandra Hanson, MD, Gen. Surg., Fort Walton Beach, FL

"Don Self was my favorite speaker at the FOMA convention" Elizabeth Sanders, D.O., FP, Gainesville, FL

"It was a good lecture" P. Richard Wirt, III, D.O., FP, Inverness, FL

"I rate the seminar as excellent" Mary Brunzie, D.O., FP, Inverness, FL

"I only heard part of it, but it was excellent - he is my favorite speaker at the convention" Maria Golden, D.O., PM, EM, Jacksonville, FL

" The lecture on using ancillary services at the FOMA convention was excellent" Nevalee Seltzer, D.O., Kissimmee, FL

"Excellent seminar on coding& reimbursement" Richard Plummer, D.O., Kissimmee FL

"Informative& realistic - excellent - one of my favorite speakers" Donald W. Hall, D.O., FP, Lake City, FL

"Good seminar" Joseph Massaro, D.O., Cardiology Lakeland FL

"Seminar was excellent" Jerry Littlefield, D.O., Nephrology, Largo FL

"I rate Don Self's lecture as excellent" Frank Paiano, D.O., IM, Leesburg FL

"My favorite speaker was Don" Lenny Sukienik, D.O., FP, Loxahatchee, FL

"Excellent seminar - best speaker at FOMA convention was Don Self" Barnet Alpert, D.O., FP, Miami FL

"Don's seminar was excellent" Pam Tronetti, D.O., Geriatrics, Mims, FL

"The best was he answered our questions directly" Bobbie Turner, ARNP, Geriatrics, Niceville FL

"Excellent lecture" Michael Tierney, D.O., Niceville FL

"Appropriate & concise" Gregory Turner, MD, Internal Medicine, Niceville FL

"It clarifies coding& useful" Roberta Turner, ARNP, Geriatrics, Niceville FL

"Excellent lecture" Bruce Paley, D.O., Palm Coast, FL

"Seminar was excellent" Scott Yagger, D.O., EM, IM, Palm Harbor FL

"Good seminar" George B. Ramie, D.O., OBG, Panama City, FL

"He was my favorite speaker" William Wilson, D.O., FP, Pensacola FL

"Don taught a good seminar" Melody Burt, D.O., FP, Port Charlotte, FL

"Don Self was my favorite speaker at the FOMA convention" Arleigh Ancheta, D.O., OBG, Port Richey, FL

"I rate both of Don Self's seminars as Excellent- one of my favorite speakers" Dean Gallupe, D.O., FP, Port Saint Lucie, FL

"Seminar was excellent" Silvestris U. Zarins, D.O., Port Saint Lucie, FL

"Very Informative lecture" Robert C. Guagenti, D.O., Sarasota FL

"The seminar was excellent" Donald Ware II, D.O., FP, Sebring FL

"Practical & packed with info & also entertaining" Candis Carrillo, NP, FP, Shalimar FL

"I would rate this lecture as excellent" Laura Drach, D.O., Pediatric Internal, St Petersburg, FL

"Excellent seminar" John B. DeCosmo, D.O., FP, St Petersburg FL

"the seminar was excellent" David Pinzler, D.O., FP, Stuart, FL

"Don was my favorite speaker at the conference" IIda Isaza, D.O., FP, Sunrise FL

"His seminar was excellent" Janet Gibson, D.O., FP, Tallahassee, FL

"The Utilizing Ancillary Services to Increase Profit seminar was excellent" Greg Williams, D.O. FP, Tallahassee, FL

"My favorite in the conference was Don Self" Jon Hebblewhite, D.O., FP, Tampa FL

"Great& Informative" seminar at the FOMA convention, Eric Williams, D.O., FP, Tampa, FL

"Self was one of my favorite speakers" Joel Rose, D.O, FP, Tampa, FL

"Excellent seminar" Steven Reeves, D.O., Rad, Tampa, FL

"Don Self was my favorite speaker" Joel Rose, D.O., FP, Tampa, FL

"Don taught a good seminar" James Homan, D.O., FP, Tampa FL"My favorite speaker at the FOMA conference was Don Self" John P. Gonzalvo, D.O., Surgeon, Tampa FL

"One of my favorite speakers was Don" Robert D'Amico, D.O., FP, Tarpon Springs, FL

"Excellent seminar" Thomas Renny, D.O, FP, Temple Terrace FL

"Don was one of my favorite speakers at FOMA" Gerald Ciemiega, D.O., FP, Valrico FL

"Don is my favorite speaker at the conference" Trent Mascola, D.O., FP, Venice, FL

"Seminar was REALLY good" Manish Sharma, D.O., Internal Medicine, Wesley Chapel FL

"Good seminar" Barbara Krantz, D.O., FP, West Palm Beach, FL



"Excellent content - loved the presentation style"   Jeffrey H. Baron, FNP-BC,   Reid Health, Richmond, IN

"Very informative.  I would recommend to all physicians"  Michael Fain, DO,  Brookville, IN

"Informational - I recommend it"  Cierra Ward, FNP-C,   Reid Health,   Richmond, IN


"Don Self taught an excellent seminar at the Osteopathic convention" Daniel Callan, D.O., Pikeville, KY


"I recommend this workshop to others" Beverly Tannenbaum, MD, Pediatrics, Bel Air, MD

"Good reliable information" Lee Tannenbaum, MD, Family Practice, Bel Air, MD


"I liked the new ideas to increase revenues" Linda L. Satterlee, D.O., FP, Belding, MI

" I liked everything about the seminar" Larry L. Carr, D.O. , Endocrinology Bay City, MI

"Good lecture" Bradley Bastow, D.O., Cardiology, South Haven, MI


"Excellent seminar - excellent speaker" Gayle Harrell, Forest MS

"Practice info - I recommend this seminar" Sam Fillingame, D.O., Jackson MS


"All NPs need this class - movies quickly" Mary Benson, FNP, Nephrology/Peds, Kansas City MO


"The speaker was dynamic& entertaining" Ian Brodrick, MD, Medical Director, Priority Medical Care, Bridgewater NJ

"Great info - excellent workshop" Linda I. Greenspan, D.O., FP, Cedar Knolls, NJ

"Don Self was one of my favorite speakers at the Osteopathic convention" Steven Klein, D.O., FP, Gloucester, NJ


"I especially like his sliderule. Excellent speaker" Paul Bublis, D.O. Hobbs NM
"I enjoyed his book and his seminar"  Mike Grafe, D.O.

"I would recommend this seminar" Michael Murphy, D.O. Las Cruces NM

"Excellent seminar" David Myer, D.O., FP, Silver City NM

"We were given practical tools you can use in your practice" Linda Meyer, RNC, Silver City NM


"Excellent seminar" at the FOMA convention in 2006, Mickel Khlat, D.O., IM, Geriatrics, Hempstead NY


"I liked the ideas- suggestions on how to improve income" Arthur Zacco, D.O., FP, Apex, NC

"Great seminar" Healther Kerlin, D.O., FP, Charlotte, NC

"I recommend this workshop" Tony Elkins, D.O., FP, Charlotte, NC

"Excellent workshop" George L. Bradley, D.O., FP Cherryville, NC

"Pertinent info in an exciting presentation" Thirston Phillips, D.O., Physiatry, PM&R Fayetteville, NC

"Informational, interesting" Judith Drupe, FP, Goldsboro, NC

"Good content, excellent speaker" Hal Armistead, D.O., FP, Hantersville, NC

"I would recommend this seminar" Michelle Landis, D.O., FP, Jefferson, NC

"Excellent - I want the newsletter" Beverly Goode-Kanawaki, D.O., FP, Raleigh, NC

"I really enjoyed the topics - never felt bored - very helpful" Raghu Katuru, MD, FP, Smithfield NC

"Good hands on to help revenue", Elizabeth M. Reinoche, D.O., OB/Gyn Tarboro, NC

"Excellent speaker - I want to subscribe to newsletter" Ashton Molai, D.O., FP, Wilkesboro, NC

"Don Self's webinars are always worthwhile"  Katherine McNeese MD,  Williamston, NC

"If only I had known about Don before I retired..." Mark Prager, D.O., Wilmington, NC

"Very Applicable" Slade Suchecki, D.O., FP, Wilmington, NC


"My favorite speaker at the conference was Don Self" J. Wm Wiand, D.O., Radiology Blacklick, OH

"Don Self taught an excellent seminar" Annette Ciotti, D.O., FP, Copley, OH

"Lots of good info" Michael Galloway, D.O., OB/GYN, Greenville, OH

"Practical Info - Excellent Speaker" Michael Reed, D.O., FP Jackson, OH


"Excellent Speaker" John Stiger, D.O., Milwaukee OR"I always recommend Don's seminars" Bryan Knight, D.O., Portland OR


"Good seminar - want to try the newsletter" Susan Robbins, D.O., FP, Chesterfield, SC


"Seminar was excellent - The best was it's relevance & practicality" Edwin Rodriguez, MD, FP, Deadwood SD

"Good seminar" Richard Kein, M.D., Internal, Spearfish SD

"Excellent Seminar - Practical Information. I recommend it." Scott Finkbeiner, M.D., Internal Spearfish SD


"I enjoyed his seminar"  Terry Binks, D.O.,  Shelbyville, TN

"The speaker was excellent" Marshall LaPlata, D.O., Anesthesia Estill Springs, TN

"Excellent speaker - I want to subscribe to his monthly newsletter too" Sam Chung, D.O., PM&R Jackson, TN


"He shared helpful hints" R Cooksey, DO, FP, Abilene, TX

"This seminar should be done for our staff" Dean Peyton, DO, FP, Arlington, TX

"This workshop was excellent" Robert Slocum, DO, FP, Arlington, TX

"I always enjoy his seminars" Sharon Dennis, DO, FP, Arlington, TX

"We in the Osteopathic Association are fortunate that Don has helped us as much as he has." Dean Peyton, DO, FP, Arlington, TX

"Good hand out, very practical info, very applicable to my practice" Karen Rightmire, DO, FP, Ballinger, TX

"His seminars are the best I've ever attended" Steven Yount, D.O., FP, Bastrop, TX

"Usable info - excellent seminar" Neil S. Levy, D.O., Pediatrics, Bedford, TX

"This billing information has helped immensely" Cheryl Lopez, DO, FP, Carrollton, TX

The seminar was excellent" Mike Williams, DO, Cedar Hill, TX

"This is the best seminar I've attended on coding" Robert Kotch, DO, FP, College Station, TX

"I try to attend every one taught by Don that I can" Roy Mimms, Jr., DO, FP, Comanche, TX

"Better understanding of exactly what I, as a physician, need to document & do" Glenda Suzy Roefer, MD, Corpus Christi, TX

"The topic was very relevant- speaker was excellent" Juan Castro, MD, FP, Corpus Christi, TX

"He has made the doctors in our association more money than any other" Jayne Knight, D.O., FP, Corpus Christi, TX

"Today's workshop was excellent" Efrain Dickson, MD, Corpus Christi, TX

"I especially liked the coding guidelines for e/m services" Dan Waddell, D.O., Internal Medicine, Colleyville, TX

"He teaches us things about coding & collections that we need to know" Ruth Carter, D.O., FP, Colleyville, TX

"Practical help for the office& physician" Gregory Dott, DO, OM, Dallas, TX

"I would rate today's workshop by Don as excellent" Ali Jafarian, DO, FP, Dallas, TX

"I liked Don's enthusiasm the best" R.A. Lane, DO, Dallas, TX

"Everytime my wife goes to his workshop, she comes back with new ideas to make money" John H. Brown, MD, FP, Dallas, TX

"It was an excellent seminar taught by Don Self" Robert Deluca, DO, Eastland, TX

"The information was very relevant& helpful" Sandy Hazelip, DO, FP, Eastland, TX

"It's a convenience, timesaver & money making deal having Don for my staff to call" John Boyd, DO, FP, Eden, TX

"Excellent Workshop!" Rodolfo Valdivia, DO, FP, El Paso, TX

"Very good seminar. I recommend it" Wayne Thornbury, El Paso, TX

"The Don Self seminar was outstanding" Richard Saunders, D.O., El Paso, TX

"I liked the actual situations * reimbursement problems he discussed" Doyle Gallman, DO, FP, Ft Worth, TX

"Excellent Workshop!" Howard Lang, DO, Allergy, Ft Worth, TX

"Very passionate talk, knowledgeable, clear precise direction" Chau Pham, D.O., Ft Worth, TX

"I liked the specificity, directness, supportive attitude towards Dr's!" Randall Hayes, D.O., Fort Worth, TX

"You lit a fire under my butt to double check to make sure I'm billing for everything" Al Faigin, DO, FP, Fort Worth, TX

"Today's Don Self seminar was excellent as usual" Gene Herzog, DO, FP, Gainesville, TX

"Very worthwhile seminar" Bob Shackelford, MD, Orthopedics, Gilmer, TX

"Don's seminars are to the point& always beneficial to my practice" Ronda Beene, DO, FP, Grand Prairie, TX

"I needed my front office staff here to hear this" Carl Mitten, DO, FP, Houston, TX

"His seminar was VERY HELPFUL" Mary Campbell-Fox, DO, FP, Houston, TX

"Every physician should be using Don Self as their consultant" Grant McKeever, MD, Orthopedics, Houston, TX

"He gives a very informative seminar" Charles Fontonier, DO, GP, Houston, TX

"His column in the magazine is very very informative" Reg Platt D.O. Houston, TX

"Great Lecture" Ruth Carter, DO, GP, Hurst, TX

"His monthly column in the TEXAS DO is very useful" James Linton, D.O. , Hurst, TX

"The coding advice was exactly what I needed" Michael Truman, DO, FP, Hurst, TX

"Practical, real world solutions" Kevin Kallal, MD., FP Keller, TX

"I have recommended Don to every physician I personally know" Gail Stockman, MD, Pulmonary, Longview, TX

"I have a successful internal medicine clinic, partly due to Don Self" Wendell Daniels, MD, Internal Medicine, Longview, TX

"This was a very good workshop" Leland Nelson, DO, FP, Lubbock, TX

"Colorful& informing seminar" Jon Furbee, D.O., Anesth., Lubbock, TX

"Don Self is an outstanding speaker" Harlan Wright, DO, Lubbock, TX

"The entire workshop was great" T.S. Kent, MD, Urology, Lufkin, TX

"His workshops always increase our income" Michael Sabo, DPM Lufkin, TX

"Good speaker& workshop" Kenneth Volk, PA-C, FP/RHC, Marshall TX

"The doctors I've referred to Don Self have come back to thank me" Brad Wilson, MD, Internal Medicine, Nacogdoches, TX

"It was helpful on how to get billing & reimbursement under control" Sidney Chadwell, DO, Palestine, TX

"I recommend his seminars to every doctor in my area" David Armbruster, DO, FP, Pearland, TX

"Useful, creative, practical - no fluff" Bernard Feigelman, DO, Psych., Richardson, TX

"The personal interaction & the clear concise, practical advice concerning coding" Raymond P. Mussett, MD Roma TX

"My staff looks forward to attending his seminars" Steven Bander, D.O., FP, Sasche, TX

"The whole presentation was quite helpful" Mark Robbins, DO, U.S.A.F., San Antonio, TX

"Don Self gives practical& useful information" Jerome Smola, DO, FP, Sweetwater, TX

"I liked the interaction Don had with the audience" Hugh Heck, DO, GP, Tyler, TX

"It was entertaining& an excellent seminar" Anesia Garmon, DO, FP, Weatherford, TX

"Don Self has helped the Osteopathic Association in Texas more than any other consultant" Rodney Wiseman, DO, FP, Whitehouse, TX

"Don doesn't pussyfoot around issues - he addresses them head on & doesn't play politics!" John Galewaler, DO, FP, Whitesboro, TX

​​"Entertaining, Educational, Interesting"   So Kim Abad MD, FP, Wichita Falls, TX
"Informative and authoratative"  Adanna Amechi MD, FP, Wichita Falls, TX
"The best seminar I've ever been to"  Clark Brazil MD, Vascular,   Wichita Falls, TX
"Excellent, informative"  Lori Hanes MD, FP,  Wichita Falls, TX
"Good for improved reimbursement"   Rita Kong MD,    Wichita Falls, TX
"Practical seminar!"   Soe-Ni Kong MD, Cardiology,   Wichita Falls, TX

"Very practical"   Jose Lim, MD,  Internal,  Wichita Falls, TX
"Informative and entertaining"  Frederick Langner MD, Gen Surg, Wichita Falls, TX
"The presenter was easy to understand and engaging"   Cephas Mujuruki MD, FP, Wichita Falls, TX
"Very practical"   Susan Strate MD, Pathology,   Wichita Falls, TX
"Very informative"  Diane Zardain MD,   FP,  Wichita Falls, TX


"Excellent Presentation & Clear& Specific recommendations" Stephen Beck, MD, FP Bountiful UT


"Practical good tips" Lyn VanderSommen, MD, GP/Gyn Charlottesville VA

"It was a very helpful seminar"   Todd Baumeister, D.,O.

"Excellent seminar" Kenty Vye, D.O., FP/Addiction Yakima, WA



"His webinars are great"  

"Very informative & interesting" Kathy Garris,Billing Athens AL

"I enjoyed the speaker" Donna L Burch, Coll Mgr, Diag Div, Birmingham, AL

"It was a privilege to be a part of this seminar" Michelle McClinton, CPC, General Surgery, Birmingham, AL

"I admire him for acknowledging God" Lori Chambless, CPC, Multi, Birmingham, AL

"All materials was beyond my expectations" Delaine Jackson, CPC, Multi, Birmingham, AL

"It held my attention, very informative" Mary Leah Barnes, Ins Coord, General Surgery, Birmingham, AL

"Tricks of the legal aspects assoc. with billing" Danielle Brown, Asst PA, Multi, Birmingham, AL

"Very useful forms" Carole Matter, CPC, Internal, Cullman, AL

"Terrific template forms" Beth Cole,Ofc Mgr Cullman AL

"Easy to understand" Rhonda Acree, Dir of H/R Dotman AL

"Thanks Don, Great seminar" Tyler Barnes, Godsen AL

"I would recomend this seminar to others" Donna Allen, Ofc Mgr Guntersville AL

"Interesting and upbeat" Gail F. Bean, CPC Guntersville AL

"Don Self is excellent. Learned a lot" Rachelle HArdy, Billing Huntsville AL

"It was not boring& very upbeat all day" Carole Beddingfield, CPC, Multi, Leeds, AL

​​​"Excellent webinar.  I recommend it"  Amy J. Golden, Northport, AL

"Very Personable" Charla Sewell, Admin Prattville AL

"I liked your Sense of humor,You know your stuff" Leslie Hancock, Billing Prattville, AL

"Don Self's Information is the most accurate& valuable" Rhonda Ballinger,Dir WArner Robins AL

"Stories of first hand accounts" Jim Ballinger, Bill Spec Warner Robins AL

"Very informative!  I didn't even know this existed.  It's overwhelming" Gillian Wright, Larson Chiro,Wasilla, AL


"By far, the most helpful (for me) webinar that AMBA has produced"  Wendy Boyd, Anchorage

"It was enlightening"    Tonya - SE Alaska Surgery - Juneau, AK


Lots of helpful information" Ann Sheffit, Coding Spec, FP, Eureka Springs, AR

"Wonderful information that can be put to use immediately" Tammy Helton, Cert. Coder, General Surgery, Fayetteville, AR

"Excellent information& humor" Cheryl Yarber, CPC, Cardio, Fayetteville, AR

"Excellent content" Jane Mashburn, Reimbursement, Multi, Fayetteville, AR

"The seminar was presented in an excellent way" Mildred Barnes, Coder, Pulmo, Fayetteville, AR

"Very funny& informative seminar" Lisa Barnes, CPC, Multi, Fayetteville, AR

"The informative nature of the presentation" Katie Rea, CPC, Multi, Fayetteville, AR

"Don Self has a wonderful sense of humor" Sharon Myers, CPC, Multi, Fort Smith, AR

"Excellent speaker" Holly Strunk, OFC MGR, Colon/Rectal surgery, Lowell, AR

"His knowledge of all areas!" Mary Jo Milner, Pine Bluff AR

"I loved everything about Don Self's seminar" Jonna Bryant, OFC MGR, General Surgery, Springdale, AR


"It's very informative" Providece Vargas, Mgr, N. Country Community Health Ash Fork AZ

"Don Self had a pleasant presentation" Debbie Fehr, CPC, APC, Chandler, , AZ

"I highly recommend the workshop" Gay Dean, Billing, Internal, Dr. Brenda Howland, Cottonwood AZ

"His seminar was entertaining& Informative" Catherine Harrington, Consultant, Multi, Eagar, AZ

"I could have used 3 days with Don" Wendy Walker, Bill Mgr, Eagar, AZ

"Please hold more seminars in our area" Rhonda Lauterio, CPC, Coding, Eagar, AZ

"Wonderful content& the best speaker" Renee Chapma, N AZ Congenital Heart Flagstaff AZ

"Made us aware of billing procedures we didn't know about - great" Julie Ryan, Manager, FMCH Flagstaff AZ

"Well worth the time, lots of great ideas" Kim Delgado, Ofc Mgr, East Flagstaff Family Med Flagstaff AZ

"Wonderful speaker& excellent content" Paula Rogalskin, East Flagstaff Family Med Flagstaff AZ

"Insightful Information", Linda Secakuku, Billing, E. Flagstaff Family Med Flagstaff AZ

"Very Informative - would recommend it" Terri Hershey, GP, Dr. L. George Hershey Flagstaff AZ

"Good for physician offices" Glenda Cortez, Payor, Children's Health Flagstaff AZ

"Very entertaining for what is usually a boring subject" Miranda Buys, FMC Hospital Flagstaff AZ

"Excellent Seminar" Nicole Romo, Billing, Neurosurgical Specialists Flagstaff AZ

"Wonderful speaker& content" Cheryl Hope, Ofc Mgr, Neurosurgical Specialists, Flagstaff AZ

"I will recommend this seminar to others" Julie Good, Neurosurgical Specialists Flagstaff AZ

"Great information - excellent speaker" Katherine A. Simmons, CPC, Mgr, Beaver Street Family Practice Flagstaff AZ

"Informational & entertaining" Linda Skinner, Ofc Mgr, Flagstaff Pediatric Care Flagstaff AZ

"Excellent content, informative& entertaining" Anna Contreras, Biller, Flagstaff Primary Care Flagstaff AZ

"Don is the best speaker" Cathy Dittmer, Front Ofc Supervisor, Flagstaff Primary Care Flagstaff AZ

"It was exceptional& speaker was outstanding, entertaining& informational" Karen Wilson, Practice Mgr, N AZ Surgical Associates Flagstaff AZ

"Excellent - bring him back for another seminar on ERISA!" Laurie Otwen, Ofc Mgr, N AZ Congenital Heart Ctr Flagstaff AZ

"Clarified issues, usefull for increasing revenue, amusing presentation" Lisa Royalty, CPC, Mgr, Flagstaff Bone & Joint Flagstaff AZ

"I will recommend this seminar to others" Dorie Newton, CPC, PMMC Approved Instructor, Flagstaff Emergency Physicians, Flagstaff AZ

"Workshop was excellent & enjoyable - alot of new& updated info" Winifred Begay, Internal, M. Keberlein MD, Flagstaff AZ

"I'll tell others YES about this seminar" Bernadette Santillan, Mgr, Internal, Randall Scott MD, Flagstaff AZ

