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Sorted by City

 "Excellent Presentation & Clear& Specific recommendations" Stephen Beck MD FP Bountiful UT 


"Common sense approach to increasing reimbursement" Steven Lander, Investigator, Centerville UT

"Lots of info presented w/a sense of humor. Willing to back it up" Jeanette Henderson, Billing Service,   Lehi UT

"Excellent speaker - Excellent Content" Kim Greer, Medicare Supervisor - Appeals,   Sandy UT

"All good info. It was fun" Sabrina Goddard, Coder, FP,     SLC

"Loved the stories, humor" Connie Reece, Insurance/Billing, FP,    SLC

"Very helpful information to code, bill properly" Carol Greenhalgh, Ins/Billing, FP,    SLC

"It was really good! I learned tons, had a great time" Crystal Whittington, Fraud & Investigation,   SLC

"I liked everything! I forgot I was at a seminar to learn!" Jennifer Mitchell, Blue Cross,     SLC

"I am so excited about all that I learned - totally surprised" Sondra Johnson-Noble, Billing Specialist,   West Jordan UT

"The seminar was informative & entertaining. I really enjoyed myself" Debra Bowen, Billing, FP,   West Jordan UT

"He was a very funny excellent speaker with some very helpful information" Kimberly Butterfield, CPC,   West Valley City UT

"Positive ways to help our office!" Ava Tice, Billing, West Valley City UT

"Very funny, excellent speaker" Kimberly Butterfield, CPC, West Valley City, UT


Sorted by City

 "Information was great" Brenda Bouton, Admin., Ortho,    Abingdon, VA

"Very educational - was very funny & put things in perspective" Christina Gurley, ENT,   Alexandria VA

"I liked the variety of subjects & humor injected in the presentation" Chrissy Letsen, ENT,   Alexandria VA

"I would definitely recommend the workshop" Vickie Sears, Practice Admin., Pulm.   Alexandria VA

"Practical good tips" Lyn VanderSommen,  MD General Practice/ Gynecology     Charlottesville VA

"I recommend this seminar" Judy Berry, CPC, Orthopedics,   Charlottesville

"It was interesting, a lot of new information I was not aware of"  Krista Rougie,   Charlottesville

"Open, friendly environment presented in a fun way" Dawn Murphy, CPC, Ortho,  Charlottesville VA


"The whole seminar was a learning experience" Suzanne Wood, Ofc Mgr, OB/GYN,    Chesapeake VA


"Very informative as well as interesting" Michelle Herzing, Pt Acct Rep, Oncology,   Chesapeake VA

"Good Seminar" Alice Meyer, CPC, Exec. Dir., FP,   Chesterfield, VA

"All of it was good. It covered alot of topics" Kelli M. Guy, CPC, Orthopedics,  Colonial Heights


"It was informative & a wide variety of topics" Michelle Stech, CPC, Ortho.,    Colonial Heights

"Included 'eye-opening' facts, with alot of humor" Susan Survello, CPC, Orthopedics, Colonial Heights VA

"Good learning tool with Don's dry humor" Nancy Cloark, Financial Mgr, Ortho., Colonial Heights VA

"Good humor, information" Nancy Bryant, Ofc Mgr, Ortho., Colonial Heights VA

"Informative, entertaining, tue to life examples" Martha C. Samuel, Ofc Mgr, FP,   Glen Allen 


"I liked the humor" Dana Helms, CPC, Ofc Mgr, Peds,  Hampton VA


"Down to earth - makes it simple" Janice Bower, Billing, Orthopedics, Kensington VA


"Don Self is realistic, to the point" Jennifer D. Hodges, Internal, Kilmarnock VA


"Good information - easy to follow & understand" Kim L.R. Pittman, Internal, Kilmarnock


"Very informative - please come back again" Gloria DeLuca, Billing Manager, FP,   Manassas


"Humor that kept it from getting boring - down to earth speaker" Claudia DeBose, FP/Internal, Mechanicsville VA


"The speaker was my favorite part of the seminar" Dee Griffin, Manager, Billing, Mechanicsville VA


"Very Positive approach encouraging staff to be persistent in collections" Carla Sappenfield,    Newport News VA

"Informative seminar" Lovie Penson, Practice Mgr, Surgery    Norfolk

"Very informative, funny & only seminar I didn't nap at" Elizabeth Zaccagnini, Billing, OB/GYN, Norfolk VA


"Relaxed, good speaker" Janet O'Connor, CPC, Coding/Compliance, Physiatry   Palmyra