"A great learning experience" Helen Watson, Internal, Randall Scott MD, Flagstaff AZ

"It was very informative" Lisa Hall, Billing, CBO, Perot Systems, Flagstaff AZ

"Great seminar" Joanne Parkes, Children's Health Center, Flagstaff AZ

"Very worthwhile" &rew Martin, Flagstaff Family Care Clinic. Flagstaff AZ

"Very good seminar" Cindy Martin, FFCC, Flagstaff AZ

"Excellent content explained very well with humor - thank you Don" Gina Bevilacqua, Ofc Mgr, NACS Cardiology Flagstaff AZ

"I definitely feel this seminar was beneficial for the practice& the providers" Victoria Arendt, Supervisor, First Care Nursing Flagstaff AZ

"Wonderful speaker" Suzanne Tackitt, Compliance, Children's Health Center Flagstaff AZ

"I truly benefited from the seminar - wonderful speaker" Marie Van Wey, Office Mgr, First Care Nursing, Flagstaff AZ

"Informative& Entertaining" Suzanne Duval, Billing, NACS Cardiology, Flagstaff AZ

"Dynamic Speaker - great information in an entertaining manner" Jantina Wilson, Consultant, JS Med Office Consultants, Flagstaff AZ

"Best seminar I have ever attended in my 20 years of coding" Charlene Cooper, Mgr, Flagstaff Bone & Joint Flagstaff AZ

"I would recommend this seminar" Penny Fischer, RN, Manager, FMC Flagstaff AZ

"Don Self  had high energy level - very interesting practice results, excellent speaker" Rachel Sturm, Coder, Neuro, Stepehn Ritland MD Flagstaff AZ

"Informative, Excellent" Krissy Lewis, Billing, Michael Flores MD Flagstaff AZ

"Lots of outpatient coding tips, intro to ERISA, thanks so much" Laurie Beth Carl, Ryan Internal Med, Flagstaff AZ

"Excellent Speaker " Hillam Richards, Ofc Mgr, Walk In Med Care, Flagstaff AZ

"There was a lot of good info pertaining to procedures that we could be billing" Valerie Wallace, Billing, Walkin Med Care, Flagstaff AZ

"Very entertaining, informative, lots of fun" Linda Lee Chavez, Billing, Crystal Canyon ENT, Flagstaff AZ

"Terrific, very insightfull"   Elizabeth Meyer,  Gilbert, AZ

"Don ROCKS!  He is extremely knowledgeable on increasing a providers bottom line!"  Adella Cordova,  Gilbert, AZ

"The interaction was great" Sue Wilson, Multi, Glendale, AZ

"Very interesting& kept moving" Dawn Cloud, Bill Mgr, GS, Mesa, AZ

"Great pointers - kept it interesting" Deborah Moreno, Cardiology, Mesa, AZ

"Excellent coding presentation & honest info" Cheryl Duran, Cardiology, Mesa, AZ

"Tons of valuable info - tips for making things easier" Kelli Ankrom, CPC, Mesa, AZ

"Total interaction& the relaxed format" Marilyn Hall, owner, Overgaard, AZ

"Entertaining, while educational" Cheryl Kress, Billing Managment, Peona AZ

"The communication between the speaker& participants was amazing" Carol Judd, Front off, Proctology, Pinetop, AZ

'It is very informative" Terry Stevenson-Saiz, CPC, Cardi, Phoenix, AZ

"Don Self's seminar was enjoyable & informative" Bea Olsen, CPC, Phoenix, AZ

"You do an amazing job with visuals and info."   Karen Hines,  Queen Creek, AZ

"I liked it all!" J. Lynn Consorte, Ofc Mgr, Internal , Scottsdale, AZ

"Very useful& enjoyable" Anna Montague, Sedona Urgent Care, Sedona AZ"Good info, especially on modifiers & consults" Joyce Weber, Biller, Sedona Urgent Care, Sedona AZ

"Excellent speaker" Lynn Lindhurst, Bus. Mgr, Sedona Urgent Care, Sedona AZ

"Wonderful speaker& content" Angie Ringel & Diane Mund, Choices Integrative Healthcare Sedona AZ

"I liked everything about this workshop" Rachelle Padilla, OFC MGR, PC, Springer Ville, AZ

"Very informative& not boring" Rita Vaughan, OFC MGR, FP, St. Johns, AZ

"I just kept thinking "if only I knew then what I know now".  Very, very informative" Julie Averill, Sun City AZ

"I learned a lot" Debbie Brennion, CPC, ER, Tucson, AZ

"One hour is not enough, I want to hear and learn more about this ERISA law" Josephine Morales, Tucson AZ

"The speaker had lot of information to help our company.  Kept my interest.  Ellen, Old Pueblo Billing - Tucson AZ

"It wasn't long enough" Corinne Zospah, CPC, CCS, Hospital, White River, AZ

"Sharing the solutions to problems with other practices� Mitzi Classay, MA, Billing, White River, AZ


"The seminar was extremely helpful, funny& a dynamic speaker"- Kristen Simpson- Cardio- Anaheim Hills, CA

"I would recommend this seminar to any practicing physician" Karen Peters, Auditor, Anderson, CA

"Great medical collection seminar"   I recommend it"  Pam West,  Dr. Kurtz MD - Beverly Hills

"Don is very interesting& full of knowledge"- Colleen Melton- Bonsau, CA

"He made alot of great points!"   Amanda Lopez, Brisbane, CA

"Don Self is very easy to understand & well spoken" - Sandra Shryer-Raheb, Office Manager - Camarillo, CA

"Awesome!   Very informative"  Karey Collins,   Camarillo, CA

"Excellent seminar" Diane Simpson, Billing, Dana Point CA

"It was super educational."   Monica Kosbab,  Elk Grove, CA

"Very important info on what is myth & what is truth"- Mariarosa Yago-Tan, CPC- IPA- El Monte, CA

"I liked the Willingness to answer questions & take comments from the seminar attendees"- Jessica Tennis- ASC- Encinitas, CA

"I loved the Energy of the speaker"- Irene Lustra- ASC- Encinitas, CA

"I would recommend this workshop to others" Sherry Parker, Ortho., Fresno, CA

"Excellent workshop - I liked everything about it" Rima Voskani, Biller, Multi., Glendale CA

"Very informative for coding" Evelyn Mateuosian, Biller, Multi.,  Glendale

"I definitely recommend this workshop" Susan Wyatt, FP, Glendora, CA

"Speaker was great" Theo Pawlowski, Bill Super, OB/GYN, Hartford, CA

"It was very informative. Especially the refund part."  Angelica Almaraz, Los Angeles, CA

"Very informative and helpful"  Nolynne Rodriguez,   Los Angeles, CA

"It was educational"   Margarita Molina,  Los Angeles, CA

"Great.  Very informative!! Loved the slides"   Jasmine Fennell, Los Angeles, CA

"good resources, good guy, fair pricing"  Haig Kouyoumdjian,  Morgan Hill, CA

​'Very informative and kept upbeat by the hilarious clips."  Susan Pisor, Napa,, CA

​"WOW!  VERY informative ERISA webinar"  Michele Horton, Napa, CA

"It was alot of info - but very enlightening"  Ami Tucker, Napa, CA

​"It was very informative and somewhat inspiring"  Sun Baer, Newport Beach, CA

"Everything was very valuable for me. i loved it"- Sara Medina- Out Pt- Oceanside, CA

"Information is great" Christina Kelly, OFC MGR, Ortho, Orange, CA

"Humorous examples inserted into a normally boring class"- Richard Westerdoll, CA AMA, CMM, CHCC - Oxnard, CA

"Great tips! Very useful info"- Karen Downey, Manager - Oxnard, CA

"It's a great seminar"- Juanita Lopez - Oxnard, CA

"Very informational"  Catherine Williams, Pittsburg, CA

"Good seminar  Best PAHCOM has put on."   David Martinez,  Rancho Cucamonga, CA

​"I thought the webinar was very effective and knowledgeable"  Tanya - Accurate Medical Billing - Rancho Cucamonga

​"Very informative"   Jennifer - Accurate Medical Billing - Rancho Cucamonga, CA

​"Put together very well and information was very helpful"  Angela Castoe, Rockin CA

"It was Excellent!" Lori Stroud, Salinas CA

​It was very informative"   Elaine Stangler,   San Diego, CA

"Don Self kept me awake, interested & challenged"- Carol Malick, CPC, CT- Anes- San Diego, CA

"Detailed informed information, also connections for help"- Terri Tunstall- Anest- San Diego, CA

"Everything was great.  Glad the AAPC did this."- R. Kelly Alvarez, CPC, NCICS- Radio- San Diego, CA

"Great easy to understand info"- Kimberly Valenzia- Multi- San Diego, CA

"Exciting, kept everyone interested"- Cynthia Beckley- Multi- San Diego, CA

"I would attend another Don Self workshop'- SAndra Dupree- San Diego, CA

"Valuable information"- Marilyn Kern- San Diego, CA

"Offers simple solutions to raise revenue� Peggy Newcomer, FP, San Francisco, CA

"Don Self is a great coding consultant that always provides accurate billing and coding advice to folks across the nation whether person to person via a seminar or webinars.  I have learned a lot of tough coding lessons from Don the past 22 years and always appreciate all that I have learned from him even when proving me wrong about a particular coding topic.  Not only this, but his free documents page is just awesome for use on his web site when needing coding guidance about a particular coding topic.  My only other request is that he somehow finds a way to conduct seminars in the San Francisco Bay Area for California folks that may be more inclined in attending."  George Ward,  East Market FQHC, San Francisco


"Gave me insight of revenue I'm missing" Linda Bonlken, FP, Selma, CA 

"I loved the presenter & his knowledge"- Kathryn Westerdoll - Simi Valley, CA 

"I could learn a lot from Don Self"- Karrie May, CPC- Multi- Spring Valley, CA 

"Great & plentiful info" Annemarie Picone, Billing, Trauma/Plastic Surgery, Temcula CA 

"Mr. Don Self was very Knowledeable"- Michelle Dequet, Ofc Mgr, Thousand Oaks, CA 

"Don's insight& wealth of knowledge is great"- Michelle James, Ofc Mgr, Thousand Oaks, CA 

"The humor& everything was wonderful"- Debbie Newcomb, Ofc Mgr - Ventura, CA 

"Very informative"  Cindy Gasior,   Ventura, CA 

"Honesty& Knowledge" Shirly Hurt, CMM, Cardiology, Ventura, CA 

"I like his honesty!" Sheryl Lindholm, Cardiology, Ventura, CA 

"I liked the information provided"- John CaHill- FP- Vista, CA 

"He's to the point"- Melinda Holmes- ER- Vista, CA 

"It was Very educational"- Mary Diaz- Multi- Whittier, CA 

"Very informative& easy to ask questions"-Heather McDonald- Wildomar, CA 


"Great content"   Patricdia Ferguson, Aurora, CO

​"Deeply informative, easy to follow and fun!"   Stone Taylor Melanson,   Aurora, CO

"I began a new career in the medical field in 2007 having never previously worked in a medical office.  When I asked for advice, my teacher said to join Don Self's list-serve.  It is the best decision I have made!!  Don is full of knowledge (and humor!) & his website resources & free list-serve feedback have been invaluable."   Marcia Carroll,  Colorado Springs

"I appreciate Don's integrity" Pamela Bridges-Smith, Infec. Dis, Colorado Springs, CO

"Very good workshop for practice managers" Tab Hicks, Consultant, Colorado Springs, CO

"I loved the seminar& the info is solid" Elaine Olsen, Administrator, Urogynecology, Denver CO

"I enjoyed his sense of humor& recommend the seminar" Sandy Salus, Ofc Mgr, IM, Englewood CO

"It was educational& entertaining" Nicole Padlo-Miller, MA, Internal, Englewood CO

"It was informative& insightful. Medical offices need this information" Leslie Barlow, Multi Specialty, Fruita, CO

"Medical offices need this info""Very helpful& informative" Karolyn Bauer, FP, Lakewood CO

"I liked that it was easy to understand& his sense of humor" Barbara Mitchell, Coder, FP, Lakewood CO

"The tips I learned at this seminar will be immediately implemented." Jackie Karsten, Pract. Mgr., Family Medicine Clinic, Littleton, CO

"I liked everything about the workshop" Sharon McCormick, FP, Littleton, CO

"Very informative - had a great time" Michelle Heberein, FP, Littleton, CO

"Don's personality made it fun" Jolene Wilson, Ofc Mgr, FP & OB, Montrose CO

"I recommend the seminar" JanAnderson, Med. Billing, Montrose CO

"Excellent workshop" Barb Zook, Consultant, Reimbursement, Montrose CO

"Speaker was very easy to listen to" Sherry Russell, Ofc Mgr, FP, Montrose CO

"Very informative and helpful"  Judy Daraghy, Parker, CO


I found it very informative. It has sparked my curiosity"   Emma Bednarik, Fairfield, CT

"It was very eye opening and quite helpful"   Atsuko Rockwell,   Fairfield, CT

"The Don Self webinar was excellent with a great deal of important info"  Bettie Phillips, Hamden, CT

"I learn a lot and get tons of laughs all day from Don's email listserv"  Renee Antonetti, CPC, chco,  Gaylord Hospital,  Wallingford, CT


"Informative"- Sally Hartley- Neurology- Altamonte Springs, FL

"It was good content, entertaining delivery"- Darlene Born- FP- Altamonte Springs, FL

"The best part was the speaker, Don Self"- Kelly Ellis- FP- Altamonte Springs, FL

"Enjoyed the humor-kept the boring subject "somewhat" enjoyable"- Rahe Berns- FP- Altamonte Springs, FL

"Informative" Sally Hartley, Mgr, Neuro, Altamonte Springs, FL

"Good content& entertaining delivery" Darlene Born, PM, FP, Altamonte Springs, FL

"The best parts were the slide rule, booklet & speaker"- Carolyn Katie Wayne- FP- Apoka, FL

"Great info given that we can implement" JoAnn Cook, Ofc Mgr, FP, Baker FL

"Don's not boring" Mary Murphy, PM, Gynecology, Bradenton, FL

"Don Self is very informative" Kim Monnell, Neuro, Bradenton, FL"Very informative" Patricia VaN Buren, Internal, Bushnell, FL

"Great coding& documentation information" Kimberly Manning, Consultant, ER, Cantonment, FL

Lots of info - usable info done in an upbeat manner. " Phyllis Santer, RN, CMM, Internal Medicine, Clearwater, FL

"It's a very beneficial billing seminar" Sharon Higgins, Biller, Dermatology, Clearwater, FL

"Wonderful speaker& content" Darcy Roy, CPC, Program Director, Brevard Community, Cocoa FL

"The best seminar speaker" Emmeline Greimel, Radiology, Cocoa FL

Interesting & informative - wonderful speaker" Ann Klatt, CPC, Ofc Mgr, OB/GYN, Health First, Cocoa Beach FL

"It was extremely beneficial"  Betsy Hager,   Cocoa Beach, FL

There's alot of money to be made by attending" Elizabeth Donnelly, Office tech, OB/GYN, Health First, Cocoa Beach FL

"He is the best speaker, of course" Bill Greulich, Manager, Pulmonary, Broward Institute, Coral Springs FL

"The speaker & content were great! Very entertaining" Sandra Childs, Ins. Clerk, Pulmonary Crestview FL

"Teaching with humor is excellent" Melissa Sparks, Coder/Biller, ENT, Crestview FL

"Excellent seminar" Angela Swaney, Ofc Mgr, Dermatology, Crestview FL

"It was a fun, entertaining, learning experience" Kyla Nelms, Insurance, Pulmonary, Crestview FL

"Informative, lively" Karen Long, Ofc Mgr, Pulmonary, Crestview FL

"Things you should be doing that many have missed" Pamela Fenoff, Internal, Crestview, FL

"Knowledge that I received" Pamela Fenoff, Bill Mgr, FP, Crestview, FL

"Great Information" Sherry Vanul, Ins/bill, FP, Crestview, FL

"Obtainable solutions to everyday problems" Dianne Ball, Coder, FP, Crestview, FL

"It's informative& entertaining" Andi Jarrell-Isla, AR/Coding, FP, Crestview FL

"Go see Don" Marie Demastus, CMM, COPCS, Ortho, Crystal River, FL

"Relaxed and Interesting" Sandra Watson, MGR, Otolaryngology, Crystal River, FL

"Enough information to delve further" Anita Grabowski, ARNP-CS, Crystal River, FL

"Very Interesting" Cynthia Brumm, OFC MGR, COT, Ophthalmology, Crystal River, FL

"Very informative& interesting" Becky Davey, OFC MGR, Brooksville, FL

"Very well planned& executed" Venecia Hathorn, OFC MGR, Anesthesiology, Crystal River, FL

"It was very informative & answered a lot of questions" Heidi Burns, AR, Anesthesia, Crystal River, FL

"The relaxed atmosphere" Tina Piccuillo, Billing, Ortho, Crystal River, FL

"Practical Information" Deborah Whitley, Auditor, Multi-specialty, Destin, FL

"Good info- excellent presentation" George Dramis Jr., Oral Surgery, Ft Myers, FL

"Great information - Don kept things light, funny & very informative" Cecelia Cappella, Ofc Mgr, Surgery Ft Walton Beach FL

"Office Managers need the information Mr. Self taught" Maureen Doheny, Ofc Mgr, Psychiatry, Ft Walton Beach FL

"A knowledgeable speaker & a wide range of info to benefit all types of practices, Sharon Fournier, Ofc Mgr, GYN, Ft Walton Beach FL

"I recommend this workshop" Charlie Jones, Claims Processor, Ft Walton Beach FL

"Good content& speaker" Heather Plaschek, Ofc Mgr, Psychiatry, Ft Walton Beach FL

"I liked everything about the seminar" Carolyn Hughes, Bus. Ofc Mgr, Orthopedics, Ft Walton Beach FL

"Very Enlightening - learned alot - covered so much" Cynthia Melton, Ins/Collections, FP, Ft Walton Beach FL

"The best office manager seminar I've ever been to" Joan Edwards, Coder, FP, Ft Walton Beach FL

"Excellent medical reimbursement seminar" Pat Cussano, Groveland FL

"It's very informative - Thanks PAHCOM" Crystal Dancler, OFC MGR, Int Med, Gulf Breeze, FL

"Informative, presented with humor" Kathy Shaffer, OB-GYN, Hollywood, FL

"I recommend his workshop" Marie Stamper, CMM, Opthalmology, Homosassa, FL

"Relaxed Interaction" Marie Stamper, OFC MGR, Ophthalmology, Homosassa, FL

"I learned something new" Pamela Burke, AR, Ophthalmology, Homosassa, FL

"Don Self did a Great Job" Michelle Ann Prozer, Billing Sec, Internal, Hernando, FL

"Good speaker" Debora Kaplan, Adm, Ophthamology, Hudson, FL

" Excellent presentation& material" Theresa Collins, Ins Super, Ophthalmology, Hudson, FL

"Excellent& informative" Rosemary Norman, Collections, GS, Hudson, FL

"Good info for practice managers, doctors, billers& coders" Sue Baker, Auditor, Pediatric Med Group, Indialantic FL

"Good speaker" Judy Marcus Admin, Otolaryngology, Inverness, FL

"I liked the collections info& humor" Lynda Rigoulot, Adm Asst, ENT, Inverness, FL

"I always learn something to increase practice revenue" Martha J Mount, OFC MGR, FP, Inverness, FL

"Excellent speaker" Sheila Nix, Ortho, Inverness, FL

"He was to the point! I recommend it" Pat Cassano, FP., Kissimmee, FL"Very informative, not boring"- Jennifer Wilkes- IM- Lake Mary, FL

"Presentation of good information" Angela Cook, PA Mgr, Ophthalmology, Lecanto, FL

"Good general overall coverage" Carolyn Perrone, OFC MGR, Ortho, Lecanto, FL

​"I enjoyed it very much. Learned a lot from it today"  Lori Jomsky,  Loxahatchee, FL

"My first. Very informative"- Michele Allen- Neurology- Maitland, FL

"Don is the best speaker - very informative" Jeanne M. Lee, CPC, Malabar, FL

"Excellent seminar, I recommend it" Rita Gyorvary, Billing Sup., Cardiology/IM, Melbourne, FL

"Wonderful, very entertaining, great expertise" Diane Cooper, CPC, Gastro, Omni Healthcare Melbourne FL

"I recommend this excellent seminar" Patricia Barker, Administrator, Ophth, Florida Eye, Melbourne, FL

"I think it was very insightful. Great education. Thank you." Yesenia Abney, Miami, FL

"Excellent webinar"  Cary Triay, Miami, FL

"Don's personal coding experiences" Linda Carrigan, Bill, FP, Milton, FL

"Very Informative" Sarah Martin, LPN, CCS, Hosp, Milton, FL

"How interesting Don made it" Helina Lewis, Bill/Ins, OB/GYN, New Port Richey, FL

"Material was covered thoroughly" Andrea Pappert, Ins/Bill, OB/GYN, New Port Richey, FL

"Detailed coding info - excellent speaker" Barbara Crawhorn, Biller, Internal, Niceville FL

"Good information & answers to our questions" Sue Hutchinson, Billing, Internal, Niceville FL

"Revenue Enhancement was my favorite part" Cindy Bryan, Internal, Niceville FL

"Informative workshop" Darlene Robbins, Ofc Mgr, Internal, Niceville FL

"Interesting Speaker and information" Barbara Lovelace,   North Ft Myers, FL

"Good Information" Joyce Sisson, CMM, Dermatology, Ocala, FL

"Informative& funny" Sarah Heather, RN, DNC, OFC MGR, Skin cancer surgery, Ocala, FL

"Covered Pertinent issues, material in an entertaining manner"- Jackie Candler- CArdio- Orlando, FL

"His workshops are Always Awesome- don't miss it" Karen A. Smith, Billing, Regional Ortho Assoc, Orlando, FL

"Don turns a subject which is not real exciting...exciting& very humerous!! Love his style"- Wendy Snider- Int Med- Orlando, FL

"Covered pertinent issues in an entertaining manner" Jackie Candler, Bill/Ins, Cardio, Orlando, FL

"The best seminar - I'd refer everyone to these seminars" Caroline Vasquez, Billing, Regional Ortho Assoc, Orlando, FL

"Claims appeals was my favorite part" Cindy Burns, CPC, General Surgery, Orlando, FL

"Loved that it was taught with a sense of humor" Deborah Julien, Med Bill Rep, Uro, Orlando, FL

"Excellent seminar" Margie Cruz, Clinical Supervisor, Regional Ortho Assoc, Orlando, FL

"Very informative" Nancy Eslich, Pediatrics, Orlando, FL

"He is very informative& fun to listen too"- Rhonda Newman- GYN- Orlando, FL

" I liked the claims appeal ideas"- Cindy Burns, CPC- General Surg- Orlando, FL

"info presented in a light hearted fashion, never boring"- Debbie MacLaughlin- Neurology- Orlando, FL

"I liked everything"- Gloria Martinez- GYN- Orlando, FL

"I liked that it was taught with a sense of humor"- Deborah Julien- Urology- Orlando, FL

"Very informative& comfortable"- Tammra Smith- Urology- Orlando, FL

"I loved the sense of humor of speaker, along with knowledge of coding"- Jo Ann Thomas- Pulmon- Orlando, FL

"Very Informative" Belkis L Garcia, OFC MGR, Gastro, Orlando, FL

"Enjoyed the warm up exercise" Lisa Marullo, PA Super, Gastro, Orlando, FL

​"I felt that it was extremely informational. I would highly recommend this webinar" Gina Cruz, Ormond Beach FL

"Don is the best seminar leader" Mary Ann Roberts, Ofc Mgr, Hugh Coleman, DO, Ormond Beach, FL

"Attend the seminar - you will be amazed" Pam Schulman, Manager, FP, Diego Torres, MD, Ormond Beach, FL

"The speaker is one of the best& most entertaining" Deborah Graham, Ins/Bill, Uro, Oviedo, FL

"Applicable subject matter" Regina C O'Brien, PM, FP, Pace, FL

​"Very informative I had not actually heard of ERISA before"  Amanda Gallaway, Panama City, FL​

"Don did a wonderful job" Susan Cotton, OFC MGR, Peds, Pace, FL

"Great uplift in thoughts& ideas" Shirley Barber, OFC MGR, ENT, Pensacola, FL

"Common sense approach for dealing with carriers" Sharon Hoyle, Comp Coord, Multi, Pensacola, FL

"Useful Information" Debbie Stearns, Exec Dir, OB/GYN, Pensacola, FL

"Coding tips" Shawn Schnyder, Bill Coord, OB/GYN, Pensacola, FL

"Very useful Information" Diane Stephens, OFC MGR, Surgery, Pensacola, FL

"A variety of topics" Barbara Carslow, CPC, Gen Surgery, Pensacola, FL

"Learned new ways to increase revenue" Melanie Weaver, Bill, Pensacola, FL

"Upbeat& Interesting" Sally Edgar, RMA, General Surgery, Pensacola, FL

"Don Self has Excellent Ideas" Melissa Ellis, Bus OFC MGR, Urgent care, Pensacola, FL

"Very appropriate for practical use" Karen Schell, PA, Radiology, Pensacola, FL

"Good general information" Ruth White, CMM, Manager, Pensacola, FL

"Don Self keeps you awake & interested" Melissa Hutchinson, RHIT, CPC, Multi, Pensacola, FL

"Enjoyed the entire seminar" Lisa Fryer, Bill Spec, Multi, Pensacola, FL

"Good Information" Wanda Woods, RHIT, CPC, LVN, ENT, Pensacola, FL

"Good information of appeals& collections" Cheri Smith, Ins Clerk, FP, Pensacola, FL

"I liked all of the seminar" Frances McGhee, OFC MGR, FP, Pensacola, FL

"A variety of information" Patricia Breeland, Sr Dir of Oper, Multi, Pensacola, FL

"I learned a lot that I can take back to my office" Virginia Quinnell, OFC MGR, GP, Pensacola, FL

"Excellent Content" Janet Diehnett, OA, Fetal medicine, Pensacola, FL

"Enjoyed entire seminar" Laura Dunlap, OFC MGR Infectious Disease, Pensacola, FL

"Learned about modifiers" Pam Vick, LPN, OFC MGR, GS, Pensacola, FL

"Relaxed Atmosphere" Brenda Cook, Pensacola, FL

"Taught a lot of good information" Sandra Scott, Bill Spec, Hema/Onco, Pensacola, FL

"Loved the coding tips" Connie Lake, Ins Spec, Hema/Onco, Pensacola, FL

"Humor& new ideas" Tammy Cook, Consultant, Pensacola, FL

"The speaker kept my interest all day" Vicki Graham, Coding Coord, Card, Pensacola, FL

"Excellent information" Kristen Schneidmiller, Ops Mgr, Multi, Pensacola, FL

"The motivation to fight for reimbursement" Robin Gluchacki, CPC, Multi, Pensacola, FL

"It's fun with lots of great information" Donna Reddick, Peds, Pensacola, FL

"The information on E&M was great" Maria McKenzie, Bill Super, Otolaryngology, Pensacola, FL

"The abridged/concise handout" Georgia Smith, CPC, Busi OFC MGR, Gastro, Pensacola, FL

"Excellent speaker" Zoia Holland, Gen. Surg., Pensacola, FL

"Practical Information" Beth Miller, Mgr, Consulting, Pensacola, FL

"Great info!" Teresa Inma, Anesthesia, Pensacola, FL

"Entertaining, informative - easy to understand" Karen Allison, Bus. Ofc Mgr, Pediatrics in Brevard, Rockledge FL

"Excellent seminar"   Susanne Leader,  Saint Augustine, FL

"Don kept it interesting& entertaining" Alisha Wilson, Coder, OB/GYN, Sarasota, FL

"It was informative as well as interesting" Dorothy Harris, Billing, OB/GYN, Sarasota, FL

"Common sense solutions" Jeannie Yucler, OFC MGR, Pulmo, Sarasota, FL

"Very informative& entertaining" Gerri Hales, CPC, Ofc Mgr, Sebastian FL

"Lots of great practical ideas" Jackie Kieszak, Ofc Mgr, Gastroenterology, Shalimar FL

" It's in clean laymans term to understand"- Diana Brijbaq, CMM, CCP, CPC- FP- Spring Hill, FL

"It's easy to understand& you can learn more" Diana Brijbaq, OFC MGR, Springhill, FL

"Excellent presentation" Marge McQuade, Instructor, Med Courses, Spring Hill, FL

"Clear explanation - very interesting & entertaining" Rosemary Fricot, FP, Tampa, FL

"Fun, informative, wonderful speaker" Tina Lawrence, CPC, CCS, CPC-H, Titusville FL

"Important issues covered updated info" Debbie Anderson, Ins. Mgr, Internal, Valpariso FL

"Kept moving, great information" Lori Machey, Multi-specialty, Vero Beach, FL

"Everything was excellent. I'm taking back great stuff!!!" Cathy Papitto, Accountant, Public Health, Vero Beach, FL

"I feel like I'm taking back great stuff" Cathy Papitto, Accountant, Prim Care, Vero Beach, FL"Very informative, I loved it" Carmen Camacho, Bill Coord, Pulmo Disease, Winter Park, FL

"Coding issues, very informative"- Terina Broxton- Pulm- Winter Park, FL

"Prolonged visits, very informative, I loved it"- Carmen Camacho- Pulmon- Winter Park, FL

"Willingness of Don to discuss each persons topics fully& thoroughly"- Cheryl Sarnowski- Neurology- Winter Park, FL

"Great info - made it not boring thanks to Don's personality" Louie B. Hilal, Gastro, Winter Springs, FL


"I liked the stories & examples he used to help me understand the use of codes& ideas" Robin Back, CPC, Allergy, Albany, GA

"Very informative, let's have Don Self back next year" Linda Crowley, Urogynecology, Alpharetta, GA

"Information was easy to understand & sources to look things up helped", Ellie Weinstein, Ofc Mgr, Dermatology, Athens, GA

"Very informative - thank you" Shelby Rugh, Business Mgr, Internal, Atlanta GA

"I enjoy Don Self seminars and Webinars. Good value."  Mary Beth Black, Atlanta, GA

"Don presented the info in a way clearly understood by all" Hope Paschal, CPC, Office Manager, OB/GYN, Atlanta, GA

"He makes a sometimes dull& hard subject FUN!", Mary Ellen Vail, Practice Admin., Intern & FP, Atlanta, GA

"Speaker was the best part" Keauin Wainwright, A/R Mgr, OB/GYN, Atlanta GA

"His webinars are always great and so easy to understand."  Fran Herndon,  Augusta, GA

"Speaker was very informative, makes seminar interesting" Judy English, CPC, Psych/Neuro, Augusta, GA

​"I think that todays webinar was very educational and beneficial"  Georgette Taylor, Augusta, GA

"Comfortable atmosphere, I liked the humor& seminar content" Denise McFerrin, Neurology, Augusta, GA

"Speaker seems to really be informed" Judy Kirkland, Ofc Mgr, FP, Braselton GA

"Very informative& interesting", Carla McCown, Office Manager, FP, Buford, GA

"Good info - explained well", Kathy Cothran, Ofc Mgr, Allergy & Arthritis, Canon, GA

"Don is an excellent speaker& teacher", Adrien Peterson, CPC, Ofc Mgr, Internal, Clayton, GA

"I highly recommend the evaluation and management tool " Beverly Colston, Ofc Mgr, FP, Clayton GA

"He is very informative& keeps you interested - not boring at all" Susan Wilkes, Registrar, FP, Cleveland GA

"I learned alot, I expect our revenue to increase" Connie Childers, CPC, CCP, Ofc Mgr, FP, Cleveland GA

"I recommend this workshop" Annette Bryson, Mgr, FP, Cleveland GA

"I enjoyed everything - very informative" Kelly Glenn, Ins. Clerk, GP, Commerce GA

"Enjoyed the seminar, felt it was worth spending the full day" Connie Brown, Ofc Spvsr, Cardiology, Commerce GA

"Good content, excllent speaker", Sheila Satterfield, Ofc Mgr, FP, Cumming, GA'very informative - can I adopt the speaker?" Alice West, AR, FP, Cumming, GA

"It was beneficial to me, my doctor" Jessica Pardue, MA, FP, Danielsville, GA

"The information was vital to our office's health" Sonya Griffith, Ofc Mgr, FP, Danielsville GA

"He gets to the point, keeps it interesting" Amy Sperrazza, Ctr Mgr, FP, Dawsonville GA

"Informal/good info" Denise Duff, Ofc Mgr, Internal, Demarest, GA

"Enjoyable as always, factual as possible without crystal balling into the world of the Twilight Zone!"  Mal Hollander,  Dublin, GA

"Informative, I recommend the seminar" Tina Plascencia, Practice Manager, Flowery Branan GA

"Speaker was excellent"Terica Elrod-Barrett, Ofc Mgr, Family Medicine, Gainesville GA

"He was able to give literate & direct answers to questions asked" Sherry Jackson, Reimbursement, Maternal Fetal, Gainesville GA

"Speaker keeps things interesting with up to date info" Ellen Briggs, Billing, Podiatry Gainesville GA

"Don tells it like it is, the seminar was great" Nancy Cagle, Ofc Mgr, Pediatrics, Gainesville GA

"Mr. Self was very informative, helpful & full of integrity , humor" Cathy Goodwin, Billing, Vascular Gainesville GA

"I liked the clarity of all subject matter, his expertise, knowledge", Karen Pair, CPC, Billing Specialist, Multi-Spec, Gainesville, GA

"Lots of valuable information", Kathy Evans, CPC, Orthopaedics, Gainesville, GA

"Very informative", Christie Conner, CPC, Coder, Gen./Bariatric/Vascular Surgery, Gainesville, GA

"Excellent Speaker" Linda Coghlan, PM, GS, Gainesville, GA

"Clarity of all subject matter, expertise & knowledge, Karen Pair, CPC, Multi, Gainesville, GA

"Speaker was very knowledgeable" Jo Hulsey, CPC, Multi, Gainesville, GA

"I wish I knew everything Don knows" Janice Owensby, CPC, Reimbursement/Compliance Mgr, Multi., Gainesville, GA

"Don is the most intelligent & practical teacher I have heard in the medical field" Rita Tempel, Ins., Multi. Gainesville GA

"My brain is fried & I recommend this seminar" Deborah David, Ins. Billing, Multi. Gainesville GA

"Best seminar I've ever attended" Brenda McCormick, Billing, Multi. Gainesville GA

"Wonderful workshop" Holle Smith, Mgr, OB/GYN Gainesville GA

"Very Informative" Lavanda Peeples, OB/GYN Gainesville GA

"Excellent content, speaker" Joyce Head, Billing Coord, Primary Care, Gainesville GA

"The best part was learning there are things we should be charging for" Sharon Seabolt, Ins., Multi. Gainesville GA

"Excellent speaker - captures the audience" Carla Autry, Ofc Mgr, Internal Medicine, Gainesville GA

"All of it was very good" Angie Odom, CPC, Ins. Clerk, OB/GYN, Gainesville, GA

"Good coding workshop" Lucia Rebellar, Ins. Coordinator, Surgery, Gainesville, GA

"The entire program was excellent" Lynn Korey, CPC, Coder, Multi., Gainesville GA

"Lots of useful information, I recommend it" Lucretia Grilleland, Biller, FP, Gainesville GA

"I liked all of it" Kim Dwyer, Ofc Mgr, Internal Medicine, Gainesville GA

"All info was good - very good speaker" Connie Pearson, Ofc Mgr, Internal/Occ. Med, Gainesville GA

"Excellent content, speaker" Julie Jarrard, Mgr, Primary Care, Gainesville GA

"His webinar and book will help us stop insurance recoupment and takebacks!"   Betty Nolen,  Gainesville GA

"I recommend this seminar" Kathey E. Jones, CPC, Practice Mgr, Ophthalmology, Gainesville, GA

"Very Educational, Entertaining" Patty Nix Roberts, CPC , Asst Admin., Gen Surg, Gainesville, GA

"The questions, answers was my favorite part" Lorrie Caruana, HR Training, Multi-Spec, Gainesville GA

"Interesting, full usable info" Beth Mattox, Billing & Credentialing, Multi-Spec, Gainesville GA

"The speaker was extremeley knowledgeable, plain spoken" Shann Barnes, Bus Ofc Mgr, Multi-Spec Gainesville GA

"Speaker was interesting, informative" Donna Cooper, Ins. Coordinator, Gen Surg., Gainesville GA

"New information, Energetic Speaker!" Gayle Vickers, CPC, Gen/Vasc. Surgery, Gainesville GA

"Regardless of specialty, you will receive new information to help with coding", Jackie Summerour, Ofc Mgr, Internal, Gainesville, GA

"Excellent speaker", Joyce Hagwood, Ins. Coordinator, Gen Surgery, Gainesville, GA

"The information given is actually applicable to day-to-day billing issues", Liz Tynes, Bus. Ofc Coord., Vascular, Gainesville, GA

"Speaker was knowledgeable, had practical information for our practice", Jo Hulsey, CPC, Office Assistant, Multi-Spec, Gainesville, GA

"Good helpful info - not the same you get at other seminars over , over", Natalie Bruce, Office Manager, FP, Gainesville, GA

"The best was was the quick information " Linda Durham, CPC, Ofc Mgr, Gyn, Gainesville, GA

"I liked it all - do it again" Helen Klassen, Manager, Multi-Specialty, Gainesville GA

"It covered a wide selection of coding topics" Elaine James, CPC, Coding Specialist, Ortho/Neuro/Pain, Gainesville GA

"Excellent speaker, excellent content" Linda Coghlan, Practice Mgr, Gen Surg, Gainesville GA

"Covered topics that pertain to all specialties across the healthcare continuim" Deborah Hill, CPC, Mgr, FP, Gainesville GA

"Don is very knowledgable & presents the information in an interesting manner" Peggy Anderson, Area Mgr, Multi. Gainesville GA

"The hands-on-knowledge is not just hypothetical like most workshops" Gina Hood, Biller, FP, Gainesville GA

"Information is valuable to all medical billers " Mary D. Smith, Supervisor, Oncology Gainesville GA

"Mr. Self's ability, knowledge of coding with examples helped " Paula Garrett, CPC, Gen.Surg. Gainesville, GA

"I liked the communication between the speaker, the audience", Jennifer Little, Practice Manager, FP, Gainesville, GA

"Don is a great speaker, able to hold your attention", Judy Oliver, CPC, Ins. Clerk, Internal, Gainesville, GA

​"His webinar was great but his ERISA book is amazing.   I have a family with BCBS insurance. The 2 children came in on the same day for the same reason. One paid with no problem. The other one has been denying for 8 months now saying they paid the patient. The mother has been calling them and they were telling her they were going to pay it, but they were still sending me denials stating they paid the patient. I got fed up with it and sent an ERISA letter to the BCBS CEO and a copy to the patient on 07/28/15. I received payment today. :) Don's ERISA letters really do work. This one claim paid more than what thebook cost me, so I would say that's a pretty good bargain." _  _Cindy Block,  Billing Manager ,  Tri-Care Family Medicine _ Glennville, GA

"Very knowledgeable spokesperson" Traci L. Wilcox, Coder, Jonesboro, GA

"Excellent information! Workable solutions! Would like to have Mr. Self at next conference" Julie Tucker, Urology, Milledgeville, GA

"I can always use info - was a lot of coding tips" Janet Sproule, Cardiology, Lawrenceville, GA

"Information was in an understandable format" Marcus Bullock, Practice Mgr, Colon/Rectum Surg. Lawrenceville GA

"Very informative - great speaker" Ellie Mendez, Patient Rep, OB/GYN, Lawrenceville, GA

"I recommend this workshop" Pam Porter, Ofc Mgr, Thoracic Surgery, Marietta GA

"I liked the speaker the best" Geoff Kinter, MA, CPC, Gastro, Marietta GA

"Good Info" Lorraine Liguori, Coder, Gastro Marietta GA

"great presentation. A lot of good information"  Shannon Creech,  Martinez, GA

​"I thought it was very informative."  Anitra Williams, Milledgeville, GA

"Speaker was awesome, captivating", Quita Edwards, CPC, CCS-P, Orthopedic, Mulon, GA

"Great for practice managers, billers!", Helen Williams, CPC, Director, Multi-Spec., Norcross, GA

"Excellent seminar" Laurie Nix, Ofc Mgr, FP, Oakwood, GA

"I would recommend this workshop to others" Jeanne Kemper, CMM, Oncology, Roswell, GA

"Info, pleasant learning atmosphere" Velinda Burnsed, OFC MGR, Ortho, Savannah, GA

"Very informative for coders" Brian Walker, Suwanee GA

"Great Speaker; humorous, yet serious" Theresa Stickney-Short CPC, Surgery, Waynesboro, GA

"Exellent speaker - Excellent content!" Elaine Zabiel, Manager, Optometry, Watkinsville, GA

"The speaker had excellent communication skills, use of humor" Kelley McClure, Ofc Mgr, Primary Care, Winger GA

"It was very informative and gave concrete examples."  Deidre Chatham, Woodstock, GA


"It's very informative"  Clara Claudyne Coloma,  Ewa Beach, HI

"Very informative"  Libby Sales,   Hilo, HI

"It was great information"  Gayle Stephens, Honolulu, HI

​"it was very informative and elightening"   Shelley Paet,   Honolulu, HI

"Very informative"  Vanessa Rivera Lau,   Kapolei, HI

"very interesting"   Marie Paishon,  Kapolei, HI
"I found this webinar to be very informative"   May Hori,   Mililani, HI


"Overview of what ERISA does for medical claims was very informative"   Janet Hoeke,  Meridian, ID


"The myths are dispelled" Joan Swiatek, APN, Infect disease, Addison, IL

"Wonderful seminar - especially the ERISA info" Susan Gabriel, Lutheran Gen Hospital, Arlington Heights IL

"Very informative"  Charmaine Zingler, Burr Ridge, IL

" A good resource for billing, reimbursement", Yvette Spratt, Childrens Memorial Hospital - Neonate Chicago IL

"Great seminar if you're in private practice" Angie Vogel, UofC, Reproductive Med Chicago IL

"Good nuts, bolts approach" A. Jeannine Colby, RN, CPC, Medical Policy Analyst, Medicare Adminastar Federal Chicago IL

"Entertaining - excellent speaker" Deb Wilhelm, Acting Manager, Med Policy, Medicare Adminastar Federal Chicago IL

"It is very much worth your time to attend" Debra Polk, UofC Hospital, Ophthalmology, Chicago IL

"I highly recommend this seminar to other coders, billers, managers" Brenda J Jordan, Chicago Med Billing Chicago IL

"It was very much worth my time - wonderful speaker" Sharon Black, Radiation Oncology, UofC, Chicago IL

"Great workshop - you should attend" Christina Preucel, University Neurologists, Chicago IL

"The best content, speaker - attend, learn!" Minaxi Patel, RUMC Chicago IL"Well worth attending" Gina Fristoe, UofC Hospitals - Radiation Oncology Chicago IL

"Good tools for evaluating current billing practices & presented well" Janice Sedlak, Bill Mgr, Pod, Chicago, IL

"I want him to speak in Chicago PAHCOM chapter" Roberta Wilder, Ortho., Crystal Lake, IL

"I would recommend his workshop to others" Nancy Frait, CMM, CPC, Neurosurgery, Crystal Lake, IL

"Valuable info he shared & his humor" Sue Sefton, Neuro., Decatur IL

"Don's email listserv has gotten me through the last 11 years of my working as a biller"  Peggy Wallace,  Thomas Rohde MD,  Decatur, IL

"Don's webinars  are very helpful and informative"  Lynn Elks,  Elgin, IL

"Fun, interesting, excellent speaker" Laura Turpin, Lotts Medical Billing Service Honewood IL

"Full of good information, very entertaining" Sandy Nolan, Teacher, Joliet Jr College Joliet IL

"Excellet Content - Excellent Speaker" Christy Hull, Childrens Memorial Hospital, Lockport IL

​"It was really an eye opener regarding insurance companies and our rights to be paid."  Farah Farooq, Libertyville

"I recommend this seminar" Diane Welsh, UofC Physicians Group, Moline IL

"There was something for every attendee to learn" Jo Linda Derrick, CPC, Ortho, Moline, IL

"It's such a great tool to have access to Don's expertise."   Becky Reardon,   Murphysboro, IL

"I have used Don’s books, Coding Advisor, slide rule and I am love them all.  They are done so expertly yet are so easy to use.  Don is a great resource to anyone in the coding field. "             Lois A Simmons, RHIT, CCS-P  Coder/Abstractor, OSF Medical Group  Surgery - Peoria, IL

"Great content, enthusiasm - THANK YOU!" Chris Kraft, Coder, Digestive Disease Consultants Normal IL

"Very good info, I did not sleep a wink!!" Pat Bitner, Ofc Mgr, Health Info - Radiology & Ortho Willowbrook IL

"Good webinar.  I recommend Don Self to others"   Regina DeLorenzo,  Willowbrook, IL

"I want to adopt Don. Speaker was excellent" Fay Wilson, CMM, Ear-Nose-Throat, Woodstock, IL

"He's very honest, trustworthy" Janet Schroeter, Medical Bill, FP, Worth, IL


"Interaction was super" Mary Jane Zismer, CMA, CPC, Coding Specialist, FP/IM, Bettendorf IA

"Gives good info, is entertaining" Lynn Frett, Coding Spec, Multi, Bettendorf, IA

"It's something different" Kelly Rodgers, Billing Spec, Hema, Bettendorf, IA

"I liked the seminar" Linda Allensworth, CMA, CPC, OB/GYN, Carson IA

"Addressed current issues very well" Rebecca Sienn, Admin. Asst, FP, Clarinda IA

"Insurances & how to fight them was the best" Carol Kern, Ofc Mgr, Podiatry, Council Bluffs IA

"Good seminar" Dianna Zika, Out-pt Clinic Coordinator, Orthopedics, Council Bluffs IA

"Entertaining, moved along swiftly" Tami Bass, Insurance Specialist, Ortho., Council Bluffs IA

"Learned alot of things we had missed" Ronalee Vinsonhaler, Coder, Ortho, Council Bluffs IA

"Presentation with humor was great" Colleen Larson, Lead Coder, Peds/Allergy, Council Bluffs IA

"Covered alot of areas" Mary Lander, Ofc Mgr, Dermatology, Council Bluffs IA"It was not boring - full of useful info" Tina Mendel, Coder, Internal, Council Bluffs IA