"Informative without being boring" Lynn Weis, CPC, Ops Mgr, Radiology,   Petersberg 


"I loved Don's sense of humor" Kim Cobbs, Ofc Mgr, Orthopedic,  Portsmouth 


"Good seminar" Linda Ricker, Supervisor, Ortho,   Powhaton VA

"I liked the humor, honesty" Risse Shelgrove, Coding Consultant, Multi-spec.,   Purcellville

​"Very informative"   Sheilah Widener,      Richlands, VA


"Don's humor was the best part" Pam White, Billing, Dermatology,   Richmond VA


"Excellent speaker" Jen Herr, Insurance, ENT,  Richmond, VA


"I liked the appeals, fees, collections area" Traci V. Albright, Billing Spvsr, ENT, Richmond, VA

"Excellent seminar, speaker" Margie Speight, Coder, Urology   Richmond, VA

"Excellent speaker - good application of materials" Sarah Kessel, Billing Mgr, Dermatology, Richmond VA

"The combo of humor & information was best!" Lynn Pegram, CPC, CCS-P, Coding Mgr, Richmond VA

"I think the real life examples bring all this home more effectively" Virginia L. Hamlet,    Richmond VA

"Very educational, entertaining" Alexandria Sorah, Administrator, Otolaryngology,   Richmond VA

"I loved his pace, energy, information" Jaci Johnson-Hurley, CPC, Mgr,   Richmond VA


"Mr. Don Self puts humor in a very tedious subject" Rachel K. Gill, CPC, Coding Asst, Gen Surg, Richmond VA

"I liked the variety of topics - very informative" Debbie Keeton, CPC, Multi-specialty, Richmond VA


"The information mixed with lots of humore & education" Kathy Schmit, CCS, CPC, Richmond

"Information was great - motivational" Robin W. Wright, Orthopedic, Richmond VA


"Dispells many myths that billing folks see as law" Stephanie Anderson, Compliance, FP,  Richmond VA

"Don talked to the audience, not at them as most do" Tyler Eagle, CPC, CPC-H, CCS-P, Mgr, OB/GYN, Richmond VA

"A wealth of knowledge given - but in laymen's terms to help all" Lora Williams, Billing, Richmond VA


"Very learner friendly" Leslie Lill, Urology, Richmond VA

"Great seminar for medical office managers" Julianna Jimmo, Accounts Rep., Otolaryngology, Richmond VA


"I loved everything" Cynthia Szeker, Coding/Compliance, Neuro, Richmond VA


"I liked the whole thing" Jennifer Agee, CPC, Auditor, Internal, Richmond VA

"Logical - common sense!!" Jennifer Weddle, Administrator, FP,  Richmond VA

"I enjoyed listening to Don's view on how to get paid" Edith Faye Thomas, CPC, Richmond VA

"Great ideas" Shirley Schwartz, CPC, CCP, ENT, Allergy, Ophth., Richmond VA

"I liked the  appeals & reimbursements areas" Carol H. Sell, Internal,   Roanoke

"Very informative, entertaining - was not disappointed" Mary Dykstra, CPC, Billing, FP,    Stafford VA

"Good valuable information" Alice Beaton, CPC, Ofc Mgr, Podiatry,   Suffolk VA


"Don Self is an excellent speaker - lked the material covered" Linda Kelly, CPC, Multi-Spec.   Suffolk VA


"Helpful information presented in a humorous & helpful way" Gale W. Webb, Coder, Internal,  Toutville VA

"Helpful information presented in a humorous & helpful way" Gale W. Webb, Coder, Internal,   Toutville VA


"Very informative! Many resources given" Brandy Shade, Billing Mgr,  Virginia Beach, VA


​"Very informative and applicable! I learned a lot and now feel even more valuable to my clients." Beth Fisher,  Virginia Beach VA


"It was very informative"   Judy A. Wilson,   Virginia Beach, VA

"Reliable, useful, relevant, humorous advice!" Sharon Rickman, Coder/Auditor, Virginia Beach, VA

"Speaker was enthusiastic, helpful, knowledgeable" Lisa Smith, Coder, Cardio, Virginia Beach, VA

"Good seminar" Roberta "Bert" McCormack, Work Comp, Ortho, Winchester, VA

"I recommend this workshop" Kristina Kerns, CPC, Insurance, Orthopedics, Winchester 


"Don Self's practical information was great" Denise Everly, Coder, Orthopedic, Winchester 


"I learned alot of things I didn't know & cleared up misconceptions" Susan Dodson, Ortho,   Winchester VA 


None yet - but wife wants to visit VT - so some will come in the future