"Good info - excellent references, good speaker - enjoyed it" ViAnne Gardine, Insurance, Podiatry, Council Bluffs IA

"Seminar was excellent" Judy Leinen, Coder, Cardiology, Denison IA

"Excellent information - loved all of it" DeEtte Petrie, IN-pt Billing, Des Moines IA

"Very informative - enjoyed all of it" Rita Shipman, Coder, In-pt, Des Moines IA

"I understood this seminra better than any other I've been to" Sharon Woods, CPC, Surgery, Des Moines IA

"You kept our interest with humor, education" Julie Irving, CPC, In-patient Coding, Knoxville IA

"Speaker was very dynamic" Teresa Kendall, MRT, Primary Care, Knoxville IA

"The speaker, content was excellent" Connie Chrisman, CPC, MRT, Primary Care, Knoxville IA

"Useful coding information" Rosemary Mason, CPC, Out-pt coding, Knoxville IA

"Mr. Self's confidence, accountability & humor was excellent" Christyne DeMoss, CPC, Knoxville IA

"I liked all of it" Kristy Hare, CPC, Gen Surg/FP, Lake City, IA 


"Don Self teaches common sense along with correct billing" Debbie Roehr, OFC MGR, PM, Evansville, IN

"Just wanted to give a BIG shout out to Don and staff on the ERISA Webinar earlier today! I have gained profound valuable knowledge that I feel no doubt will increase our physicians revenue. "Don Self has tremendous knowledge in the Medicare world as well as coding in general.  He has many helpful books and tools that will help you to stand out above the rest.  Thank yuo Don for all you do to help us.     Lisa Rodriguez, CPODCS,   Billing Manager,  Podiatry Practice Helpers,  Fortville, IN

"I just want to say I appreciate Don’s Website.  It is an excellent source of information that I cannot find anywhere else!  I appreciate all of his efforts on everyone’s behalf.  This is a very complicated field that needs an expert to guide us through the mine field!  Don is a pro at this and is really appreciated!"  Michael Aronson   Aronson Billing Service   Indianapolis, IN

"I want to adopt Don" T.J. Midla, Ortho., Indianapolis, IN

"Excellent information - great seminar"  Ann Silvia, CPC, CPCO, CPMA, CPPM, CPC-I, CPB, CFPC, auditor, Richmond, IN

"I very much liked the seminar  -very informative" Cheri Pearson, CRCR, Revenue Cycle, Richmond, IN

"Very informative.  I recommend it"  Tammy Dargie, CPC,  biller/coder  Richmond, IN

"One of the best seminars I've been to"  Shannon Maddock, CMOM   Office Manager, Richmond, IN

"I recommend this"  Janice Hilt, CPC    Medical Billing Specialist, Union City, IN

"Very informative speaker"  Stacy Sampson     Billing    Richmond, IN

"Very enjoyable"  Emily Klein, CPPM     Specialty Billing Manager    Reid Health, Richmond, IN

"Very useful, funny and interesting.  Not boring at all"  Carmela Coffey, CPC,   Practice Manager,  Richmond, IN

"I recommend this seminar"  Evelyn Klein, RN,   Practice Manager,   Richmond, IN

"Very informative"   Barbara Isaacs, CPPM, RMA     Office Supervisor,  Richmond, IN

"Very informative, pleasant personality & great sense of humor" Michelle Herig, Coding,  Richmond, IN

"I would definitely recommend it"  Chelsea Kelly,  Practice Manager      Richmond, IN

"Variety of information"   Kelli Goodwin, CPPM,   Practice Manager   Richmond, IN

"Don was very informative & made the day fun"  Melissa S. Dick, CMA,  Practice Manager,  Richmond, IN

"it was good"   Denice Porter,     Manager,     Richmond, IN

"very eye opening & lots of new info"   Jessica Stiening, CPC-A,    Coder    Richmond, IN

"very informational"    Cierra Ward, FNP-C       Richmond, IN

"Don is very knowledgable and makes the day fun.  Would recommend to physicians"  Annette Harris, CPC  Richmond, IN

"Great information.  Lots of info"  Sherri Kuhn CPC, CEMC CPMA, CPPM,   Practice Manager Richmond, IN

"So much great information"   Gina Cason CPC, CPPM    Regional Director Reid Health, Richmond, IN

"It was awesome"  Christine R. Cela, CPPM     Practice Manager      Reid Health, Richmond, IN

"I very much enjoyed the material, visuals and humor"  Diane Swickard,  M.A.,  Richmond, IN

"Very excellent Presentation"   Pamela Cawood, CPPM,     Reid Health  Richmond, IN

"I learned alot of great info"  Tony McCollum,    Reid Health, Richmond, IN

"I recommend this FULL DAY seminar"   Dana Anderson, CPC     Practice Manager, Richmond, IN

"Common sense explanations & guidance"  Jane Moore, CPC, CPMA, CRHC   Coder,    Reid Health, Richmond, IN

"good seminar"  Teresa Kidwell, CPC   Billing/Coding Specialist    Reid Family Health, Richmond, IN

"Don is easy to understand, informative & entertaining"   Jennifer Hayes,  Practice Manager,   Reid Health, Richmond, IN

"I feel physicians should attend this presentation"  Sheila Rushton, LPN, CCFM,   Manager   Reid, Richmond, IN

"Educational with sense of humor"  Jenny Schepis, AAGS,   Business Coordinator   Reid Health, Richmond, IN

"Seminar was nice; never was bored"  Scott Crank, BSM,  Business Director, Reid Health, Richmond, IN

"I didn't realize how much $ was left on the table"  Heidi Webb,  Accounting Mgr,   Reid Health  Richmond, IN

"Very entertaining, informative - especially ERISA"  Connie Brown, CPC, CPMA, CPPM CEMC, CFPC, Richmond, IN

"The material is excllent and very clarifying"  Kelly Turner, CPC, CPPM, MBS,   Manager,   Reid,  Richmond, IN  

"Humor with presentation - time goes too fast" Teresa Benter, FP/IM, Seymour, IN

"I liked the coding tips" Cindy Simmons, FP, Seymour, IN 

"Very interesting and informative" Marion Armstrong, CPC, CEMC, owner Billing Service,   Union City, IN

"Don Self is always very entertaining & knowledgable"  Barb Shidler   Winnamac, IN

ISRAEL  (yeah - you read it right - Israel)

"Getting to understand ERISA better made me realize how important that is!"   Isaac Mizrachi,    Israel


"I liked the whole seminar - very informative" Julie Dillow, CPC, Multi-specialty, Chanute KS

"Speaker very knowledgeable - provided alot of helpful info" Staci Page, Coder, Chanute KS

"Very informative, interesting & well presented" Cindy Hutton, Director, Multi-spec., Chanute KS

"Good seminar" Karen King, Clinic Director, Multi., Chanute KS

"This business and this man, Don Self is beyond excellent in knowledge and expertise.Don't go by my opinion - call him - ask what he can do for your practice and you will be amazed!  Marilyn Ollarzabal,   Garden City, KS


"Good humor factor" Regina Nicolay, CPC, Compliance, Multi., Kansas City KS

"Good info for new coders/managers" Barbara McCollum, Clinic Mgr, OB/GYN, Kansas City KS

"Good ideas" Donata Ettinger, Recept., Orthopedics, Kansas City KS

"Never once got sleepy - definitely good" Maureen Grigsby, Compliance, Multi., Kansas City KS

"Great variety in subject matter" Sarah B. Daniel, Auditor, Kansas City KS

"I liked the speaker the best" Linda S. Wood, Compliance, Multi., Kansas City KS

"Very informative" Desire' Eisman, Compliance, Multi., Kansas City KS

"I love the way in which it was presented" Marie J. Davis, CPC, Auditor, OB/GYN, Kansas City KS

"It covered all areas so each specialty received info" Mary Knigge, CPC, OB/GYN, Kansas City KS

"Good speaker" Sharon Black, CPC, Coding, Radiology, Kansas City KS

"Speaker was very informative, humorous" Melissa Abernathy, CPC, FP/Peds, Kansas City KS

"Excellent material with presentation that kept audience attention" Jane Benson, Billing, Neurology, Shawnee Mission KS

"Something applied to everyone" Jennifer Stinnett, Coder, Radiology, Edwardsville KS

"I certainly recommend Don's webinars"  Marilyn Ollarzabal, Garden City, KS

"Good content" Anne Aytes, CPC, Gastro, Linwood KS

"Learned alot" Ruth Cornwall, CPC, Director Health Care Finance, Multi., Lawrence KS

"Good workshop" Diane Flynn, Auditor, Topeka KS

"I like the way he explained situations, examples" Alisa Dinneen, Newton KS

"Workshop kept moving" Mary M. Smith, CPC, Radiology, Overland Park KS

"I liked all of the seminar" Linda Winters, Practice Mgr, Oncology, Overland Park KS

"I recommend the seminar" Tammy Shahandeh, CPC, Overland Park KS

"Covered alot of info in a one day seminar" Peggy Oxler, Coding/Compliance, Overland Park KS

"Excellent seminar" Debra Meyers, Primary Care, Overland Park KS

"Entertaining/common sense coding!" Dixie L. Bollinger, Ofc Spvsr, FP, Overland Park KS

"Excellent subject matter, handbook & especially the stories" Joanne M. Torrence, Coder, Overland Park KS

"Fun seminar - very enlightening" Tammia Ketron, Radiology Billing, Overland Park KS

"Humor, networking" Renee Negrete, Ops Mgr, OB/GYN, Overland Park KS

"Everyone should attend a seminar Don Self is teaching" Vickie Shackelford, Coder, OB/GYN, Overland Park KS

"I liked the Response to refund requests" Charlaine Milliken, Administrator, OB/GYN, Overland Park KS

"Well worth the time, money" Mary Yocum-Sweetser, CPC, Ofc Mgr, OB/GYN, Overland Park KS

"I enjoyed the workshop" Brenda J. Burris, Billing, Olathe KS"The humor was the best part" Carol Skidjel, RN, Manager, Cardiology, Olathe KS

"Lively speaker" Joyce Comes, Ofc Coordinator, Physical Medicine, Olathe KS

"Good content, speaker" Dianne Oelger, CPC, FP, Olathe KS

"Casualness & relaxed" Sandy Watson, CPC, FP, Peck KS

"Excellent Speaker" Janice Alexander, Ofc Mgr, Pediatrics, Prairie Village KS

"Kept up interest, Use of Humor to get point across" Martha Gerart, CPC, Cardiology, Shawnee Mission KS

"Entertaining speaker" B. Carol Hensley, Dir. of Pt Accts, ENT, Raytown KS

"I learned alot" Helen Quilty, Ofc Supervisor, FP, Shawnee Mission KS

"Well worth attending" Paula Fussell, CPC, FP, Shawnee Mission KS

"Good speaker" Alice Sanders, Mgr, Ortho., Shawnee Mission KS

"Good seminar" Joanne L. Hall, Practice Admin., Oncology, Shawnee Mission KS

"Make sure you go to Don's seminars" Dorothy Drury, CPC, Ofc Mgr, OB/GYN, Shawnee Mission KS

"Good information" Tara Reed, CPC, FP, Shawnee Mission KS"Presentation style was entertaining" Cheryl Kurth, Quality Outcomes, Shawnee Mission KS

"I liked your humor!" Pamela Lindstrom, CPC, CCS-P, Compliance, Shawnee Mission KS

"Information was good - speaker was good" Mary Johansen, Biller, Neurology, Shawnee Mission KS

"All very informative - It was all good" Angel Montgomery, Ins. Clerk, Neurology, Shawnee Mission KS

"Good seminar" Linda Gehrer, Coding, Gen/Int. Medicine, Wichita KS

"Good overall review" Debra Longenecker, Coding Supervisor, Wichita KS

"Good info - excellent seminar" Stacy Holtzen, CPC, Radiology, Wichita KS

"The speaker was interesting" Kristy Foss, CPC, Radiology, Wichita KS

"Humor, information" Janet Lynn May, CPC, Radiology/Oncology, Wichita KS


"I liked the variety of topics - not boring" Stephanie Wilson, FP, Barbourville, KY

"Very informative. Enjoyed it very much!"  Jeanne Ann Carver,  Bowling Green, KY

​"I recommend this seminar"   Deepa Patel,   Corbin, KY

"Loved it.  Great refresher.  informative"    Kristine Newton,  Nicholasville, KY

"Learned so much.  Loved it!"   Debbie Embree,  Richmond, KY

"Very Informative ERISA WEBINAR"  Patti Newcomb-Wuest,   Whitley City, KY


"Really informative"  I recommend it"  Angie Newman,  Iowa LA

"This is info I can really use"  Cathy Burke,   Slidell, LA

​"I thought it was great.  The most informative ERISA WORKSHOP I've attended"   Ronald Davidson,  West Monroe, LA


"Fast pace but interesting"  Les Cunningham,  Baltimore MD

"The coding issues was best" Brenda Mimic, Ofc Mgr, FP/Pediatrics Bel Air MD

"Entertaining, Informative - not usually found together in a seminar" Stephanie Schwartz, BelAir MD

"Specific coding issues were explained well" Debra Tannenbaum, Billing Specialist, FP, Bel Air MD

"I will be implementing changes after this seminar" Mary J. Vandergrift, Billing, Columbia MD

"Don Self's knowledge and expertise is top notch!!"  Deb Simmons, CPC,  Cumberland, MD

"I enjoyed the webinar"  Jennifer Sunday, Frederick, MD

"Comfortable, enjoyable, easy-to-understand, fun" Jill Carswell, CMM, Administrator, Surgery, Frederick MD

"Best workshop I have ever attended" Susan Harne, Billing, Pediatrics, Frederick MD

"Good seminar, useful tips" Susan Hatter, Ofc Mgr, Oncology, Frederick, MD

"I recommend the seminar" Jane Holt, Ofc Mgr, Mental Health Frederick MD

"The speaker was excellent" Joy Howard, Ofc Mgr, Pediatrics Frederick MD

"Don knows his stuff ans is very good" Carol Hurley, Billing, Oncology Frederick, MD

"I liked the humor" Robin Laumann, Insurance Manager, Internal & Endocrinology Frederick MD

"Pertinent points in a broad range of subjects" Becky Little, Mutli Specialty, Frederick, MD

"It was very interesting & I recommend this workshop" Brenda Stackhouse, Billing, Gastro, Frederick MD

"The value was worth it - both the cost as well as the value of the information" Patricia Staley, Ofc Mgr Frederick MD

"Valuable info presented in a humorous, attention keeping manner" Karla Trout, Ofc Manager Frederick MD

"I liked everything about the seminar & especially Don's sense of humor" Ramona I Trout, CPC, Cardiology, Frederick MD

"He addressed the problems that you encounter most in your practice" Patsy Vasquez, CCS-P, OB/GYN, Frederick MD

"I recommend the workshop" Rhonda Viola, Office Manager, Vascular, Thoracic, Frederick MD

"It was all great" Tammy Wheat, Financial Services, Ophthalmology, Frederick MD

"Great learning experience" Kendel Wood, Billing, Ob/Gyn, Frederick MD

"Wish my physicians could hear him" Andrea Bowers, CMM, CPC, Administrator, FP Hagerstown MD

"Very informative with lots of good information" April Evans, CMM, Ofc Mgr, ENT Hagerstown MD

"Added new info I can use" Johanna Castle, CMM, CCS-P, Ofc Mgr, FP, Walkersville MD

"Because of Don's humor, the dry subject was enjoyable" Joyce Welling, Ofc Mgr, FP, Williamsport MD

"Excellent humor" Robin Laumann, Mgr, Endocr, Frederick, MD

"Practical knowledge, trust worthiness of speaker" Patricia Staley, OFC MGR, Mental health, Frederick, MD

"Demonstrated the importance of proper coding, appealing" Rhonda Viola, OFC MGR, Vascular, Frederick, MD

"Useful tips, information" Susan Hatter, OFC MGR, Oncology, Frederick, MD

"It was all great" Tammy Whett, Financial Services, Ophthmology, Frederick, MD

"AWESOME  ERISA SEMINAR!  Very helpful and informative"  Pam Janney,   Monkton, MD

"Useful information" Johanna Castle, CMM, CCS-P, FP, Walkersville, MD

"This dry subject was enjoyable" Joyce Welling, OFC MGR, Family Practice, Williamsport, MD


"I liked everything" Nancy Moreau, Owner, Billing Serv, Attlebord, MA

"Excellent content, speaker" Mary Gracia, MA, Inter, Middleton, MA

"Informative and I recommend it"  Julie Daub, North Adams, MA

"Quite informative.  I wasn't aware of the scope of ERISA"  Ken Camilleis,  Yarmouthport, MA


"You receive direct answers" Sherrie Culbertson, AA, Urgent Care, Mazatlan Sininaloa, Mexico


"Very Informative and taught so that it was easy to understand"  Candi Nicholson,   Detroit, MI

"Very infomrative"   Raeann Kelemen,   Kalamazoo, MI

"I enjoyed it and came way with specific things to implement"  LuAnn Jenkins,  Lapeer, MI

"It was great!  I feel like I learned alot"  Heather Aldridge,  Madison Heights, MI

"Info given with humor" Ruth Thibeault, Neurosurgery, Marquette, MI

"Humor injected - picked up some good pointers" Sharon Ely, Gastro., Marquette, MI

"Information presented with humor" Sue Hogg, Urology, Marquette, MI

"No info for DME except to get the hell outta that business - liked his openness - humor" Anita Devine, DME, Marquette, MI

"Kept my interest every moment. " Laura Sassenrath, OB-GYN, Marquette, MI

"This should be mandatory for physicians" Lisa Bean, CMM, Cardio.Surgery, Marquette, MI

"Straightforward info, great humor" Robin Aho, Home Infusion, Marquette, MI

"I recommend the webinar"   Mary Beth Phillips,  Petoskey, MI

"I thought it was very informative"  Kathy Moores,   Plymouth, MI

"Very informative, fast speaker, but able to keep up"  Michele Bergstrom,   Shelby Twp, MI

"I would recommend this seminar"   Lee Ann Pabst,   Shelby Twp, MI

"Good webinar"  Wendy Mahan, Taylor, MI

"Outstanding"   Barb Bertoldi,   Traverse City, MI

"Excellent in every way-content, presentation, handouts"  Cheryl George,   Troy, MI

​"Infomrative"   Karla Jackson, Washington, MI


"This was excellend and useful"  Michael Merriam,   Hopkins, MN

"Very good, I learned a lot"   Tim Nentl    Minnetonka, MN

"very informative, Thank you!"  Bobbi Scheller,    Mounds View, MN

"Excellent - an amazing world of information"   Cathy Stewart, CPC, CMRS,   Prior Lake, MN

​"​​very informational, thank you for having it"  Melissa Boron,   Sauk Rapids, MN

"Don, your advice in your webinar and book was right on the money! I received a request for a refund due to policy termination and responded on 06/30/15 with your letter from your book addressed to the CEO. I was delighted to receive a call on 07/07/15 indicating the request had been made in error and to disregard it. How refreshing to have something work the first time and immediately. Please feel free to share this on your list serve to encourage them to get on the ERISA band wagon.  Thank you,"  Mary Bergstrom, St. Cloud Ear, Nose & Throat Clinic, St Cloud, MN


"Good information given with humor" Carol Swope, Manager, FP, Clinton MO

"He held your attention - very informative" Mary Emerson, FP, Clinton MO

"An amazing webinar.  I have used the Don Self website for years for information, templates etc."  Marilyn Elliott,  Hospital Business Office Manager,  Garden City, MO

"Entertaining, informative" Debra Cobb, Coder, Harrisonville, MO

"Good energy, very knowledgeable" Sherri Davis, FP, Hume MO

"Informative & entertaining, straightforward speaker" Alexis Brockett, CMM, Pulm/CC, Independence, MO

"My physicians needed to attend" Rosalind Ross, Coder, Ortho, Independence, MO

"Speaker was the best" Denise DiNapoli, Coder, FP, Independence, MO

"Good content" Robyn Hayes, CPC, Physician Coding Educator, Independence, MO

"Best part was content with explanations" Mary C. Hagen, CPC, Independence, MO

"Very upbeat - very informative" Antoinette Cross, Coder, Independence, MO

"He was enjoyable & worth your time" Karen Lozano, CPC, Coder, Independence, MO

"I liked the networking ideas" Lori Miles, CPC, Sectional Mgr, Neonatal, Kansas City MO

"I liked the interaction between speaker, audience" Irene P. Sy, FP, Kansas City MO

"The modifier refresher was best part" Crystal McIntosh, Bus. Ofc Coord., Kansas City MO

"fair speaker" Patricia Messing, Manager, Pulmonary, Kansas City MO

"All of it was great" Raenell Rohlfs, PRN, MA, Kansas City MO

"I left with new/more info that will be very helpful" Julie Katzfe, OB/GYN, Kansas City MO

"Had some good info" Becky Merys, Ofc Mgr, OB/GYN, Kansas City MO"Information was best" Debra Paredes, Billing, Kansas City MO

"Interesting, applied to areas used everyday" Barbara Immenschuh, Mgr, Ortho, Kansas City MO

"Excellent speaker" Linda Beagle, Ins. Coord, OB/GYN, Kansas City MO

"Don's sense of humor was refreshing" Marlene DeCuir, Ins. Coord., OB/GYN, Kansas City MO

"Don is very funny - keeps you interested" Maureen L. Latta, OB/GYN, Kansas City MO

"Excellent workshop" Mimi Paffenroth, Administrator, OB/GYN, Kansas City MO

"Covered alot of topics" Santa Mary Galate, Ofc Mgr, Pediatrics, Kansas City MO

"Don is personable & full of info, assistance", Karen A. Corum, Mgr, Gen Surg., Kansas City MO

"Info covered overall was best" Karen Kelton, Claims Specialist, Cardiology, Kansas City MO

"Humor & related scenarios to each coding area" Christina Stowers, Coder, Cardiology, Kansas City MO

"Speaker kept it interesting, was very good" Stephanie Fischer, Kansas City MO

"Speaker provided a wide variety of info" Angelia Burt, Kansas City MO

"Entertaining - informative" Patricia York, CPC, Cardiology, Kansas City MO

"Info regarding managed care was helpful" Bonnie Tharp, CPC, Cardiology, Kansas City MO

"Humor intwined makes it easier to remember" Pamela Shannon, Biller, Kidney, Kansas City MO

"Outstanding Presentation" Virginia R. Duffy, Billing, Nephrology, Kansas City MO

"Excellent seminar" Glinda Mallott, Coder, OB/GYN, Kansas City MO

"Speaker kept the attention of the audience" Elaine Parker, Kansas City MO

"Great information for office coders" Sharon Traylor, Ops Mgr, Kansas City MO

"Excellent speaker" Dawn Johnson, CPC, Managing Asst., FP/IM, Kansas City MO

"good workshop" Tricia Schell, Practice Manager, Pumonary, Kansas City MO

"Fair speaker" Donna Barker, CPC, Kansas City MO

"Don Self is great - excellent speaker" Gwen Pallott-Holt, Coder, Kansas City MO

"Entertaining workshop" LaDonna Williams, Accts Manager, FP, Kansas City MO

"Kept it interesting - didn't stay on one subject too long" Liz Justus, CPC, FP/Peds, Kansas City MO

"Speaker was entertaining" Dorrie Ewing, Orthopedic, Kansas City MO

"Information presented was helpful" LaDonna K. Johnson, CPC, Oncology/Hematology, Kansas City MO

"Good content" Sheri Layless, Healthcare Admin, Kansas City MO

"Very educational" Sheryl Thomas, Billing Ofc Supervisor, Pulmonary, Kansas City MO

"Very entertaining - made the seminar fun" Karen S. Lowry, Coder, ER, Kansas City MO

"Humor mixed with facts made quick to learn" Sarah Reed, CPC, Coding/Reimb, Kansas City MO

"This guy is a riot" Pame Dye, CPC, Neurosurgery, Kansas City MO

"Don is awesome" Paula Brooks, CPC, Cardiology, Kansas City MO"Good speaker" Diane Adrian, Ofc Mgr, Neurosurgery, Kansas City MO

"Very good basic workshop" Syd Stevens, Asst Administrator, Nephrology, Kansas City MO

"good workshop" Irene Dannar, Billing & Insurance, ENT/Derm., Kansas City MO

"I would recommend this workshop to anyone" Debbie Stein, ENT/Derm., Kansas City MO

"Interesting/funny - all informational" Sandi Clemmons, Administrator, ENT/Derm., Kansas City MO

"The humor was my favorite part" Kim Reger, Coding, Primary Care, Kansas City MO

"Good content, good speaker" Nancy Hines, Insurance, Kansas City MO

"Good information with humor" Cheryl Hart, OB/GYN, Kansas City MO

"The instructor was the best" Judity A. Reinsel, Coding, OB/GYN, Kansas City MO

"Well worth it - very informative, fun" Rebecca Money, Coding, Ortho, Kansas City MO

"Knowledgable workshop" Debra Kay Stokes, FP, Kansas City MO

"I recommend it highly to anyone" Elizabeth Gunderson, CPC, Coding, Nephrology, Lee's Summit MO

"Very informative. I learned about things I've never heard of since being in this business for over 20+ years."  Dawn Huber,  Monroe City, MO

"Very helpful - learned something new" Lori Brown, CPC, Coder, Anesthesia, Peculiar MO

"Entertaining Speaker" Brenda McCush, Billing Service, Plattsburg MO"Received some useful information" Bonita L. Dunwoodie, Asst Mgr, FP, Richmond MO

"It was informative" Kelly Phillips, Coding, FP, Richmond MO

"It was a wonderful workshop & I learned alot" Jennifer Deering, CPC, FP/IM, Smithville MO

"Very compressed in content & realistic" Chris Ketcherside, CMM, Neuro, St Louis, MO

"Very informational and thank you for the slide-rule"   Stephanie Cook,    St Louis, MO

"Make sure you go to a Don Self seminar if you get a chance" Michelle R. Williams, Turney MO

"Speaker was great!" Linda Donovan, Coder, FP, Warrensburg MO

"It was informative" Darles White, Coder, FP, Warrensburg MO

"Interesting, informative" Christy Crockett, Coder, FP, Weston MO


"Easy to understand; Raised questions not previously addressed"-Maria Ishes, OB/GYN, Ellisville, MS

"Good Information, speaker kept your attention the entire time"-Latoya Bouldin-Satcher, Anesthesia, Jackson, MS

"The common sense information"-Careen Wilson-Anesthesia, Jackson, MS"Very informative"-Deborah Smith-OBGYN- Laurel, MS

"I liked the abundance of usable information"-Sarah Flynt-Fam. Pract. Laurel, MS

"Liked the fact that it was local, I did not have to travel to attend"-Jan Bates-OBGYN Laurel, MS

"The humor helps keep my interest, passes the time more quickly"-Lynn Jones-Cardio Laurel, MS

"Information on sliderules along with booklet. Speakers ability to answer the questions"-Erica Nunley McMahon-Cardio Laurel, MS

"Best, most honest & informative seminar I've ever been to" Sonja Pearson, Billing, OB GYN, Laurel, MS

"All the information was explained in a way I understand" Hope Johnson, Billing, OB GYN, Laurel, MS

"Liked Mr. Self's personality, presentation style"-Stephanie Buckley-ER Laurel, MS

"Sliderule for E&M simplified, common sense approach"-Pat Steiner-OBGYN LAurel, MS

"Broke down to very understandable terms"-Almita Cummins-OBGYN Laurel, MS

"I liked the pretest, modifiers, documentation"-Maria Sullivan-OBGYN Laurel, MS

"Very informative"-Rhonda Graham-Urology, Laurel, MS

"The presentation, honesty, direct approach"-Frances Mullican, Surgery, Laurel, MS

"People who code need clarification"- Arlene Steves, FP, Laurel, MS"Low key-down to earth & not too boring,(like other seminars)"-Ashleigh Hill, CPC-Multi, Laurel, MS

"To the point, casual- easy to follow"-Pam nielsen, CPC- Multi, Laurel, MS

"The speaker was very personable, did not speak over our heads"- Deidra Baucum, ENT, Laurel, MS

"Great information, kept my attention, pointed out internal issues, helped our practices"- Sonja Pearson, OB/GYN, Laurel, MS

"Energetic, reinforcing, honest, helpful about everything"- Stephanie Smith, Cardiac, Laurel, MS

"In was informative while being entertaining"-Stacey Cooley, Laurel, MS

"I loved the Info! Info!, Info!"- Stacey Sistrunk, Laurel, MS"informative, not same dull stuff"- Vickie Smith_ Gen Family, Laurel, MS

"All the information was explained in a way that I understood"-Hope Johnson, OB/GYN, Laurel, MS

" Very Informative"- Darla Clark- Urology, Laurel, MS" Very Informative, easy to follow" Sharon Moore, FP, Laurel, MS

" All very enjoyable, interesting. Not boring"- Cheryl Beech, Ophthalmology, Laurel, MS

" I liked the E&M Documentation, consults,, handleing of spec."- Erma Strength, ENT, Laurel, MS

"It was extremely informative and practical.  The examples of wording for specific letters was helpful." Lynn McBroom, Starkville, MS


"Excellent seminar & Excellent Speaker. (She drove to Rapid City from Montana for this seminar)" Karen Godfrey, CPC, ENT, Billings, MT

​"I thought it was an excellent topic, well worth it!"  Michele Pint,   Bozeman, MT


"Good seminar" Julie Masonbrink, CPC, FP, Bellevue NE

"It covered alot of areas that were useful" Lynne Ogden, Coder, Cardiology, Bellevue NE

"The speaker was very knowledgable, entertaining" Diane K. Wilken, Coder, Columbus NE

"Good workshop" Diane Hoegren, Out-pt Coding, Grand Island NE

"Very good common sense, language" Cindy L. Burkhart, CPC, Ortho., Grand Island NE

"I thought it was very helpful. I learned things I never knew we could do."  Becky Schernikau   Hastings, NE

"Awesome"    Sally Elley,    Hastings, NE

"Interactive Q&A was great" Regina Saltzman, CPC, FP, Lincoln NE

"Excellent Speaker" Melissa Beck, CPC, Internal, Lincoln NE

"I've been saying positive things about Don Self for years and will continue to do so"  Dori Roth,  Lincoln, NE

"It was excellent" Kimberly Quimby, Coder, ED, Lincoln NE

"Speaker, information - all wonderful info" Jenny Christensen, FP, Lincoln NE

"Modifier information helped" Cheryl Grell, Ofc Mgr, Dermatology, Omaha NE

"I liked the modifier, appealing claims info" Nadine Palmer, Ins. Specialist, Derm., Omaha NE

"The information, presentation was excellent" Patricia Lema, Bus. Ofc Coord., Derm., Omaha NE

"I learned about rules that were never really rules" William McGuire, CPC, Cardiology, Omaha NE

"Excellent seminar and neat visit code sliderule" Gloria Garber, Ins. Administrator, Cardiothoracic, Omaha NE

"informative, entertaining" Jeanie Swan, Billing Specialist, Pediatrics, Omaha NE

"Good information - good advise to increase reimbursement" Joan Thalken, Biller, Primary, Omaha NE

"Humor & Knowledge of speaker was excellent" Miriam Chapman, Coding, In-pt, Omaha NE"Good speaker - kept my attention" Kathleen Kibat, CPC, Neurology, Omaha NE

"Excellent workshop", Diane B. Davis, Billing, Gastroenterology, Omaha NE

"Speaker was excellent" Jodie Hanover, Billing, Endocrine, Omaha NE

"I liked the seminar" Rosalie Waymire, Billing Rep, Oral/Maxillofacial, Omaha NE

"Humor incorporated into dry subject made it fun" Lisa Dohmen, Compliance, Psych, Omaha NE

"The most informational & humerous seminar I've been to" Janet Hedegaard, Billing, Omaha NE

"I loved the humor" Micki Creswell, Billing Mgr, OB/GYN, Omaha NE

"How to resource/resolve issues was the best" Janet Smith, Ofc Mgr, Peds, Omaha NE

"Don's candor, committment was excellent" Grace Harada, Administrator, Endo/Neph, Omaha NE

"Knowledgable, entertaining" Kathy DeWitt, Billing Auditor, Pathology, Omaha NE

"Cleared up misconceptions" Debbie Baker, CPC, Hospitalist Coding, Omaha NE

"The humor really helps you listen!" Tricia Verby, CPC, Multi-specialt, Omaha NE

"Speaker was very dynamic & made presentation interesting" Kathy Evanoff, Coding, Anesth., Omaha NE

"Seminar was excellent" Terri Timm, Billing Rep., Orthopedic, Omaha NE

"Enjoyed the seminar" Mary Brown, CPC, Orthopedics, Omaha NE"Good humor - very resourceful" Amy Prochaska, A/R, Cardiology, Omaha NE

"Don told funny stories - made it fun, educational" Julie Miller-Kline, CPC, Pediatric Card., Omaha NE

"The humor was my favorite part" Rita Anne Haverman, CPC, Pediatric-Orthopedic, Omaha NE

"The speaker was excellent" Sandy Rubio, Coding, Multi-specialty, Omaha NE

"Content was great, speaker was excellent" Kathy Turco, Ofc Mgr, CV Surgery, Omaha NE

"Information easily useful in the office" Suzanne Kahnk, RHIT, Ins/Billing Mgr, Omaha NE

"Good workshop" Joyce McCafferty, RN Coord., Medical Review, Omaha NE

"Comprehensive review of many topics" Jennifer Novacek, CPC, Ambulatory Services, Omaha NE

"Don made learning fun!" Susan Gunia, Medical Ins. Clerk, Oncology, Omaha NE

"Speaker kept your attention, interest in information" Cathy Kelley, Billing, Omaha NE

"Enjoyed the seminar" Jacci George, CPC, Ortho, Omaha NE"Kept it lighthearted - great presentation" Jennifer Rieb, Billing, FP, Omaha NE

"The workshop was excellent" Judy Wood, Financial Coord., Surgery, Omaha NE

"The whole seminar was great" Joann Paulsen, CPC, Financial Coord, Spinal, Omaha NE

"The info was great" Heather Colton, CPC, FP, IM, Omaha NE

"I enjoyed listening to him" Tracy Michel, Omaha NE

"My brain is fried" Colleen Johnson, Coding, Hospital, Omaha NE

"Good seminar" Tammy Ray, Coder, Onc/Hemo/Pulm/Endo, Omaha NE

"He is the best speaker" Diana Hoagland, Coder, Internal, Omaha NE

"Very Informative" Denise Grady, Coder, Gastroenterology, Omaha NE

"Don kept it interesting on everything" Kim Bussell, Biller/Coder, Internal, Omaha NE

"I recommend this seminar" Lisa M. Edet, Billing/Auditor, ENT, Omaha NE"Good seminar!!!" Irene B. Simon, Surg. Billing, Omaha NE

"All good - thank you" Karen Arkfeld, CPC, FP/Gen Surg., Omaha NE

"Excellent presentation" Casandra Carroll, CPC, FP, Omaha NE

"Good workshop" Marty Wathier, Coding/Reimbursement, Cardiology, Omaha NE

"I enjoyed the entire seminar" Paulette Butts, Coder, Cardiology, Omaha NE

"Workshop has been very helpful" Dena J. Christensen, Coder, Cardiology, Omaha NE

"My favorite part was mangled care issues!" Teresa Tierney, Administrator, Infec. Dis, Omaha NE"Good speaker" Mary Phillips, CPC, RNC, Multi-specialty, Omaha NE

"Excellent speaker" Jyl Dinville, Coder - Orthopedics, Omaha NE

"Good content - good speaker" Pat Anderson, Coder, Plastics, Omaha NE

"I liked the info about ERISA", Nancy Powers, Coder, General Surgery, Omaha NE

"I learned about rules, regulations subject to billing" Lauri Dahir, Coder, Omaha NE

"Please come back to Omaha again" Terry Shevchenko, Coder, Omaha NE

"I enjoyed the workshop and coding tool " Judith Leahy, Coder, Neurosurgery, Omaha NE

"Time documentation was my favorite part" Linda Renander, Coder, Cardio-Thoracic, Omaha NE

"Content and speaker was the best" Ann Allen, Ofc Mgr, ER, Omaha NE"Speaker was excellent" Mary Miller, Asst Professor, Omaha NE

"Humor, info on ERISA, dispelling common misconceptions" Omaha NE

"Speaker kept it moving" Gail Christensen, Coding, Out-patient, Omaha NE

"Good speaker" Marci Baker, Coordinator - Coding Education, Omaha NE

"Excellent Presentation" Theresa Thompson, Coder, Cardiology, Omaha NE

"It had a higher degree of entertainment value than I anticipated", T. Paul Tomosex, CPA, CPC, CGFM, Omaha NE

"The jokes, websites wer the best" Theresa Svoboda, CPC, FP, Omaha NE

"Was very educational" Marcia Barlow, CPC, FP, Omaha NE"The humor was my favorite part" Colette Colvin-Bernard, Biller, Family, Omaha NE

"Don's sense of humore made the seminar much more fun" Andrea Arsenault, Coder, ER, Papillion NE

"Takes time to answer questions" Thomas Merrick, Billing, Las Vegas NV
"You really made it fun - very worthwhile - absolutely recommend it" Gaye Hancock, Ofc Mgr Las Vegas NV
"Very Informative" Romulo D. Malimban, CPC, Coding Auditor, Las Vegas, NV
"Presentation covered many areas with a great sense of humor" Karen Fowler, OFC MGR, Allergy, Las Vegas, NV
"Very Informative" Joey Hilario, Billing Service, Las Vegas, NV
"Enjoyed the fun atmosphere & knowledge attained" Gaye Hancock, OFC MGR, Family Practice, Las Vegas, NV
"Very informative" Tamy Lenhart, Coder, Internal, Morehead City, NV
"Given practical tools that you can use in your practice" Linda B. Meyer, RN, Family Practice, Silver City, NV


​"I thought this was a very informative webinar. I learned a lot! I also loved Don's sense of humor! "  Tanya Malette,  Manchester

"I liked his coding suggestions" Ellen LeFarc, Practice Management, Nashua NH


"Very informative"   Nancy Weber,    Asbury, NJ

"Informative, motivating, interesting" Doreen Bahlman-Brandt, Summit Medical Group, Berkeley Heights NJ

"Excellent topics covered, speaker was excellent" Mary Schierenbeck, Summit Medical Group, Berkeley Heights NJ

"Others need to attend this workshop" Susana Lameira, Summit Medical Group, Berkeley Heights NJ

"The seminar was excellent" Kim Meehan, Bridgeway Care Center, Bridgewater NJ

"I really enjoyed the seminar - good ideas" Jackie Wengryn, FP, Priority Medical Care, Bridgewater NJ

"The speaker was dynamic, entertaining" Ian Brodrick, Medical Director, Priority Medical Care, Bridgewater NJ

"Wonderful, very informative" Kathy Lamastro, Somerset Orthopedic, Bridgewater NJ"worth every penny - interesting" Omayra Mena, Ops Mgr, FP, Priority Medical Care, Bridgewater NJ

"Good seminar" Marie Kassick, Somerset Orthopedic, Bridgewater NJ

"I would recommend his workshop to others" Darlene Schimpf, Orthopedic, Butler, NJ

"It was terrific"   Theresa Wilson,   Butler, NJ

"Very informative"   Dhaval Shah,    Cherry Hill, NJ

"Very well organized presentation, great content" Gloria Miller, Comprehensive HC Solutions, Cherry Hill NJ

​"It was amazing and very informational! Thank you!"  Jennifer Piskadio,    Clifton, NJ

"Wonderful info, useful tools" Kate Kraemer, Direct Bill, Collingswood NJ"Informative, fun" Tanya Roberts, Internal, Highland Park Medical, East Brunswick NJ

"Great learning experience" Lori Paxton, Mgr, Assoc. Colon & Rectal Surgery, Edison NJ

​"It was very helpful"  Anjana Jani,  Fair Lawn, NJ

​"It was very informative, both my co-worker and I learned a lot. "  Stephanie Deribin,   Franklin Lakes, NJ

"This was the best speaker" Mal Hollander, Practice Administrator, Atlantic Hematology Oncology, Galloway NJ

"Pretty much, my first and last "go to" site for obtaining the most comprehensive knowlesge, links and medical billing related information needed.  For the past ten years, Don Self's website has been one of my most used bookmarked sites.  Ten stars!  Carol Bevilacqua   Hawthorne, NJ

"Speaker is dynamic, provides supplemental info to support" Kenya Lucas, Practice Mgr, Alatae Medical, Internal, Hillsborough NJ

"Good information, can add to practice" Charles Licastri, Bus Mgr, Garden State Womens, Holmdel NJ

"Informative, fun" Jean Parente, Practice Admin., Multi, Avenel Iselin Med Group, Iselin NJ

"Very informative" Geri Koniw, Billing Supervisor, FP, Avenel Iselin Med Group, Iselin NJ

"Catch Don Self at his seminar" Cheryl Cilento, Multi, LIberty Medical Assoc., Jersey City NJ

"This was a great workshop - loved the Visit Sliderule " Annie Mathes, Ofc Mgr, Vascular Assoc. of NJ, Livingston NJ

"Good information & presentation" Kathleen Davey, Multi., Long Valley, NJ"Great info - great speaker" Annette Carocappe, AMD Medical Billing, Manahawken NJ

"This was the best seminar" Janet Nealon, President, AMD Medical Billing, Manahawken NJ

"Good information" Rosi Kniffin, Administrator, Internist, Sports Med, Mercerville NJ

"Good advice, tips" Sandra M. Troyano, Billing, PCP, Mercerville NJ

"Absolutely an enjoyable learning experience" Carol Colucmowski, Bus Ofc Mgr, Pediatric Assoc of Central Jersey Metuchen NJ

"The best seminar" Janet Spanko, Ofc Mgr, Pediatric Assoc of Central Jersey Metuchen NJ

"Very informative, presented in a relaxed environment" Caroline Fitzgerald, Medicheck Billing, Middletown NJ

"Don is the best speaker" Tamaya Bhende, Associates in Rehab, Morristown NJ

"Wonderful speaker" Joan Ledzian, Administrator, Assoc. in Rehab, Morristown NJ

"I recommend this workshop" Stephanie Nicastro, CPC, Assoc in Rehab, Morristown NJ

"Wonderful seminar" Brenda Adell, Radiation Oncology, UMDNJ, New Brunswick NJ

"Very informative workshop" Theresa Blekeski, CPC, Hem/Oncology, UMDNJ, New Brunswick NJ

"I definitely recommend his workshops" Anne Marie Douglas, FP, Oak Ridge, NJ"Excellent speaker" Patrica Pekrol, St Joseph's Children's Hospital, Patterson NJ"People should attend, bring their doctor" Marlene Gould, Mgr, Dr. Eddie Gamao, Piscataway NJ

"This was the best seminar" Ann Marie Ferrante, CMM, Thoracic/Gen Surg, John Ferrante MD, Plainfield NJ

"Discussion about consults & modifiers was great" Marin Romero, Plastic Surg., Princeton, NJ

​"It was informational and really clarified many questions that I had about ERISA." Aldo Grimaldi   Saddle River, NJ

"Most informative in all aspects" Sandra Bloom, Multi., Shrewsbury, NJ"INteresting, entertaining" Lisa Miller, Billing Mgr, IVF New Jersey, Somerset NJ

"Others should attend this seminar - it's the best" Christine Hsia, Somerset Urological Assoc., Somerville NJ

"This was great - entertaining" Kathy LaPrete, Central Jersey Orthopaedic, South Plainfield NJ

"Informative, entertaining" Jayne Mott, Mgr, Overlook Family Practice, Summit NJ

"Wonderful speaker, seminar" Tahiry Garita, Overlook Family Practice, Summit NJ

"A great seminar - the best" Babette Basista, Urgent Care, Immedicenter, Tenafly NJ

"Situation lessons Don uses helps them stick to your memory" Kim K. Stokes, Mgr, Med Billing, Trenton NJ

"Great, knowledgeable speaker, funny" Debbie Silver, Practice Mgr, Women's Health, Union NJ

"Physicians need to hear this seminar" Joan Maleckar, JM Physicians Services, Union NJ

"Seminar was very good - held my interest" Lillian Mantuano, Women's Healthcare, Warren NJ

"Definitely recommend this workshop" Diane M Fedon, CMM, CPC, Hillcrest Physician's, Washington NJ

"Yes - others should attend" Patricia M. Urban, Ofc Mgr, The Orthopedic Hand, Westfield NJ

"I would recommend this seminar to others" Deborah Quinn, Dr. Barmakian, Westfield NJ

"Wonderful seminar" Natalie L. Moran, Hand Care, Inc., Westfield NJ

"Don is very motivating & informative" Barbara Wattenberg, Gastro., West Patterson, NJ

"Very informative, held my attention & kept it lively" Pat Ostrander, OFC MGR, Gastro, West Patterson, NJ

"Gave specific info re. use of codes, modifiers, etc.. I recommend it" Pat Rottkamp, Multi-Specialty, Voorhees, NJ


"Everything was informative" Joan Browder, CMM, OB-GYN, Alamogordo, NM"Honesty & enthusiasm" Tonja Scheihing, Oncology, Albuquerque, NM

"Very informative" Melinna Giannini, Billing, Nursing, Albuquerque NM​


"It contained very useful information on ERISA and working with denied claims." Mary Tyson, Altmar, NY

"I most definitely would recommend this workshop" K.V. Mattessich, CM, Oncology, Astoria, NY

"Very informative.  Very inspirational"  Elina Sabilova,   Brooklyn, NY

"Very informational"   Gail Saderson,    Buffalo, NY

"I would recommend this seminar"   Kimberly Carline,   Buffalo, NY

​"Very informative and easy to follow along. "  Tricia Sweeney,    BUffalo, NY

"I am deeply appreciative of his free email listserv"  Dawn Breithaupt, CPC,  Camillus, NY

"Excellent!!"   Rick Ramcharin,   Flushing, NY

​"It was really informative"  Kelly Frederick,   Herkimer, NY

"I definitely recommend this workshop" Barbara Granata, CMM, Internal, Mt Vernon, NY

"Very dynamic speaker, very informative. I would love to send my entire staff to hear Don!" Anna Caputo, Cardiology, Great Neck, NY

"It was valuable information" Doris Villanigro, CMM, Diag. Radiology, New York, NY

"I learned quite a bit and will recommend it to others"  Celeste Rosa,  Otolaryngology, NYC, NY

" it was good to understand what ERISA can di to possibly help individual doctors"  Donielle Kelly,  Rochester

"Very informative"   Catherine Suja,   Rochester NY

"It was insightful .  Gave me a better understanding of ERISA.   Mary Ann Piacelli,   Rochester, NY

"I tell people about Don Self all the time.  Michael DiFrancesca,  Smithtwon, NY

"It was fantastic!"   Pola Wendt, COC, CPC,    Star Lake, NY

"An amazing webinar, educational, fun and interesting"   Debra Cascardo,  White Plains, NY


"Don always has the greatest info and all should attend at least one and they'll be hooked!"  Carter Atkinson,  Carolina Beach, NC

"I recommend his workshop to others" Sue Dotson-Kent CMM, CPC, Family Practice, Charlotte, NC
"I liked everything about the workshop" Jan Ekman, Pediatric Urology, Charlotte, NC
"Excellent seminar, speaker" Madhari Piratla, Coder, Gastro, Charlotte, NC
"Great info on modifiers, E&M" Deann Tate, Sr. Compliance Specialist, CHS, Charlotte, NC
"Good content - enjoyed the humor" Tamara Assod, Compliance, FP, Charlotte, NC
"Full of info, entertaining" Jennifer Pereira, Compliance, CHS, Charlotte, NC
"Very upbeat - not boring at all" Patsy Williams, Coder, Peds/IM, Charlotte, NC
"Don was extremely informative & entertaining" Lynn Childers, CPC, Compliance, Neurosurgery, Charlotte, NC
"Don is truly one of the best seminar speakers I have heard" Robin L. Owens, CPC, Coding/Compliance Mgr, Charlotte, NC
"Loved the slide rules, coding analysis, midlevel info, enthusiasm" Barbara York, Coding/Compliance Spvsr, Gastro, Charlotte NC
"Excellent speaker - Don's energy & passion was great" Charla Prillaman, Charlotte NC
"Very interesting, excellent seminar" Caroline Bynum, Bus. Ofc Mgr, Ob/Gyn, Charlotte, NC
"Excellent seminar" George Bradlell, D.O., FP, Cherryville, NC
"He Rocked! Toni Lindley, Practice Mgr, Faces Plastic Surgery, Durham NC
​"The webinar was interesting and will be a great help in working on denials for ERISA claims." Cheri Dunn,   Gastonia
"He was the best speaker" Melonie Barbour, CPC, RMC, Ofc Mgr, Goldsboro Med. Clinic Goldsboro NC
"I want Don come to talk with doctors in our IPA" Donna Capps, FP, Goldsboro, NC
"Great seminar" Tiffany Hill, Supervisor, Pathology, Greensboro, NC
"I liked the different things he went over - excellent content" Adrianne Crowder, Coder, Gastro, Harrisburg, NC
"Don is a very animated, excellent speaker" Heather Hankins, Cranbrook Primary Care Ofc Spvsr Highpoint NC
"Don Self taught a great seminar" Cynthia Fink, Dir. Of Education, FP, Kannapolis NC
"Very informative - kept me laughing - made it enjoyable" Amy Cantie, Ofc Mgr, Podiatry Matthews, NC
"The entire presentation was excellent, Excellent speaker" Brenda Angell, CPC, Multi, Mocksville, NC
"Very informative - loved the sliderule " Tammy Lenhart, A/R, Ins., Internal, Geriatrics Morehead City NC
"Well rounded knowledge in all areas of the medical field" Cynthia Clegg, CPC, Multi, Pinehurst, NC
"Informative regarding health care issues" Wanda Strickland, CPC, Urology, Pinehurst, NC
"Very interesting" Vickie Matthews CPC, Multi, Pinehurst, NC
"I felt the seminar director made things simple enough that anyone could understand" Sonja Black CPC, Multi, Pinehurst, NC
"Very informative without being boring. It was relaxed friendly environment" Angela Mirovsky, FP, Pinehurst, NC
"Great Speaker" Faye Stutts, Dermatology, Pinehurst, NC
"You will learn how to increase revenue within your practice" Diane Koenck, Triangle Spine & Back, Raleigh NC
"Upbeat - Not boring" Suzanne M. Tingen, CPC, Coder/Consultant, Raleigh NC
"I enjoyed learning new ways to increase profit" Carol Miller, CMA, Dermatology Rocky Point, NC
"Very informative & up to date" Gail Garrison, CPC, Internal, Southern Pines, NC
"I liked everything about the seminar" Brenda Bottoms, CMS, Orthopedic, Southport, NC
"Extremely informative" Jessica Carroll, CMA, Ortho, Southport, NC

"You do a great job of making this dull stuff at least watchable!"  Lynn Cochran,  Sylva, NC
"Excellent seminar - range of information was best" Connie Allen, Practice Mgr, Internal, Williamston, NC
"Not monontinous - he made it easy to learn" Laura Sherman, Nursing Spvsr, Dermatology, Wilmington, NC
"I liked the presentation, content" Debbie Dethrow, CMA, Dermatology, Wilmington, NC
"Speaker was energetic, easy to follow" Christine Cook, CMA, CCRC, Wilmington, NC


"Very informative"  Sarah Dolan,  Avon Lake, OH

"Important topic.  I recommend it"   Wendy Carson,    Avon Lake, OH

"Great speaker" Cindy DeHart, FP, Beavercreek, OH

"I liked his candor & knowledge of current issues" Alyce Kalb, Multi., Bellefontaine, OH

"It was a great presentation.  I learned so much!"   Amanda Marshall,   Berea, OH

"Wonderful seminar, speaker" Susan Vogelberger, CPC, CPC-H, CMBS, CCP, Boardman OH

"Seminar was so refreshing - the best speaker" Shelly Hosey, Director, Revenue, Cuyahoga Phys. Network, Brecksville, OH"Interesting, informative - well worth it" Donna Burns, Brunswick OH

"I would like to hear him again!" Anna Lee Duffie, CMA, CMM, Medical Coding Management, Camden, OH

"Very educational - excellent speaker" Beverly Randles, CPC, Tri County Family, Canal Winchester OH

"The best seminar - don't miss it" Nena Forsman, Manager, Radiology, Canfield, OH

"Great speaker - great advice - worth the money" Sherri Strait, Aultman Hospital, Canton, OH

"Charisma brought topic across well" Lois Ketay, Surgery, Cincinnati, OH"Very informative, easy to understand" Traci Westerkamp, OB-GYN, Cincinnati, OH

​"Don Self is a  motivated speaker.  I feel more in control with the  information I learned today!" Geri Murphy  Cincinnati

"Loved it....great info"   Paige Fulton,    Cincinnati, OH

"One of the best I have attended"   Vicki Smith,   Cincinnati, OH

"I thought it was very informative on a subject I did not know alot about"   Dawne Bretnitz,   Cincinnati

"Very Informative"   Angela Schubert,   Cincinnati

"It was actually entertaining, informative" Jean Pryor, CPC, CCP, Cincinnati, OH

"Very informative"    Doreen Jenkins,   Cleveland, OH

"Enjoyable!" Sharon Collis, Central Ohio Cardiovascular, Columbus, OH

"Don's was the best seminar" Terri Ohert, OSU Internal Med, Columbus, OH

"Great webinar and book!    I had sent an appeal to Anthem 3 times without a response and then tried to contact our Provider Rep by email, fax and by phone and couldn't get a response from her either.  You said to deal only with the CEO, so I followed your advice and typed up a letter to the CEO explaining how this lack of response was "In my opinion' a violation of the Fair Claims Act and said if I recvd no response within 5 days we would look into a potential law suit with punitive damages. Low and behold I got a call from our Rep THE NEXT DAY!  The apologies were abundant so I could tell she must have had the hammer dropped on her. I've also had the UHC rep practically beg me to come to her first to which I replied, "I'm sorry but when I feel illegal activity has been done ( the discussion was regarding take-backs in bulk checks) I feel the need to let the CEO be accountable". Let's just say I don't think I'll be invited out to dinner any time soon :-)"   Lori Braidic, Billing Manager   Womens Care Center of Cols, Inc.   Columbus, OH

"Good speaker" Robyn Blankenship, Reimbursement Analyst Columbus, OH

"very informative"  Jennifer Jones,   Columbus, OH

"Excellent"   Melinda Moreland,   Columbus, OH

"Great - very informative - action packed" Kathy Rooker, Director, Mount Carmel Health Columbus, OH

"Excellent medical coding seminar" Lisa Roener, OSU Anesthesia Columbus, OH

"The most entertaining, informative seminar I've attended in 10 years" Barbara Johnson, OSU Orthopaedics Columbus, OH

"Extremely informative" Scott Strager, Practice Management Columbus, OH

"Very informative" Pamela Morgan, Riverside Health Center, Internal, Columbus, OH

"Absolutely the best seminar" Mary Ann Lawrence, CPC, Mid Ohio Oncology, Columbus, OH

"Excellent seminar" Tracy Rutan, Mid Ohio Oncology, Columbus, OH

"Highly energetic guy who is very educational" Michelle Davidson, Ortho Trauma, Columbus, OH

"Mr. Self is a great speaker" Pamela Bishop, Ohio Health Practice Management, Columbus, OH

"Excellent seminar" Ken McIntosh, OHPMS, Columbus, OH

"Great seminar" Inge Pearch, Ohio Health Practice Mgmnt, Columbus, OH

"Very informative, fun - great way to learn" Dytha Lynn Poole, Anesth., Ohio State University Med Ctr, Columbus, OH

"Great speaker" Barbara Robinson, CPC, Ohio Health Practice Management, Columbus, OH

"Very straight forward - wonderful seminar" Liz Vinion, MA, CPC, OB/GYN, Ohio Health, Columbus, OH

"Excellent speaker, content" Belinda Spence, CPC, OHPMS, Columbus, OH

"Great - very knowledgeable - very funny" Linda Brown-Selhorst, CPC, Columbus, OH

"Entertaining, educational in one setting - who could ask for more?" Kimberly Floyd Waldman, CPC, CPC-H, Columbus, OH

"Wonderful speaker" Amy Watson, Ofc Mgr, FP, Richard Brandes, MD, Columbus, OH

"Attend his seminar/workshop" Jennifer Jones, Manager, Daystart Billing, Columbus, OH

"You should attend Don's course" Julie Chicoine, Compliance Director, OSU Med Ctr, Columbus, OH

"Was prepared to be bored, but was pleasantly surprised" Angela Hart CPC, Core Management, Columbus, OH

"I liked the content, it was entertaining. I learned alot." Ann Herrick, Dept of Surgery, Columbus, OH

"You'll be able to find lost revenue" Sheri Whalen, Practice Administrator, Pulmonary, Columbus, OH

"I was very impressed" Erica K. Lee, Riverside Family Practice, Columbus, OH

"He had interesting analogies & Texas phrases" Diane Plumly, Ohio State U., Columbus, OH

"Don kept the topics to the point & didn't drag it out. He has a good sense of humor" Grace Blanden, Dept of Surgery Corp, Columbus, OH

"Relaxed & did not get boring. Thanks for a great seminar Don!" Dorothy Bates CPC, Dept of Surgery, Columbus OH

"I liked Don's sense of humor & honesty in presenting the information" Rebecca Dawson CPC, Dept of Surgery, Columbus OH

"I loved the humor mixed in with all topicsa as well as his honesty, above board ethics" Barbara Miller, Dept of Surgery, Columbus OH

"Don Self, you are so cool!" Almeda DeLoss, Dept of Surgery, Columbus OH

"The slide rules were great!" Jonathan Bower, GBS Computer & Communication, Columbus OH

"It was fun, I learned" Kathleen McWilliams, Holy Cross Health System, Columbus, OH

"Moved quick & wasn't condescending" Sheri Whalen, CMM, Pulmonary, Columbus, OH

"Mr. Self was very upfront, honest. The information was reinforcing" A. Dianne Allen CPC, GRMCFI, Columbus, OH

"Don was too funny. I liked everything & the workshop was very informative" Stephanie Moore, Cardiovascular, Columbus, OH

"Very informative, easy to follow" Monica Burnett, OSU Internal Medicine, Columbus, OH

"Don Self is a very good public speaker, he was certainly not boring." Mary Quinn, Emergency Services, Columbus OH

"I appreciated hearing a God-fearing Christian & not afraid to acknowledge their source of strength" Shryiell Owens, Billing Columbus, OH

"Presentation of excellent information" Joyce Stapleton, Pulmonary, Dayton, OH

"Definitely worth the time spent in the seminar" Sandra Hennigan, Mgr, Dayton Surgeons, Dayton, OH

"Don is a wonderful speaker. He keeps the excitement going & made the workshop fun." Teresa Gable, Healthworks, Delaware, OH

"Most entertaining seminar I have ever been to, as well as very informative" Jeanette Lane, Mgr, OSU Internal Medicine, Dublin OH

"It was a great seminar" Donna Blanton, OB/GYN, Fairfield, OH

"Workshop was extremely informational, eye opening" Tammy Blanton, OB/GYN Associates Fairfield, OH

"He is a great speaker and very knowledgeable "  Donna Blanton,  Fairfield, OH

"Very informative - kept me interested" Michele Grigorny, OHPMS, Grove City OH

​"Extremely informative. Don did a great job of presenting in a quick, point by point manner; and he kept his power point slides fun."   Sally Brown,   Groveport, OH

"Wonderful speaker" Rachel Thompson, Oncology, Mid Ohio Oncology/Hematology, Lancaster OH

"Very entertaining speaker with lots of jokes" Lori Dillon, Healthworks MSO, Lewis Center, OH

"Kept it alive, a good sense of humor" Jennifer Sloan, Lima Joint Replacement, Lima, OH

"I would recommend this workshop" Peggy Raesler, Cardiology, Lorain, OH

"Get into our office, meet with our physicians.... excellent!" Charlotte Ruth, Cardiology, Lorain, Ohio

​"I recommend this seminar"    Jennie Huber,   Harrison, OH

"Very informative, clear cut - Don is the best speaker" Susan Sajdyk, CPC, Internal Med. Physicians, Marysville OH

"I liked the speaker's approach to subject matter" Cassandra Pullen, University Hospitals Faculty, Mayfield OH

"Was alot of useful information" Bridget Blankenship, MA, CPC, Joint Implant Surgeons, New Albany OH

"Informative, enlightening - kept my attention" Sarah Paul, Joint Implant Surgeons, New Albany OH

"Content was great - very knowledgeable - keeps audience attention" Stacy Swartz, Licking Memorial Hospital, Newark OH

"Good info - Don is a great presenter" Kelli S. Annis, RHIT, CPC, CCS-P, Mount Carmel Health Picker


"He was helpful, a good speaker" Melissa M. Evans, Reimb. Coord., OB/GYN, Adams Run, SC

"I recommend this seminar" Lynn Gregory, Director, Physician Network Services, Anderson, SC

"Don kept the seminar interesting & enjoyable. Very informative" Peggy Shoemaker, Coder, Bonneau, SC

"Don is knowledgable, humorous & entertaining. This tips were cutting edge" Phyllis Mayfield, CPC, Ofc Mgr, Cardiology, Charleston, SC

"Simple enough for me to understand what he was discussing" Judy Stanley, Multi, Charleston, SC

"Don is a wonderful speaker, covers a broad range of subjects with humor, application" Susan Silva, Multi, Charleston, SC

"The seminar presented a great deal of info that all coders can use in their practices" R. Kevin Moody CPC-H, N. Charleston, SC

"Enjoyed it very much - variety of subjects" Linda O. Walker, CPC, Charleston, SC

"Excellent seminar" Lynn Mabry, Practice Manager, OB/GYN, Charleston, SC

"All of it was very informative" Kristy Johnson, CPC, Insurance, OB/GYN, Charleston, SC

"Informative!" Jackie Wright, Billing/Insurance Coordinator, Orthopedics, Charleston, SC

"Kept humor in learning!!!" Lane M. Floyd, Practice Administrator, Nephrology, Charleston, SC

"It was unique - speaker was great!" Brandy Rozler, Billing/Coding, Nephrology, Charleston, SC

"Very informative" Amy Hall, Chiropractic Assistant, Charleston, SC"Speaker, content were the best" Traccie Mappus, Coding Analyst, ENT, Charleston, SC

"Speaker's knowledge kept interest level up" Carolyn Berry, Ofc Mgr, Urology, Charleston, SC

"Good for increased revenue" Bama Saltzman, Director, Pathology, Charleston, SC

"I recommend this seminar for CPT knowledge, lunch & jokes" Darcy Hughes, Coder, Pathology, Charleston, SC

"Helpful in pain management billing" Patrice Sune, Operations Supervisor, Pathology, Charleston, SC

"Not a sleeper!" Kay Deman, Coder, Anesthesiology/Pathology Charleston, SC

"I recommend it" N. Davis, Trainer, Multi-specialty, Charleston, SC

"I never lost interest. Don kept my attention" Linda Zedo, CPC, Emergency Medicine, Charleston, SC

"Mr. Self goes beyond the expected" Patty Windham, Reimbursement Coord., Surgery, Charleston, SC

"I liked the topics he covered" Erin Britz, Coder, OB/GYN, Charleston, SC"Information shared was great." Sherlyn Taylor, Reimb. Analyst, Multi-spec., Charleston, SC

"The layman's terms were easy to relate to" Kathleen Pridgen CPC, Multi, Charleston, SC

"I liked the tone of the workshop - good info in a light humorous setting" Cindy Betakas, Orthopedics, Charleston, SC

"Speaker was entertaining & funny & his reference sites are great" Ronii Collins, CPC, Family, N. Charleston, SC

"Very entertaining, informative" Dawn Hensley CPC, Radiology, Charleston, SC

"It was entertaining & informative" Karen Taghivand, Cardiology Ofc Mgr, Charleston, SC

"It was NOT boring" Hidy Borden, Multi, Charleston, SC"Very good information on increasing revenue" Wendy Jackson, Ofc Mgr, FP, Charleston, SC

"I liked revenue enhancements best" Sue Herb, Administrator, Family Practice, Clemson, SC

"Don has an eye opening way of keeping you educated & entertained" C. Fran McKelvey, CPC, Coding Manager, Surgery, Columbia, SC"Don has an eye opening way of keeping you educated & entertained" C. Fran McKelvey, CPC, CMC, Columbia, SC

"I liked the new information presented" Joyce A. Suggs, OFC MGR, Family Practice, Conway, SC

"I liked the auditing, Erisa information" Dorothy H. Sherman, OFC MGR, Family Practice, Garden City, SC

"I would recommend this reimbursmeent workshop" Judy Connell, Ofc Mgr, FP, Greenwood, SC

"Very interesting, fun" Tina Richardson, Neurology, Hanahan, SC

"Don told you things that you do not learn at other workshops" Patricia Scott, CPC, Anesthesia, Ladson, SC

"I felt like I learned useful things that will help my practice" Carolyn Lord, Billing, Ladson, SC

"Don is informative & entertaining. All was applicable to our practice" Kathy Sistare, RN, Practice Mgr, Lancaster, SC

"Valuable information that puts money into your practice" Wanda Sweet, CMM, CPC, Mgr, Surg., Lancaster, SC

"The speaker was the best part" Amy Carroll, CPC, Surgery, Moncks Corner, SC

"Informative as well as entertaining" Michelle Coker, Coder, Pathology, Moncks Corner, SC

"Talked to us - not at us - interesting & helpful" Michelle Hair, Coder, Pathology, Moncks Corner, SC

"Good helpful info" Elaine H. Swicord, Ofc Mgr, FP, Moncks Corner, SC

"The best part was the info on missed services, appeals, etc" William Geraghty Jr., Multi, Mt. Pleasant, SC

"My favorite part was the small tips that are very helpful" Sharon Owens, Ofc Mgr, FP, Mt. Pleasant, SC

"Very informative, Great info" Susan Fisher, OFC MGR, Podiatry, Myrtle Beach, SC

"Don likes to put on a CLASS ACT coding seminar! Loved all the topics" Lori Chavis, Billing, Myrtle Beach, SC

"Don is very knowledgable, does his research" Patricia Maccarrella-Haffey, RHIA, CCS, Multi, Myrtle Beach, SC

"Entire seminar was great" Lauren Lynn Dowd, CPC, CMC, Newberry, SC

"The information is alot of help to offices following the suggestions he made" Kim Hill, CMM, FP, Ninety Six, SC

​"Very insightful"   Lacey Courtney,   North Augusta, SC

"I liked all the different areas that he touched" Angie Burroughs, Plastic Surgery, North Augusta, SC

"Clear Speaker, enjoyed his humor, personality" Maryann Hollman, Radiology, Pineville, SC

"Excellent seminar, speaker" Kitty Smith, Coding, Radiation, Rock Hill, SC

"The best part was how to use the common sense approach to things" Lyn Holliday, Auditor, Spartanburg, SC

"Reinforcement of getting more money by better use of coding & modifier usage" Maxine Fuller CPC, Otolaryngology, Summerville, SC

"A little bit of comdey goes a long way, makes the material less boring" Cathy Pokorny CPC, Neurosurgery, Summerville, SC

"Fast paced - entertaining" Tamarah L. Sizemore, Ops Mgr, Pathology, Summerville, SC

"Not Boring - You are interesting, animated, informative, easy to understand" Gean Johnson, Mgr, Pediatrics,Summerville, SC

"I liked all of the seminar" Leanne Shattuck, Analyst, Multi-specialty, Summerville, SC

"Don's ability to communicate the subject in an interesting manner" R. Kevin Moody, Coder, Sumter, SC

"He covered what some insurances won't tell you to get you paid right" Cheri Maddox, Ofc Mgr, FP, Sumter, SC

"The workshop was great in itself" Veronica Cherry, Med. Biller, FP, Sumter, SC

​"I thought today's webinar was great!  It was jam packed with tons of so much useful information. "  Melissa Berger,  Townville, SC


"Very good seminar - keeps info flowing with humor " Mary Turner, Ofc Mgr, FP Bowdle SD

"Very informative - very upbeat - kept things moving" Ky Simmons, Coder, Hospital Deadwood SD

"Excellent! One of the BEST seminars I've been to" Laura Sterna, CPC, FP/Int., Deadwood SD

"Entertaining, easy to digest info - very informative" Traci Matthew, CPC, Clinic Mgr, Primary Care Deadwood SD

"Excellent range of topics along with energy & enthusiasm of speaker" Karen Weber, Auditor, Ellsworth AFB SD

"Excellent!" Jennie Seefeldt, Coder, Hamill SD

"I learned more in 7 hours than I have in my training" Jessie Stewart, Coder, FP, Pierre SD

"I liked EVERYTHING!!!!! I recommend this workshop" Allie Austad, Accts Mgr, FP, Pierre SD

"My brain is fried. You gave so much info to help us increase income" Jodi Hericks, Urology, Rapid City SD

"The info is presented in an enjoyable way. I would attend another one" Barbara Broomfield, Ofc Mgr, OB/GYN, Rapid City SD

"This is the BEST seminar I've ever been to" Cathy Wiley Brown, CPC, OB/GYN, Rapid City SD

"I love this seminar! I recommend it. You can quote me!" Diane Cleveland, CPC, Consultant/Practice Mgr, Rapid City SD

"The best parts were about auditing your own practice & documentation" Deborah Heuerman, CMC, Coder, Multi Spec. Rapid City SD

"Good ERISA Seminar" Mary LoCoco, Coding/Billing, FP, Rapid City SD

"Lots of GREAT info presented with humor" Becky Gab-Schroeder, CPC, OB/GYN , Rapid City SD

"Informative, great handouts, liked the humor the best!" Carly Elliott, RN, CPC, Compliance Auditor, Rapid City SD

"Excellent speaker" Heather Howard, CPC, RCC, Compliance Auditor, Rapid City SD

"I liked all of the seminar - excellent content" Mandy Lefor, Patient Accts, Neurology, Rapid City SD

"It is all good - informative & enthusiastic" Merrilyn Schroeder, CPC, Coder/Auditor Rapid City SD

"Money making ideas, reimbursement ideas were the best" Kay Rice, Coder, Multi-spec Rapid City SD

"Lots of good information on how to increase revenue" Sabine Colton, Receptionist, Rapid City SD

"My brain is fried - excellent speaker" Louise M Peterson, Coder, Multi-Spec, Rapid City SD

"Don has a wonderful sense of business, of humor " Stefanie Cramer, Coder, Multi-Spec, Rapid City SD

"I really enjoyed the humor" Karen Goldammer, Coder, Multi-Spec, Rapid City SD

"The humor, fast pace, personal examples were excellent" Tifany Termes, CPC, Multi-Spec, Spearfish SD

"Excellent info, very knowledgeable & credible speaker" Melanie Lehmann, Coding/Auditing, Multi-Spec. Spearfish SD

"A lot of good info & The ERISA info was very enlightening" Linda Harlan, CFO, Specialty Hospital, Spearfish SD

"Good seminar - documenation audit was my favorite part" Dawn Collins, CPC, Spearfish SD

"Excellent speaker - excellent content" Judy Schaeffer, Ofc Mgr, Nuclear Medicine, Spearfish SD

"Good example & info. BIlling & coding is usually not as exciting as this" Tara Sewell, Ofc Mgr, Spearfish SD

"Good coverage of all subjects - not boring at all!" Kathy Kruskamp, CPC, FP/Occ. Health, Spearfish SD

"You're a great speaker & one of the best seminars I've attended" Kellie Jo Dean, Ops Mgr, Multi Spearfish SD

"Very Interesting - Entertaining. Time flew by - dispelled some myths" Vicki Redinger, CPC-H, Spearfish SD

"Clear understanding of increasing physician's income through proper coding" Rhonda French, Coding Spec, Spearfish SD

"All was excellent - super job!!" Cheryl Pies, Coder, Multi-Spec., Spearfish SD

"Everything was excellent, but would like a little more on facility side" Ann Joachim, Coding/Billing, Spearfish SD

"Presenter had sense of humor. Not the same old information" Betty Tideman, Biller, FP, Winner SD

"Good seminar - good speaker" Terami Nespor, CPC, FP , Winner SD


"Excellent Seminar, excellent food, excellent jokes!"  Diana Franklin, CMRS, CPC, Alpine, TN

“The very best seminar I’ve attended”  Vivian Jones, CPC -  Carthage, TN
“Very important info”  Karen Bowman, FACMPE, CPC – Cleveland, TN
“fun and informational”  Joy Sterling CPC -  Cleveland, TN
 “Very informative”   Sandy Heffron, CPC,   Cookeville TN
“Very good seminar”   Linda Sullivan, CPC  Cookeville TN
 “Lots of good info – kept my attention”  Candi Hickey, CPC,   Cookeville TN
 “Don is a great speaker”  Sharon Gillertine, CPC – Cookeville, TN
“I enjoyed the FULL DAY seminar & his humor”  Melissa Savage, CPC-A – Cookeville TN
 “Love how Don presents it.  Great info!” Dana Seibers CPC – Cookeville TN
Don Self is very knowledgeable and does a great job of educating, usually in a humorous way.”  Rhonda Crouch, CPC – Cookeville TN
 “Great seminar”  Lisa Bagci, BS, RHIA – Cookeville, TN
“Best seminar ever”  Mary Arms, Cookeville, TN
 “Have been a fan of Don for years”  Paula Duty, CPC, CPCO – Cookeville TN
 “This will help my providers greatly”  Michelle Frazier, CPC -  Cookeville TN
“Most informative & interesting I’ve ever attended” Suzanne Robichaud, CPC – Cookeville
“Really enjoyed it.  Very informative”  Stephanie Seibers – Cookeville TN
“Interesting & insightful”  Joy Jenkins CPC – Cookeville, TN
“Very educational”   Mary Hayden, CCS, CPC – Cookeville, TN
“informative information”  Judy Smith CPC – Cookeville, TN
 “I appreciate the knowledge you shared”    Shelly Turner, COBG,  Crossville TN
“Lots of useful info I had never heard before” Jennifer Pugh, CPC – Crossville, TN
“Loved the ERISA seminar – Amazing how it helps” Gina Dilbeck -  Dunlap, TN

"Very well organized" Donna Wise, OFC MGR, Surgery, Elizabethton, TN

"Very informative"   Kim Howell,   Gallatin TN

"Most infomrative webinar ever!"  Joanna Thomas    Hixson, TN

​“Excellent seminar, food & jokes”  Diana Franklin CMRS, CPC,  Jamestown TN
“I recommend this seminar”   Amanda Conatser -  Jamestown TN

"I will tell others to plan to attend" Beth Glenn, Coding, Family Practice, Jefferson City, TN

"Very Informative" Ginger Lewis Hashbarger, Billing Mgnr, Hospitalist, Johnson City, TN

"Loved the seminar" Vickie Cunningham, Billing, Cardio, Johnson City, TN

"I liked everything about the workshop" Jamie Gibson, Multi., Johnson City TN

"Good information" Sheena Agee, Center Manager, Family Practice, Kingsport, TN

"One of the few seminars that is informative & interesting & fun" Christine M. Liles, Insurance Supervisor, Dermatology, Knoxville, TN

​"Excellent information in an easy to understand format"  Kelly Wright Nelson,   Lebanon, TN

"The day passed quickly" Delilah Johnson, Dermatology, Knoxville, TN"I would like to attend his session again" Delilah Picard, Cardiology, Memphis TN

"Good information, easy to understand" Ginger Parker, Director of Business Services, Multi Specialty, Morristown, TN

​“One of the best coding seminars”  Wendie Spintzyk, CPC-A -  Moss, TN

"I want him to speak again next year" Penny Huffman, Dermatology, Nashville TN

"Very informative"   Veronica Winfrey,   Nashville TN

"Eye opening, even for the seasoned coding person" Ivy Smith, CPC, Compliance, Family Practice, Piney Flats, TN

"Loaded with very valuable information!  I really learned a lot.  Lots of good information that is not covered or explained anywhere else." Doris Russell, CPC, CPMA, Sparta, TN

“Lots of great info not covered anywhere else”  Doris Russell, CPC, CPMA,  Sparta, TN
“No one had any idea about ERISA – wow”  Dawn Davis, CPC – Sparta, TN

"Great info.  Love how Don presents it.  Wish I could him on speed dial for all questions!"  Dana Seibers, CPC, TN

"Very informative and enjoyable.  I enjoyed the seminar and Don's sense of humor."  Melissa Savage, CPC-A, TN

"The very best seminar I have attended in a long time."  Vivian Jones, CPC, TN

"Very informative, keep the energy up, kept my attention." Candi Hickey, CPC, TN


" I liked the coding, modifiers"- Idolina Gutierrez- Fam Pract- Alice, TX

"He took the time to answer the questions asked" Letty Villarreal, Cardiology, Alice, TX

"Very informative" Nina Henojosa, Cardiology, Alice, TX

"I liked everything" Melissa Ramos, RHC, Alice, TX

"Great Info, All was interesting"- Sammi Benavides- Fam Pract- Alice, TX

"The entire workshop was great"- Javier Garcia-Fam Pract- Alice, TX

" I liked everything, I learned a lot, you were great"- Sally Gonzalez- Fam Pract- Alice, TX

"Don Covers a lot of Information on a variety of subjects that applies to most practices"-Kallene Purl-Multi speciality, Amarillo, TX

"Very Interesting"-Shannon Perez-Cardiology Amarillo, TX

"Very Informative"-Jill O'Grady-Pedi Amarillo, TX

"presentsation, very understandable"-Connie Garmon-Phys. Med Amarillo, TX

"Good information presented in an interesting manor"-Gail Menefee-Cardiology Amarillo, TX

"Very Good"-Teri Barlow-Pain Management Amarillo, TX

"Very good presentation covering lots of data"-Karen Spangler-Radiology Amarillo, TX

"Very informative, entertaining"-Jeanne Pullum-Fam. Prac Amarillo, TX

"I liked the ERISA information, getting my CEU's"-Sherri Williamson-Multi Amarillo, TX

"Informative, Entertaining"-Tricia Richardson-Gen Surgery Amarillo, TX

"I have learned a lot" Cyndy Jones, Billing, Surgery, Amarillo, TX

"Very informative seminar. Answered lots of questions-dispelled lots of myths"-Fay Lemaster-Surgery Amarillo, TX

"Kept my attention the entire time"-Susan Cutright- Prim Care- Amarillo, TX

"All meat, potatoes, no junk. Well worth my time"-Barbara Willburn-ENT-Amarillo, TX

"It is very informative, insighting"-Brandon Morrison-ENT-Amarillo, TX

"I liked Don's ERISA webinar, how to appeal claims"-Debbie Steen-ENT-Amarillo, TX

"Very informative billing techniques"-Abbie Woolsey-Phys Thearpy-Amarillo. TX

"Great Information presented in an easy to understand format" Reba Stubblefield, Neurosurgery, Amarillo, TX

"Practical seminar - can use today - loved information dispelling myths" Dee Thomas, Multi-specialty, Amarillo, TX

"Liked information on appeals"-Lonetta Ingram-Multi.-Amarillo, TX

"I like Don's approach, he is full of info" Jennifer Braddock, Phys Med, Amarillo, TX

"I liked the way don presentated the workshop"-Cathy Flowers, ENT. Amarillo, TX

" there is so much good, basic info, great over the top info like ERISA"-Toni Emmons-SR. Analyst-Amarillo, TX

"Very informative. Modifiers, ERISA info most helpful"-Kathy Ledbetter-Ortho Surgery-Amarillo, TX

"I liked everything"-Sherry New- Ortho spine Sur-Amarillo, TX

" Great review on coding, plus learning new info"-Michele Taylor-OB/GYN-Amarillo, TX

"It's interesting, informative"-Chris Lewis-Gen Surg-Amarillo, TX

"This seminar was very informative. I like all the different topics"-Shannon Burnett-Allergy-Amarillo, TX"

Thank you for coming, I have learned a lot"-Cyndy Jones=Surg-Amarillo, TX

"Very informative, learned a lot"-Janell Terry-Diag Radio-Amarillo, TX

"Good information, good entertainment, good food"-Donna Carpenter-Vascular Surgery-Amarillo, TX

"It was beneficial"-Liz Pepper-Cardio-Amarillo, TX

"Very relaxed, lots of laughs&very informative on never talked about services"-Karon Smith-Fam. Prac.-Amarillo, TX

"Good speaker; a lot of helpful information, resources-Thanks"-Becky Mora-Pain Mgmt-Amarillo, TX

"Entertaining, informative"-Sasha Pelchat-Neurosurgery-Amarillo, TX

"The hospital billing info is the 1st I received at any workshop. It has helped me!" Deborah Martin, FP, Andrews, TX

"Don is an excellent speaker" Jan Matthews, GP, Andrews, TX

"I enjoyed the way you presented the info" Alma Allison, FP, Andrews, TX

"Entertaining ways to increase profit legally. Loved all of it" Cindy Keese, Aransas Pass, TX

"Very valuable information" Shaunda Beth Steffey, Billing, Arlington, TX

"It was great!" Jan Marshall, RN, Psychiatry, Arlington, TX

"Interesting info on coding" Elissa Williams, OFC MGR, Psychiatry, Arlington, TX

"Very helpful ERISA webinar"   Sabrina Leal,   Austin, TX

"Useful Information - to the point" Jan Ream, Internal Med., Austin, TX

"Information, knowledge gained"- Penny Barton- Multi- Bandera, TX

" Very informative, entertaining"- Vanessa Weems- Int Med- Bandera, TX

"It was very informative, helpful Loved all of it " Celeste Prasek-King , Bastrop TX

"I learned so much" Verona Weber, Internal, Beaumont, TX

"Very Informative" Olivia Sellers, Internal, Beaumont, TX

"I enjoyed my day. Everything we discussed was real informative" Olivia Sellers, Internal, Beaumont, TX

"Very insightful from a nurse's standpoint" Dinah Brister, Internal, Beaumont, TX

"All was tied together & made sense" Marcy Able, FP, Bedford, TX

"Excellent ERISA Progam - Very informative " Faye Terry, FP Coder Beeville TX

"Speaker was exceptional with a wealth of knowledge" Margie Olivarez, FP, Manager, Beeville TX

"Very informative" Stephanie Barkoci, FP, Benbrook, TX

"Excellent workshop, Easy way of explaining things" Kim Kelsey, Office Asst, FP RHC Bogata TX

"Learned how to make doctors more money" Terry L. Bingham, Billing, Family Practice, Bonham, TX

"Easy to follow" Lisa Cook, OFC MGR, Family Practice, Bonham, TX

"I especially liked the way he taught us about the different modifiers" Amy Kidder, FP, Bridge City, TX

"Entertaining, Very Good - lots of good information" Elaine Carroll , Asst Director, FP RHC Brownwood TX

"Kept you interested with good knowledge & information" Tammy Means, Director of RHC Brownwood TX

"Substance with humor" Kathy Kirk, FP, Pediatrics, Bryan, TX

"Don is very informative, you will learn something, no matter what you already know" Marci Barnhart, Ins. Carrier, Canyon, TX

"I liked the tools, knowledge that you can use now" Kathy Dowd, Admin. Self ins plan, Canyon, TX

"I found it very informative" Patty Wilhite, FP, Canyon, TX

"Strategies presented for correct coding that also increase reimbursement" Kenneth Lowrance, VP, Primary Care, Clifton, TX

​"It was very informative"   Alba Jackson,    Converse, TX

"I loved the jokes, info, modifiers, audit info, etc" Sylvia Galavis, CPC, Converse, TX

" Nice facility with Breakfast, lunch, snacks, gave an opportunity to network" Delia Torres- Orthop- Corpus Christi, TX

"I liked the strategies for correct coding that increases reimbursement" Kenneth Lowrance, VP/FNP Clifton TX

"A+ Seminar"  Celena Valencia, Office Manager, Star Nephrology, Corinth, TX

" My favorites were, sliderules, answering questions, review of coding, the updates"- Mary Albarado- Fam. Prac- Corpus Christi, TX"

His teaching style is excellent" Kim Hohle, OB-GYN, Corpus Christi, TX

"Information, speaker,, ability to communicate"- Dr. Daniel Vijjeswarpa- Pedi- Corpus christi, TX

"Information content, flow of slides, speaker"- Jodi Rinehart- Int Med- Corpus Christi, TX

"Informative, discussed major consistant coding errors, addressed different specialities"-Linda Crain- Fam Pract- Corpus Christi, TX

"Charting, Auditing. The coding slide is great"- Erin Garst- Fam Pract- Corpus Christi, TX

"The speaker was great" Gloria Munguia, GYN, Corpus Christi, TX

"Very informational, CPT coding, modifier use"- Norma Reyes- Cardio- Corpus christi, TX

"Informative"- Corletta Aririguzo- Int Med- Corpus Christi, TX

"Relaxed atomsphere-open forum-great info"-Sheila Spillar- FP, Corpus Christi, TX

"Very informative & interesting" Daniel Garcia, Financial Counselor, Corpus Christi, TX

"Everything was excellent" Leticia Marchese, Manager, FP RHC Cotulla TX

"All of it was my favorite" Polly Harris, Billing Clerk, RHC Crosbyton TX

"Very informatie" Grace Munoz, Ofc Mgr, FP RHC Crosbyton TX

"Thanks for an excellent seminar on coding & practice management " Meredith Hill, Clinic Dir., Hosp Based RHC FP/OB, Dalhart TX

"It was very informational"  Shaiell Harris<    Dallas, TX

"Interesting & not boring - I recommend it" Louise Lamanna, Urology, Dallas, TX

"I would recommend this seminar to others" Joyce Perry, OFC MGR, Family Practice, Dallas, TX

"The open forum questions, answers in laymen's terms" Rotounda Poweell-Lockett, OFC MGR, Dallas, TX

"All very interesting - especially coding & collections" Jacksy Walker, FP, Dallas, TX

"Excellent content" Beth Usrey, Dekalb TX"

"Excellent Seminar"   Mini Joseph, Ofc Mgr, Roy Joseph GI, Denton, TX

"Good information"  Zahida Akram, TX Infectious Diseases, Denton, TX

"Great Seminar"  Misti Simms, Billing, Dr. Gang Quan Gastro, Denton, TX
'Got alot of information in a short time - helpful"  Ben Doroodchi, Ofc Mgr, Mukesh Saraiya MD, Denton TX

"Awesome - informative, relevant - much needed info" - Jana Tipton, Gr, Surgery Assoc of N. TX

"Excellent - I learned so much - Don is great"  Shannon Wilson, Billing, Denton Cardiology, Denton TX

"Very informational that most probably don't know"  Alisha Turner, Supervisor, Denton Cardiology, Denton, TX

"Very enlightening & entertaining, Thank you"  Jill Bastak, North TX Center for Sight, Denton, TX

"Excellent presentation & useful info that can be applied immediately"  Karen Koehler, Mgr, Denton Rheumatology

"Don delivered a fun seminar with awesome info"  Delorean Purgason, Mgr, Family Med of North TX, Denton, TX

"This was NOT the same info all seminars give"  Anita Perdue, Mgr, Texas Lung Associates, Denton, TX

"Great Information"   Christy Morgan,  Mgr,  Stephen Schulman MD Pediatrics

"Very informational"  Jackie Tibedeau, Office Mgr, Ajit Dave, Internal, Denton, TX

"EXcellent"  Siva Korlakunta, Office Mgr, Cardiology Clinic,  Denton, TX

"Informative"  Angela Vanni, Billing,  North Dallas Eye Associates,  Denton, TX

"Great seminar"  Tracey Lowry,  Billing,  Advanced Eye Care Center<  Denton, TX

"knowledgable of info and entertaining"  Debi Goss, Administrator, Advanced Eye Care,  Denton, TX

"I learned alof of info that I didn't know"  Raquel Cantu, Billing,  North TX Arrythmia, Denton, TX

"Learned so much I wasn't aware of"   Judy Price, Director, IPA of North Texas, Denton, TX

"Great speaker - great info"  Cheryl Early, Billing, Minor Emergency of Denton, Denton, TX

"Awesome!  Learned alot of helpful info"  Debbie McGuire, Office Manager, North TX Center for Sight, Denton, TX

"If you want to increase your revenues, this is an excellent program" Nita Bhatt, OFC MGR, Internal, Denton, TX

" I am a fairly new coder, i learned a lot today"-Lydia Luna- Out pt Clerk- Dimmitt, TX

"Good, useful information" Vicky Huggins, General Hospital, Dimmitt, TX

"The dynamics of the speaker with simple explanations" Shannon Young Delacruz, RN, Ops Mgr, RHC Early TX

"This is the 1st seminar I have been to that I enjoyed being there" Vivian Luederke, General Practice, Eden, TX

​"Fascinating.  Lots of information"   Donna Sorenson CPC,   El Paso, TX

"My brain is fried - Straight Forward seminar" Cindy Jones, Clinic Mgr, FP, RHC, Fairfield TX

"I liked the speaker's ease with content & real life examples" Ruth A. Cook, RN, Administrator, Fairfield TX

"I enjoyed it"   Nicole Gaub,   Forney, TX

"His enthusiasm, knowledge was the best " Joanie Reeves, Ofc Mgr, FP RHC , Ft Stockton TX

"It was very informative"   Joy Smith,   Fort Worth, TX

"Good tips" Diana Beede, Podiatry, Ft Worth, TX"Program was excellent" Brenda Vargas, Pain Mgmnt, Fort Worth, TX

"He's easy to understand" Lisa Fields, FP, Ft Worth, TX

"I enjoyed how down-to-earth he is, think others would benefit from his knowledge" Heather Vantrease, Multi., Ft Worth, TX

"Can I adopt the speaker? Excellent seminar" Grace Kwan, Ofc Mgr, GP/PED RHC Gainesville TX

"I learned alot. Seminar was ex\cellent" Agnes Wang, Ofc Mgr, FP/RHC Gainesville TX

"You should make sure you are at the next one!" Jan Herzog, OFC MGR, Family Practice, Gainesville, TX

"I look forward each month to reading your monthly newsletter and have for yrs but thought this month's issue was amazing."  Becky Stanaland, CCS-P,  Georgetown, TX

"The seminar makes you think" Ronda Beene, DO., FP., Grand Prairie, TX

"Good speaker communication to audience" Denise Carter, Internal, Groves, TX

"Mr. Self is a great speaker, funny, informative & easy to understand" Lori Rice, Internal Medicine, Groves, TX

"It never fails - I always learn something new at your seminar" Laura Adams, Internal Medicine, Groves, TX

"The information was great" Debbie Verret, Podiatry, Groves, TX

"The speaker was the best" Linda Garrett, RN, FP/RHC Hamilton TX

"Good info on various topics" Barbara Herring, Director, FP/RHC, Hamilton TX

"The humor, realistic applications to our practice was the best" Taryn Howell, Director, RHC Henderson TX

"Not Boring" Nora Diaz, FP, Hereford, TX"Information is great" Blanca Herrera, FP, Hereford, TX

"really good  I recommend it"   Cindy Miller,   Houston,  TX

"today's webinar was very informative"   Antonina Samuel,   Houston, TX

"Excellent, informative" Kay Sanderson, Collections, Physiatry, Hurst, TX

"Interesting, easy to understand" Toni Yount, Med Sec, FP, Hurst, TX

"I liked everything in the seminar" Lisa Lester, ER Coder, ER, Hurst, TX

"Very informative" Terry King, Collector, Physiatry, Hurst, TX"Good tips on what we are missing" Dr. Lisa Taylor, Director, FP/RHC Itasca TX

"I learned so much from Don" Darla Fender, Ofc Mgr, FP, RHC Itasca TX

"I liked the coding info" Marsha Dickson, Bus Ofc, FP Keller, TX

"Touches on many subjects - great sense of humor" Amy Hixon, Ofc Mgr, FP, Keller, TX

"Excellent workshop - loved his honesty" Stephen Kuehler, Admin., FP/RHC Knox City TX

"Don was the best - excellent!" G. Chowpaknam, Physician, FP/RHC Lamesa TX

"I enjoyed all of his seminar" Martha Stone, Clinic Mgr, RHC Lamesa TX

" Humor, tricky questions"- Karina Delarosa- Psychology- Laredo, TX

" Those tricky questions were good, coding tips as well as internet resources" Diana Quinones- Psychology- Laredo, TX

"Informative Seminar"   Angela Vanni, Billing, North Dallas Eye Associates,   Lewisville, TX

"Very helpful seminar"  Dan Louie, Office Manager, North Dallas Eye Associates, Lewisville, TX

"One of the most informative & entertaining reimbursement seminars I've attended. Don Self is great" Joann Tarkington, Billing Mgr, PCP/RHC , Liberty TX

"Excellent info"   Cheri Freeman,   Liberty Hill, TX

"Everything was so upbeat, kept me interested" Donna Benton, Coding, FP/RHC Littlefield TX

"Thank you for the warmness, very informational workshop - it was enjoyable" Kathy Gallegos, FP, Littlefield, TX

"Very practical, helpful workshop" Diane Hedges, FP, Littlefield, TX

"Great speaker" Judith K. Smith, Coder/Biller, Multi-specialty Little River, TX

"I liked his honesty" Peggy Brown, OB-GYN, Lola, TX"Excellent speaker" Tina Zarate, Bus. Ofc Mgr, RHC Lockhart TX

"All of the seminar was excellent" Shelda Rogers, Clinic Mgr, FP/RHC, Lockney TX

"Even though it was my day off - it was fun, I learned alot , glad I was here" Janis Eichenauer, Nutritionist, Lubbock, TX

"I liked the content & the humor" Jeanie Miles, Gastro., Lufkin, TX

"The information was what I need" Leelana Orr, Internal Medicine, Lufkin, TX

"It was practical information" Gloria Youngblood, Internal, Lufkin, TX

"It was informative, I'll recommend Don" Charmaine Walker, Cardiology, Lufkin, TX

"Don Self could have spoken for 2 days & been informative the whole time" Deborah Luna, FP, Lufkin, TX

"Medicare can be very boring - Mr. Self made it interesting, useful" Susan Stobblefield, GP, Lufkin, TX

"I would like to attend another of his seminars" Darlene Smith, Plastic Surgery, Lufkin, TX

"You have a wonderful sense of humor - I learned alot" Jan Stimmel, Clinic Mgr Marlin TX

"Good seminar" Kenneth Volk, PA-C, Director-RHC, Marshall TX

"All of the info presented was extremely useful, the delivery was very entertaining" Jennifer Moore, Accts Mgr, RHC   Marshall TX

"I enjoyed all of it" Nancy Winn, FP,   Mauriceville, TX

"I liked the use of real life examples, practical applications"-Carol Scribner-EMS    Memphis, TX

"Good to excellent speaker" Carrie Thompson, FNP, Clinic Mgr,    Meridian TX

"Don's seminars are always unexpected, but very useful in our practice" Cindy Benavides, FP,    Mesquite, TX

"Mr. Self's personality, motivation & energy is superb" Wendy Appleberry, Othopedic,   Mesquite, TX

"Definitely worth the price - never boring" P. J. Evans, Ofc Mgr, FP,   Mesquite, TX

"Excellent speaker" Vannah Taylor, Nurse, FP,   Mesquite, TX

"I liked everything about the seminar" Colleen Beckham, Clinic Administrator, FP.RHC   Monahans TX

"Presentation, information of speaker was excellent" Betty LuJan, Insurance, FP/RHC,   Monahans TX

​"Very informational! I really enjoyed it and learned alot."  Sharla Price,    Mt. Pleasant TX

"Good information for billing person" Sherri Orr, Bus Ofc Mgr, RHC , Mt.  Vernon TX

"Lots of practical, good info, well explained, easily understood" Margaret Haak-Muse, CFO- Hospital, FP/RHC ,  Mt. Vernon TX

"He addressed both private & RHC - excellent!" Andria McDougal, Ofc Mgr, FP/RHC ,  Newton TX

"Excellent content & speaker" Gudrun Senuta, ENT,   Pasadena, TX

​"I really learned a lot and felt it was an hour well spent."  Marcy Menke,     Pflugerville TX

"Excellent speaker - can I adopt him?" Stacie Schuler, Clinic Mgr, FP/RHC,   Pittsburg TX

"I recommend this seminar - very informative" Sharla Ross, CPC, Asst Dir, Cardiology   Plano, TX

"I really enjoyed the seminar, coding tips" Dianne Gibbens, GP,   Port Arthur, TX

"Excellent Speaker" Christi Holstead, Home Health,   Port Arthur, TX

"The best part was he showed me how to audit my practice coding" Mary Ann Jackson, Ofc Mgr, FP/RHC ,  Port Lavaca TX

"I feel confident I can use every bit of info collected" Anna Christian, FP,   Port Neches, TX

"He puts on a good seminar with lots of information" Patsy Thompson, Ofc Mgr, FP/RHC   Quitman TX

"Presentation of workshop was excellent" Sunnye Saunders, Bus. Ofc Mgr, RHC   Quitman TX

"Excellent! Enjoyed the casual atmosphere" Chris Harvey, E-N-T, N.  Richland Hills, TX

" How to fight Insurances, the delivery"- Cindi Fowler- Fam Pract-   Rockport, TX

"The best part of the workshop was the practical knowledge" Sonia A. Mussett, RN, Ofc Mgr, FP/RHC,   Roma TX

"The personal interaction & the clear, concise, practical advice concerning coding was best" Raymond Mussett, MD, Med Dir, RHC  Roma TX

"Practical, workable suggestions will help me increase point of service collections" Jaynie Branham, FP,    San Angelo, TX

"I would recommend this workshop" Joan McMahan, Supervisor, ER,   San Antonio TX

"Don, I love your stuff and I love that you are always so willing to help"  Carol Ruder,  San Antonio, TX

"Informative.   Well Presented"   Sherri Dement,     San Antonio, TX

​"It was one of the most informative webinars I have ever attended!"  Stephanie Koiner,    Sanger, TX

"Not the standard seminar. I received inside info to improve my business" Erica Meinke, Ofc Coord, FP/RHC,   Sealy TX

"Covered points / held interest" Beverly Hill, Billing Service,   Sherman, TX

" The complete workshop was excellent"- Homero Roblez"- Fam Pract-   Sinton, TX

"I liked the speaker, Don Self, very helpful"- Luz Martinez- Fam Pract-  Sinton, TX

"Held my attention & taught me alot about practice management" Carol Hanes, CEO, Hospital, FP/RHC, Snyder TX

"I liked all the info - Really good webinars- very informative and Don is enjoyable to listen to. Definitely recommend." Susan Westerfield, Spring, TX" 

"I learned better ways for family practice coding" Glenda White, Admin., FP/RHC,  Spur TX

"I liked Don Self's information" Deb Bothwell, Gen. Surgery,  Sulpher Springs, TX

"The coding, modifier information, The blessing before the meal was nice"-Debra Wolfe- Int Med-    Taft, TX

Deborah Trammel, Coder, Outpt Hospital,   Temple, TX

"Relaxed seminar, great speaker" Pat Branham, Nurse Mgr, Pediatrics Temple, TX

"Wonderful seminar - fantastic speaker" Lainey Gee, Bus Mgr, FP,   Trophy Club, TX

"Liked the billing device, good factual info" Mia Alderete, Out-patient Clinic  Universal City TX

"I believe this is going to help me increase my revenue" Gilberto Lozano Jr, Bus Mgr, FP/RHC,   Uvalde TX

"The E&M Coding was best - Excellent speaker" Keri Wagner, Ofc Mgr, FP, RHC  Weatherford TX

"Excellent seminar" Trudy Benet, Provider Relations Mgr, FP/RHC ,  Weatherford TX

"Speaker kept my attention - This was great" Tammie Prunty, Biller, Hospital, RHC,  Weatherford TX

"Excellent" Marilyn Kennedy, Clinic Mgr, RHC , Wellington TX

"Good info - my brain is fried" Angela Loller, Billing, FP   Wichita Falls TX

"Insanely Awesome seminar"  Sheila Lawless, Practice Manager, Dianne Cooper MD,  Wichita Falls, TX

"What a treat!  I was losing my passion to fight for what is right.  He brought it back"  Patti Searles, Dir, Texoma Ind. Physicians IPA,  Wichita Falls, TX

​"Coders  & Billers would greatly benefit from this seminar"   Stephanie Carter, URPG, Wichita Falls TX

​"Awesome seminar"   Bandi Gilbert,  Diversified Management,    Wichita Falls TX

"Wonderful speaker"  Abby Davis, Coder,  URPG,  Wichita Falls

"ERISA info was amazing"  Brandie Whitting, Billing, URPG,  Wichita Falls

"Lots of good info"  Janice Huskey, Billing,  United Regional Physician Group,  Wichita Falls

"I found Don's information good and resourceful and easy to comprehend."  Jayne Wynee, Credentialing,  URPG,   Wichita Falls

"Very informative and interesting"   Christina Haney, United Regional,   Wichita Falls TX

"Most helpful for physician offices"   Teresa Robinson,  United Regional,   Wichita Falls TX

"Clear, concise and entertaining"   Dawn Stivers,  Clinics of North TX,   Wichita Falls TX

"informative & entertaining"   Jeanne Berry, COO, Clinics of North Texas,  Wichita Falls, TX

"Wonderful speaker"    Abby Davis, Coder,   United Regional,    Wichita Falls, TX

"It was informative and fun"  Jeanne Berry,  Clinics of North TX, Wichita Falls

"I learned quite a bit"   Carla Cherry, CCS-P, CPCO,  Clinic of N TX,  Wichita Falls

"I liked this seminar"  Sheila Cabell, Bus. Office Director, Clinics of North TX, Wichita Falls

"Great speaker"  Carla Garza, Billing,  URPG,   Wichita Falls

"Enjoyed the seminar.  Great Information"   Janice Huskey, Billing,     Wichita Falls, TX

"Enjoyed learning about ERISA.  We will not be letting carriers recoup any longer"  Tiffany Walls, United Regional,   Wichita Falls, TX

"Thank you for explaining hard topics so easily"  Kim Bryant, Coding Mgr, URPG,   Wichita Falls, TX

"I recommend this seminar to all doctors"  Judy Elliott, Bus Ofc Mgr, URPG,    Wichita Falls, TX

""Great Seminar & Good Resources!"  Jayne Wynee, Credentialing, URPG,   Wichita Falls, TX

"Very easy to understand"  Amber Helms, billing/coding, Electra Medical Clinic,    Wichita Falls

"Don Self made this meeting enjoyable"  Amanda Jones, United Regional Physicians Group,   Wichita Falls, TX

"This was the best seminar I have ever been in"  Caroline Walker, URPG,     Wichita Falls, TX

"Great seminar and personality"  Faye Skelton, Office Manager, Electra Memorial Hospital,   Wichita Falls, TX

"Don Self knows what he's talking about"  Marcy Espinosa, Coder, URPG,   Wichita Falls, TX

​"Very informative"  Alex Horvath, Manager,  Eva Horvath MD,     Wichita Falls, TX

"Very informative in lay terms"   Carla Schlumpf,   Sherrette Fontenot, MD,   Wichita Falls, TX

"Greatly informative on mulitple issues"   Lisa Callahan, Practice Mgr, Wichita Falls Gastro,    Wichita Falls, TX

"I loved how simple you made ERISA"  Debbie Simmons, Coding, Orthopaedic Assoc.,   Wichita Falls, TX

​"Easy to comprehend"  Amanda Bell,  Dr. Ganeshrants,   Wichita Falls, TX

"Entire presentation was extremely educational"  Sandra Furlow, URPG,  Wichita Falls, TX

"Informative & Interesting seminar"  Jayne Hart, Clinics of N. TX,  Wichita Falls

"Very good info I have never heard before.  I like ERISA"  Deborah Esquibel, Dr. Samuelson,  Wichita Falls, TX

"I learned info that I was uneducated about"  Melanie McFadden, Sr. Coder, URPG, Wichita Falls

"Very educational"  Sherri Creed, URPG,   Wichita Falls, TX

"Amazingly down to earth and informative" Heather Shaver, Manager,   Wichita Falls Heart,    Wichita Falls, TX

"I've been a fan of Don Self since 1998" Oscar DeAsis, Manager, Dr. De Assis MD,  Wichita Falls

"Learned more than I even imagined.   Amazing!" Lola Foberg, Clinica Cardio, Wichita Falls

"A great positive pro-physician approach"  Gayla Scoughton, Consultant, Lim, Garbacz,  Wichita Falls

"Amazing reimbursement and ERISA seminar" Carmen Ketchersid, Diversified,  Wichita Falls, TX

"Information was very helpful"  Jan Wells, Supervisor, Diversified Management, Wichita Falls, TX

"Very informational"  Jenny Wright,  URPG, Wichita Falls, TX

"Practical, useable, actual solutions"  Pattie Searles, Texoma Independent Physicians,  Wichita Falls, TX

"informative"   Marilyn Ewen, Financial Specialist, URPG, Wichita Falls

"Awesome seminar!"  Brandi Gilbert, LVN,  Diversified Managements, Wichita Falls

"Don Self's seminar was very informative and interesting"  Christina Haney, Insurance,  United Regional, Wichita Falls, TX

"informative and interesting"   Jayne Hart, Clinics of North Texas,   Wichita Falls

"My favorite part was ERISA"  Tonya Hicks, RAC Coordinator,  URHS, Wichita Falls

"I definitely recommend this seminar"   Dionne Smith, Wichita Heart & Vascular,  Wichita Falls

"Clear, concise & entertaining"  Dawn Stivers, Clinics of North Texas, Wichita Falls

"Really good seminar"  Shelly Twilligear,  Manager-Billing,  URHCS,  Wichita Falls

"Good workshop" Lynuda Kirchoff, Ofc Mgr, FP, Yorktown, TX


"Common sense approach to increasing reimbursement" Steven Lander, Investigator, Centerville UT

"Lots of info presented w/a sense of humor. Willing to back it up" Jeanette Henderson, Billing Service,   Lehi UT

"Excellent speaker - Excellent Content" Kim Greer, Medicare Supervisor - Appeals,   Sandy UT

"All good info. It was fun" Sabrina Goddard, Coder, FP,     SLC 

"Loved the stories, humor" Connie Reece, Insurance/Billing, FP,    SLC 

"Very helpful information to code, bill properly" Carol Greenhalgh, Ins/Billing, FP,    SLC 

"It was really good! I learned tons, had a great time" Crystal Whittington, Fraud & Investigation,   SLC

"I liked everything! I forgot I was at a seminar to learn!" Jennifer Mitchell, Blue Cross,     SLC

"I am so excited about all that I learned - totally surprised" Sondra Johnson-Noble, Billing Specialist,   West Jordan UT

"The seminar was informative & entertaining. I really enjoyed myself" Debra Bowen, Billing, FP,   West Jordan UT

"He was a very funny excellent speaker with some very helpful information" Kimberly Butterfield, CPC,   West Valley City UT

"Positive ways to help our office!" Ava Tice, Billing, West Valley City UT

"Very funny, excellent speaker" Kimberly Butterfield, CPC, West Valley City, UT


"Information was great" Brenda Bouton, Admin., Ortho,    Abingdon, VA

"Very educational - was very funny & put things in perspective" Christina Gurley, ENT,   Alexandria VA

"I liked the variety of subjects & humor injected in the presentation" Chrissy Letsen, ENT,   Alexandria VA

"I would definitely recommend the workshop" Vickie Sears, Practice Admin., Pulm.   Alexandria VA

"I recommend this seminar" Judy Berry, CPC, Orthopedics,   Charlottesville

"It was interesting, a lot of new information I was not aware of"  Krista Rougie,   Charlottesville

"Open, friendly environment presented in a fun way" Dawn Murphy, CPC, Ortho,  Charlottesville VA

"The whole seminar was a learning experience" Suzanne Wood, Ofc Mgr, OB/GYN,    Chesapeake VA

"Very informative as well as interesting" Michelle Herzing, Pt Acct Rep, Oncology,   Chesapeake VA

"Good Seminar" Alice Meyer, CPC, Exec. Dir., FP,   Chesterfield, VA

"All of it was good. It covered alot of topics" Kelli M. Guy, CPC, Orthopedics,  Colonial Heights

"It was informative & a wide variety of topics" Michelle Stech, CPC, Ortho.,    Colonial Heights

"Included 'eye-opening' facts, with alot of humor" Susan Survello, CPC, Orthopedics, Colonial Heights VA

"Good learning tool with Don's dry humor" Nancy Cloark, Financial Mgr, Ortho., Colonial Heights VA

"Good humor, information" Nancy Bryant, Ofc Mgr, Ortho., Colonial Heights VA

"Informative, entertaining, tue to life examples" Martha C. Samuel, Ofc Mgr, FP,   Glen Allen 

"I liked the humor" Dana Helms, CPC, Ofc Mgr, Peds,  Hampton VA

"Down to earth - makes it simple" Janice Bower, Billing, Orthopedics, Kensington VA

"Don Self is realistic, to the point" Jennifer D. Hodges, Internal, Kilmarnock VA

"Good information - easy to follow & understand" Kim L.R. Pittman, Internal, Kilmarnock

"Very informative - please come back again" Gloria DeLuca, Billing Manager, FP,   Manassas

"Humor that kept it from getting boring - down to earth speaker" Claudia DeBose, FP/Internal, Mechanicsville VA

"The speaker was my favorite part of the seminar" Dee Griffin, Manager, Billing, Mechanicsville VA

"Very Positive approach encouraging staff to be persistent in collections" Carla Sappenfield,    Newport News VA

"Informative seminar" Lovie Penson, Practice Mgr, Surgery    Norfolk

"Very informative, funny & only seminar I didn't nap at" Elizabeth Zaccagnini, Billing, OB/GYN, Norfolk VA

"Relaxed, good speaker" Janet O'Connor, CPC, Coding/Compliance, Physiatry   Palmyra

"Informative without being boring" Lynn Weis, CPC, Ops Mgr, Radiology,   Petersberg 

"I loved Don's sense of humor" Kim Cobbs, Ofc Mgr, Orthopedic,  Portsmouth 

"Good seminar" Linda Ricker, Supervisor, Ortho,   Powhaton VA

"I liked the humor, honesty" Risse Shelgrove, Coding Consultant, Multi-spec.,   Purcellville

​"Very informative"   Sheilah Widener,      Richlands, VA

"Don's humor was the best part" Pam White, Billing, Dermatology,   Richmond VA

"Excellent speaker" Jen Herr, Insurance, ENT,  Richmond, VA

"I liked the appeals, fees, collections area" Traci V. Albright, Billing Spvsr, ENT, Richmond, VA

"Excellent seminar, speaker" Margie Speight, Coder, Urology   Richmond, VA

"Excellent speaker - good application of materials" Sarah Kessel, Billing Mgr, Dermatology, Richmond VA

"The combo of humor & information was best!" Lynn Pegram, CPC, CCS-P, Coding Mgr, Richmond VA

"I think the real life examples bring all this home more effectively" Virginia L. Hamlet,    Richmond VA

"Very educational, entertaining" Alexandria Sorah, Administrator, Otolaryngology,   Richmond VA

"I loved his pace, energy, information" Jaci Johnson-Hurley, CPC, Mgr,   Richmond VA

"Mr. Don Self puts humor in a very tedious subject" Rachel K. Gill, CPC, Coding Asst, Gen Surg, Richmond VA

"I liked the variety of topics - very informative" Debbie Keeton, CPC, Multi-specialty, Richmond VA

"The information mixed with lots of humore & education" Kathy Schmit, CCS, CPC, Richmond

"Information was great - motivational" Robin W. Wright, Orthopedic, Richmond VA

"Dispells many myths that billing folks see as law" Stephanie Anderson, Compliance, FP,  Richmond VA

"Don talked to the audience, not at them as most do" Tyler Eagle, CPC, CPC-H, CCS-P, Mgr, OB/GYN, Richmond VA

"A wealth of knowledge given - but in laymen's terms to help all" Lora Williams, Billing, Richmond VA

"Very learner friendly" Leslie Lill, Urology, Richmond VA

"Great seminar for medical office managers" Julianna Jimmo, Accounts Rep., Otolaryngology, Richmond VA

"I loved everything" Cynthia Szeker, Coding/Compliance, Neuro, Richmond VA

"I liked the whole thing" Jennifer Agee, CPC, Auditor, Internal, Richmond VA

"Logical - common sense!!" Jennifer Weddle, Administrator, FP,  Richmond VA

"I enjoyed listening to Don's view on how to get paid" Edith Faye Thomas, CPC, Richmond VA

"Great ideas" Shirley Schwartz, CPC, CCP, ENT, Allergy, Ophth., Richmond VA

"I liked the  appeals & reimbursements areas" Carol H. Sell, Internal,   Roanoke

"Very informative, entertaining - was not disappointed" Mary Dykstra, CPC, Billing, FP,    Stafford VA

"Good valuable information" Alice Beaton, CPC, Ofc Mgr, Podiatry,   Suffolk VA

"Don Self is an excellent speaker - lked the material covered" Linda Kelly, CPC, Multi-Spec.   Suffolk VA

"Helpful information presented in a humorous & helpful way" Gale W. Webb, Coder, Internal,  Toutville VA

"Helpful information presented in a humorous & helpful way" Gale W. Webb, Coder, Internal,   Toutville VA

"Very informative! Many resources given" Brandy Shade, Billing Mgr,  Virginia Beach, VA

​"Very informative and applicable! I learned a lot and now feel even more valuable to my clients." Beth Fisher,  Virginia Beach  VA

"It was very informative"   Judy A. Wilson,   Virginia Beach, VA

"Reliable, useful, relevant, humorous advice!" Sharon Rickman, Coder/Auditor, Virginia Beach, VA

"Speaker was enthusiastic, helpful, knowledgeable" Lisa Smith, Coder, Cardio, Virginia Beach, VA

"Good seminar" Roberta "Bert" McCormack, Work Comp, Ortho, Winchester, VA

"I recommend this workshop" Kristina Kerns, CPC, Insurance, Orthopedics, Winchester 

"Don Self's practical information was great" Denise Everly, Coder, Orthopedic, Winchester 

"I learned alot of things I didn't know & cleared up misconceptions" Susan Dodson, Ortho,   Winchester VA


"I like Don Self's  humor-straight forward personality" Maryln Lovell, General Surgery,    Buruin WA

​"really enjoyed the way the information was presented, he did a great job of putting the information out and understood."  Lauri A. Larson,   Longview, WA

"It was worth my time to meet the man from the Don Self website" Denese Foltz, CPODCS, Billing, Podiatry, Muilteo, WA

​"very informative"    Jode McTighe,   Olympia WA

"Good, concise info - great sense of humor - I absolutely recommend his workshops" Rebecca Fleming, Neurosurgery, Renton WA

"How appropriate to end the day with notification from a major insurance company that an appeal previously denied for timely (due to the 90 day payer contract) was successful!.  I followed Don's advice and used the letter from his book.   I had taken a break from off-work hours to organize some of my ERISA materials and decided to post some payments when lo and behold....there was the prize!!!  It was only a little over a month ago when I solicited some help and advice from the wise people on Don's listserv in pursuit of following the procedures outlined in Don's ERISA book.  Prior attempts the "conventional" ways had failed and without the ERISA knowledge taught me by Don, the claim would have been written off.  Suzanne Byrum, Seattle, WA


"I thought it was very informative"   Tammy Roberts,    Sedro Woolley WA

"Don Self put on a great webinar"   Kimberly Williams,   Tumwater, WA


"Wonderful information"   Christy Brooks,   Bunker Hill, WV

​"I found it very informational"   Melissa Parker,   Gerrardstown WV

"Very informative & interesting" Sandra Zombek, Neurology, Wheeling WV


"Amazing webinar"   Liz Keller Monson,    Hudson, WI

"Don Self's content & humor were the best" Mary Johnson, Pediatrics, Jackson, WI